Minecraft: The Best SpongeBob Skins For Bikini Bottom Lovers

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Ah, Bikini Bottom.

A sunken utopia of unspoiled oceanic splendor and idyllic salinated tranquility.

A picturesque subaquatic escape from the pressures and stresses of everyday surface life.

It is here that we find our beloved subject in his natural habitat, surrounded by dear friends, and irritated neighbors.

What new adventures lie in wait for this charismatic yellow sponge and his submerged menagerie? Well in Minecraft, the choice is yours, of course!

So for this list we’re exploring the absolute finest SpongeBob SquarePants skins the Internet has to offer, bringing you everything you need to bring those “pineapple under the sea” vibes into your Minecraft world.


1. SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants / Minecraft Skin

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Indomitably positive, outlandishly silly, and impossibly wholesome.

SpongeBob is more than a worldwide cartoon phenomenon:

He’s an icon of fun and good vibes.

Every day I thank Neptune that I was lucky enough to grow up with the teachings of such a pure and irreverent spirit to guide me through this dark and turbulent world.

SpongeBob has been excitedly jumping out of bed every morning to show us all how to live our best lives, and the world needs his happy-go-lucky absurdist sweetness now more than ever.

So if you want this yellow dish sponge in your Minecraft world, here’s one of the best skins to get you started.


2. Patrick Star

Patrick Star with derp face / Minecraft Skin

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If ignorance is bliss, Patrick Star is nirvana.

Born stout of heart but small of mind, Patrick is a simple & good natured starfish who isn’t bothered by the complexities and minutiae of modern existence.

In fact, he’s seldom bothered by anything, really…

Aside from when he can’t see his forehead.

It would be fair to say that Patrick is the most meme-famous member of the SpongeBob cast. His carefree attitude and unbothered disposition seem to have resonated meaningfully with the aloof & apathetic nature of the Internet culture that grew up with him – and it’s quite easy to see why.

Perhaps he represents the freedom and peace of mind inherent to ignoring (or simply not understanding) all the problems and stresses of regular life.

The world can be frightening and intense. But only to those capable of comprehending what’s happening around them – which explains why Patrick is so consistently unbothered.

He has no idea.

Hopefully he’ll be a little more aware of his surroundings in Minecraft, though.


3. Squidward Q Tentacles

Squidward Q Tentacles / Minecraft Skin

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Squidward has a reputation for being a salty old grump, offended and annoyed by all things fun. But in truth he’s really far more complex than that.

Yes, he can be negative and mean spirited at times, which is uncool. But he’s also an intelligent and creative person(squid?) with the soul of an artist.

A lot of his moodiness and antisocial behavior is likely due to his frequent struggles with everyday life.

Instead of just labeling Squidward a grump, we should instead do what SpongeBob has always done: treat him with kindness, love, and understanding.

We could probably respect his boundaries a little better than SpongeBob does, though… and definitely make sure to leave him alone while he’s playing his clarinet.


4. Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks / Minecraft Skin

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When one thinks of the sea, the first image that comes to mind is probably a hyper-intelligent aquanaut squirrel that lives in a pressurized biodome.

Specifically a squirrel that conducts tests and experiments for vague and mysterious reasons.

Oh, and the squirrel is a Texan. Very texan.

Also, she knows karate. Duh.

So it goes without saying that of course such a squirrel calls Bikini Bottom her home. And of course she happens to be one of SpongeBob’s most trusted friends.

Their friendship is actually one of the least outlandish details of the entire situation. And if you’re looking to make some friends with Sandy as your skin, here’s the best one to go with.


5. Eugene Krabs

Mr. Eugene Krabs / Minecraft Skin

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We’ve all heard the old saying “Crabs are greedy”, right? Sure it’s a cliché, and a stereotype, but my goodness is it true in the case of Eugene Harold Krabs.

This guy loves money. And I mean really loves it.

As in, it’s pretty much all he talks about, and most of what motivates him in life.

Old man Krabs is known for being hard on his employees, and tight with his pocketbook.

If you want a look that lets you go around shouting “me millionth dollar!” then here’s the skin for the job.

But if you want something a little more realistic without the eyes being separated, here’s another option to fit a more “human” design.


6. Sheldon J Plankton

Sheldon J Plankton / Minecraft Skin

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Now I try my best not to judge people. But I have to question the mental state of a person who chooses to call their restaurant “The Chum Bucket”.

Not to mention the fact that Chum is made of fish, as is his target customer base…

No wonder nobody ever eats there.

Based on his wide array of gadgets, I think it would be safe to assume that Plankton must be independently wealthy, and The Chum Bucket is probably more of a hobby than a profitable business venture.

This would better explain his specific and bizarre obsession with Mr. Krabs and his secret formula as well.

It’s just unfortunate for Plankton that he seems just as incompetent as he is well-funded, and that even if money can buy happiness, it can’t buy common sense. Also, it clearly can’t buy happiness either.

It also can’t seem to buy real meatloaf for dinner.


7. Karen Plankton

Karen The Computer (SpongeBob) / Minecraft Skin

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As proven time and again, Plankton is no good without the help of his much smarter wife Karen.

It’s just a shame that he’s no good with her, either.

Though that’s hardly her fault.

One wonders how Plankton landed a computer/lady like Karen in the first place… and even more wondrously, how could he ever keep her around?

Maybe she thinks she can fix him?

Whatever the reason, Karen, honey, you deserve better.

But if we can’t talk her into dumping him, at least we can bring her into Minecraft with this fantastic skin.


8. Mermaid Man

Mermaid Man from SpongeBob / Minecraft Skin

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In August of 1999, Bikini Bottom needed a hero, and Ernest Borgnine needed steady voiceover work.

Thus, Mermaid Man was born, and history was made.

Though at his age, he’s not really the hero Bikini Bottom needs anymore, as much as he is the one forgetting where he parked the invisible boatmobile.

Nevertheless, Mermaid Man never gave up his quest to keep his beloved community safe, or his crusade against evil, or his trademark clamshell bikini.

And for that we salute him.


9. Barnacle Boy

Barnacle Boy from SpongeBoB / Minecraft Skin

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Being Mermaid Man’s faithful partner in life and in justice, Barnacle Boy is just as keen on crime fighting vigilantism.

But he doesn’t seem quite as into the whole clamshell bikini idea, instead opting for a simpler naval-inspired ensemble for his superhero outfit.

These days he assumes the role of caretaker more often than he fights crime.

But that’s no less heroic or necessary, and we still owe Barnacle Boy our unyielding respect and gratitude.


10. Man Ray

Man Ray from SpongeBob / Minecraft Skin

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Without a maniacal villain to terrorize the city, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy would have nothing to do with the remainder of their golden years.

This makes Man Ray almost as important as the heroes themselves.

It’s worth noting that Man Ray has aged exceptionally well in comparison to his heroic counterparts.

What’s his secret? Was he born with it, or is it Man Ray-beline?


11. The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman from SpongeBob / Minecraft Skin

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The sea is a place of legends and myths – and Bikini Bottom is no exception.

For centuries, weary sailors have sung wind-scathed shanties and told farfetched tales about the legend of The Flying Dutchman, a sadistic ethereal entity that roams the depths in search of mortals to punish, bodies to possess, and souls to steal.

He seems to spend most of his time in Bikini Bottom getting embroiled in minor disputes and inconsequential misunderstandings, though.

Truly a perfect fit for Spongebob’s world.


12. The Diver

The Diver from SpongeBob / Minecraft Skin

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Some might say that this diver has been down too long in the midnight sea.

Don’t see what I mean? Understandable. This is a very old reference.

The Diver is a mysterious figure, appearing mainly in Bikini Bottom as a colossal interloping invader.

Known to locals as ‘The Cyclops’, this hulking behemoth descends from on high to abduct innocent marine life and put them up for sale in his dusty old souvenir shop, making him guaranteed to terrifyingly raise the stakes of your Minecraft build.


13. Handsome Squidward

Handsome Squidward / Minecraft Skin

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There was no way I could make any list of SpongeBob-related content without adding Handsome Squidward.

This glorious chiseled Adonis of exquisite cephalopodic grace has haunted the Internet with his unforgettable visage ever since he first appeared, and he will not be erased from our collective memory anytime soon.

Maybe deservedly so.

If you use only one skin from this list, use Handsome Squidward, and do it a thousand times.

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