Best Minecraft Spy Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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The popularity of gaming is due in no small part to the fact that so many games give players the chance to become immersed in a new world.

That desire to live as someone else, whether an idealized version of yourself or a total stranger, is very common.

Given the nature of spies & the concept of a career where you live as a completely different person, it’s unsurprising to see just how many people are fascinated with secret agents in all forms—video games included.

Although there may not be much to spy on in singleplayer Minecraft, espionage-themed skins could certainly add a layer of intrigue to sneaking around a fortress, bastion, or multiplayer server.

If that sounds like a good time then here’s our collection of great spy skins to get you started.


1. NSA Spy (Male)

NSA Spy (Male) Minecraft Skin

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We’re starting off the list with a skin that’s perfectly classic, if a bit generic.

Everything from the holster on his hip to the earpiece and shades on his head, all feels very “quintessential spy gear”.

Shaded well, nicely detailed, and easily recognized, this skin leaves nothing to be desired.

If you’re in the market for a standard spy look then this design fits the bill.


2. James Camouflage Bond

James Camouflage Bond Skin For Minecraft

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OK, this skin may not look like much at first.

But underneath the stony exterior layer there’s actually an entire man in a suit!

Being a fun idea with good execution, the main appeal of this skin is the opportunity for stealth it provides.

Whether that stealth is entirely an immersion factor in singleplayer, or utilized properly in multiplayer, it’s sure to make you feel like a real spy.


3. Spy Girl (Blonde)

Spy Girl (Blonde) Minecraft Skin

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This sweet spy girl is most certainly dressed for success.

Her all black outfit looks great for blending in with the shadows – although she might need a cap to cover up all that bright hair.

But even though long hair might be a little impractical out of the game, it poses no such problems in Minecraft.

If you’ve got an espionage mission coming up and want to look cute while you do it, this is the skin for you.


4. Spy Pig

Spy Pig Skin For Minecraft

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No one would ever suspect the farm animals of being secret agents!

This snazzy skin is fairly self-explanatory—a pig who’s also a spy.

This pink porker is the first of an animal trio in our list, and it’s perfect to wear alone or with friends.

Clearly being the bruiser of the bunch, this pig design comes complete with fingerless gloves and a skull motif on the back of the jacket for extra flair.


5. Agent Peck

Agent Peck (Spy Chicken in Suit) Minecraft Skin

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This agent may be a chicken – but they are no coward. Probably.

After all, it takes guts to be a spy even without hollow bones.

All that aside, this skin is shaded very well. And it has a couple of fun little details too, like an earpiece and red comb to pull the look together.

If you’re looking to add some poultry into your espionage missions then you’ve found your outfit.


6. Spy Cow

Spy Cow Skin For Minecraft

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As the final friend of the animal skin bunch, this bovine operative is ready for action.

With beautiful colors and shading, the quality of this skin is more than on par with the rest of the set – and it’s definitely a solid choice.

Whether you’re on a solo mission or have a couple of friends to take with you, this set of animal spy skins is a fun way to add a bit of a theme to your next gaming session.

And I hope Spy Cow can make an appearance.


7. Red Spy Girl

Red Spy Girl Minecraft Skin

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This masked maven is clearly prepared for anything.

True to its name, this skin features red detailing as well as armor, setting it apart from the others on this list.

The depth and shading on the mask and bracers are especially impressive, with the mask built entirely on the second layer over a fully detailed face.

All in all this is a very interesting and high-quality design that’s worthy of any player’s skin folder.


8. Creeper 007

Creeper 007 Skin For Minecraft

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In a similar vein to the farm animal collection, these next two agents are a fun new take on well-known Minecraft mobs.

Whether this ordinarily hostile mob is working for or against creeper-kind is up to the wearer of this dynamite skin.

Maybe you’re playing a double agent? All up to you!

Complete with the standard issue suit, tie, and sunglasses, this creeper spy is perfect for anyone with a fiery personality that’s looking to go on a secret mission – maybe even with a little added immersion for their story.


9. Agent Ender

Agent Ender Minecraft Skin

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You may be a bit on the short side for an enderman, but don’t let that stop you from uncovering the secrets of your Minecraft world or server.

Be it alone or with a friendly creeper spy by your side, this customized enderman skin is sure to help add some extra excitement into your next game.

Just make sure your coworkers have some carved pumpkins ready for your arrival.


10. Spy Doge

Spy Doge Skin For Minecraft

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Who’s a good dog?

This secret agent is!

Being quite possibly the fluffiest spy you’ll ever see, this custom dog-themed skin may not be the best for a mission that requires lying — I mean, wagging tails aren’t great when you’re trying to maintain a poker face.

But there are plenty of other fun adventures to go on as a spy dog in Minecraft.

And if that sounds enticing then make sure to snag a copy of Spy Doge for yourself.

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