The Best Squidward Tentacles Skins for Minecraft

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There are few shows, children’s or otherwise, that have had the cultural impact that SpongeBob SquarePants has had.

And there are few characters more notable and memorable than the one and only Squidward Tentacles.

Depending on your age, Squidward’s exasperated attitude is either a humorous downer or all-too-relatable, and that makes Squidward a character for the ages in my book.

Even if you aren’t the Squidward stan that I am, it’s hard to believe anyone alive isn’t a fan of at least one meme with Squidward in it.

So on that note, let’s take a gander at some Squidward skins for the realm of Minecraft.


1. Classic Squidward

Classic Squidward Skin For Minecraft

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If you’re looking for a standard and unhappy-looking Squidward, this is your one stop shop.

I adore the way creator SaeliCurvy made this Squidward’s head true-to-form bulbous.

Between that hilarious, round head and his utterly displeased expression, this skin has me giggling every time I look at it.


2. Handsome Squidward

Handsome Squidward Minecraft Skin

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Now that we’ve gotten the standard Squidward out of the way, it’s time to delve into the depths of Squidward memedom.

There’s a very real chance that the memes I have laughed most to in my life feature this rugged specimen of a Squidward.

Whoever came up with the concept of Handsome Squidward at Nickelodeon deserves an award.

While we’re at it, let’s give another award to creator DoofDank for this impeccable and shiny recreation of the handsome squid we all know and love.


3. Also… Handsome Squidward

Also… Handsome Squidward Skin For Minecraft

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I will call this skin also… handsome Squidward.

One of my favorite parts of SpongeBob was how often the animation would get crazy.

The hyper-exaggerated facial expressions and overblown reactions made my day as a kid, and as an adult too.

This skin looks like it would fit perfectly on one of those disgusting react images, and I love it.

I also love how despite the fact the face is so horrendous, this skin is instantly recognizable as Squidward.


4. Villager Squidward

Villager Squidward Minecraft Skin

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When villagers were first introduced to the game, plenty of folks laughed to themselves that the long-nosed grunting NPCs looked like Squidward. But those days have since long gone.

Until now.

Creator taterman88 was designing a villager skin one day, and it just so happens that it looked remarkably like Squidward.

All it took was a few small tweaks to make an incredible deeply saturated Squidward that could fit into any village in any terrain.


5. Squidward Dab

Squidward Dab Skin For Minecraft

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Every so often, I run into a skin that is so creative it blows me completely away.

Today, skin creator CreationDreams did exactly that.

The Squidward dab from a viral video in 2016 broke the Internet and has since faded into meme obscurity. But upon seeing it again, it was like I was transported back to the day I first saw that infamous dab.

I need to say: this skin’s front and back end dab design is so good, I think I’d pay good money for it. Even better, it’s completely free.


6. Shiny Squidward

Shiny Squidward Minecraft Skin

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SpongeBob had art styles all over the place, my favorite of which being the incredible bright, squeaky, and shiny aesthetic in future settings in the show.

Skin creator bluetatu’s Squidward hits that aesthetic spot on.

I feel like if you had this skin on, you’d be squeaking with every step you take in game.

While that’s not true in game, of course, and would also be annoying, looking squeaky clean as Squidward is officially the first task on my to-do list.


7. Squidward Uchiha

Squidward Uchiha Skin For Minecraft

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If you’d asked me at 8 years old what my two favorite things in the world were, there’s a good chance I would’ve answered SpongeBob and Naruto.

Creator whysk just made 8 year old me’s dreams come true.

Squidward totally would be a member of the Uchiha clan.

And I have to say, he pulls off the masked robes remarkably well. Now all we have to see is if he can do clarinet jutsu to get SpongeBob off his back.


8. Leg-Accurate Squidward

Leg-Accurate Squidward Minecraft Skin

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A small detail that I tend to forget is that Squidward doesn’t have two legs. That makes sense, considering he’s a squid and all, but it’s rare to see someone go through the effort to draw that.

Thankfully creator Super_Horace pays tribute to the source material in their skins and portrays Squidward Tentacles in all of his 6-legged glory.

Even on top of all those extra legs, this Squidward is a solid one with an added cartoonish flair.


9. Bold and Brash

Bold and Brash Skin For Minecraft

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I’m sure you’re aware that Squidward is one of the greatest artists to ever live.

From the woodwinds to the canvas, everything the squid touches turns to gold.

Take for instance this piece, Bold and Brash, by Mr. Tentacles.

Have you ever seen such beauty or such grace?

I, for one, have not.

I merely thank my lucky stars that creator Spooodle is around to immortalize such talent into Minecraft skin form.


10. Detailed Grumpy Squidward

Detailed Grumpy Squidward Minecraft Skin

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As we have seen, Squidward can take on a myriad of forms from flat and cartoonish to sophisticated in shades and lighting.

Creator skizuke completed the full spectrum of Squidward skins with this hyper-detailed Squidward.

While it may not be attempting to create a photorealistic or cartoon-realistic version of Squidward, the texturing and layering put on this skin are off the charts.

The result of all that hard work is a Squidward that jumps off the screen in his typical annoyed aesthetic.

And really, isn’t being annoyed what Squidward is all about?

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