Best Stardew Valley Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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Stardew Valley has been gracing our screens for quite a few years now.

And considering the size of the Stardew fanbase, I’d say it’s here to stay.

I mean, who wouldn’t love it?

While it’s hard to really describe why the feeling of the game is so peaceful, once you play it, you won’t want to put it down. And you might even want to bring over your favorite characters into another pixelated game: Minecraft.

So here’s our collection of Stardew MC skins, featuring some of the best characters from Pelican Town.


1. Abigail

Abigail Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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Abigail is an adorable purple-haired girl who lives in Pelican Town, and she’s one of the available bachelorettes in the game.

For a character that loves receiving blackberry cobbler, she absolutely hates receiving blackberries. Go figure.

And fun fact: she almost didn’t have the purple hair we all know and love. Originally her concept art had her with blue hair.

Also, no matter what you give Abigail as a present, she’ll always say that she can’t wait to eat it.

This includes a diamond if you give her one.

That’s one crazy appetite.


2. Leah

Leah Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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Leah is another bachelorette that resides in her own cottage outside of Pelican Town, in the Cindersap Forest.

She loves to create sculptures, which you’ll be able to catch her doing in the backyard of her cottage.

And if you wear this skin in-game, maybe you can get into making your own sculptures too.

But hey, it’s a great skin either way. Absolutely one to download and keep in your collection.


3. Sebastian

Sebastian Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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Sebastian is a rebellious loner bachelor who lives in The Mountains.

Funny enough, Sebastian is also the only villager that likes flounder as a gift. Almost like Sebastian and Flounder from the Little Mermaid!

The developers planned that, right?

In any case, this skin is very true to character. It would fit perfectly into a Minecraft machinima about Stardew.


4. Haley

Haley Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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Another day, another lovely bachelorette.

Haley is a blonde bombshell, and also available.

Depending on how your relationship with Haley grows, she’ll go from hating living in a small town to being so thankful for the community a small town provides her.

She’s a big city girl at heart, so if you’re bringing this skin into Minecraft, maybe think of setting up a cityscape for her.


5. Harvey

Harvey Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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Look at those glasses, right?

Anyways – enter Harvey. He runs the medical clinic in town.

So watch out, we’ve got a doctor on our hands!

Harvey has a fondness for jazz music, and his radio even has a tape named “The Anthology of Classic Jazz”.

While he is a fan of coffee, he only likes the Triple Shot Espresso. Go big or go home, I always say!


6. Morris

Morris Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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While Morris isn’t an NPC you can marry or anything – but he’s still an important part of Pelican Town.

He’s the manager of JojaMart, and he’s someone you’ll see plenty of in your Stardew playthroughs.

This custom skin is humorously accurate, and could even work for a generic Minecraft character/business tycoon with a dark mustache.


7. Penny

Penny Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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Enter Penny – the red-headed bachelorette that lives in a trailer just to the east in Pelican Town.

She’s a teacher in the game, and when she isn’t teaching, she’s usually reading a book.

Another fun fact here: originally Penny wasn’t even going to be her name. It was set to be Dana during pre-release.

But whatever you call her, I bet she’d fit right into your Minecraft world.


8. Emily

Emily Stardew Valley Minecraft Skin

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And here we have Emily – another bachelorette that lives south of town square. She works nights at the Stardrop Saloon, which certainly keeps her busy.

She has an amazing fascination with crystals, which carries over into the marriage as well.

If you do get married, she’ll set up a crystal garden in the backyard of the farmhouse where she’ll meditate amongst the crystals.

I’m not sure what she’d do in a Minecraft world, but with this skin, you can create some pretty interesting stories.

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