The Best Steampunk Skins For Minecraft (Male + Female)

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Steampunk is an extremely popular, prolific, and adaptable hybrid of genres and ideas.

One of the most iconic aspects of steampunk is its aesthetic. Bulky but undeniably fashionable, it’s a unique combination to say the least.

It can be merged with just about any creative work to great effect – but fundamentally simple games with mod support like Minecraft make the process a fair bit easier.

After all, Minecraft is all about unique combinations and integrating player-made content.

So let’s take a minute to focus on some skins that really put the iconic steampunk aesthetic on display.

From chunky goggles to intelligent robots, these have everything a steampunk fanatic could possibly ask for in their Minecraft game.


1. Steampunk Scientist

Steampunk Scientist Boy Character / Minecraft Skin

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Wraparound goggles?

Victorian waistcoat?

Clockwork arm?

Oh yeah, this is pure steampunk.

This adorable scientist is a great fit for anyone who just wants the classic steampunk look in block form.

Everything from the colors of the metal to the modern backpack worn over an old-timey vest and slacks, all make this skin steampunk to its core – and a perfect way to start off this list.


2. Steampunk Time Traveler

Steampunk Female Time Traveler / Minecraft Skin

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While this one goes a little less “hard” on the whole aesthetic, those goggles are unmistakably steampunk.

Definitely a more low-key option, but this skin focuses more on being a solid choice for people who aren’t looking to stand out as much.

Casual yet cute, this skin is nice to look at.

Plus it avoids the gaudiness that can accompany clunky clockwork accessories, instead focusing this design in a way that would mostly appeal to casual fans of steampunk who don’t want to go all in.


3. Flight of the Silverbird

Flight of Silverbird Male Steampunk Character / Minecraft Skin

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This skin sets itself apart from others on this list with a decidedly boyish appearance.

The combination of shorts and suspenders is very cute and youthful, with that impression only being strengthened by the somewhat garish gold glasses made to be chunky like the usual goggles.

Choosing not to include shoes also makes the skin look like it belongs in a soft grassy field, or on a dinky little airship.

It makes me think of a Studio Ghibli film, honestly.

So overall, this skin is charming and simple – without sacrificing quality or individuality.


4. Steampunk Outfit w/ Cape

Cloak & Cape Steampunk Character / Minecraft Skin

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On the more historical fantasy side of things, this skin features a skull mask, a well decorated robotic arm, in addition to the goggles and general fashion of steampunk.

The hair on this skin is particularly well done, worn in a style that drapes a bit of hair over the leather strap from the goggles.

Talk about details.

This skin is flashy, gorgeous, and a perfect choice for people who prefer gothic or fantasy versions of steampunk.


5. Redstone Steampunk

Redstone Steampunk Character / Minecraft Skin

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While most steampunk designs focus on bringing steampunk to Minecraft, this one does the opposite by incorporating aspects of the game into the steampunk aesthetic.

Given the importance of redstone in relation to technology in Minecraft, it makes sense for it to be involved in steampunk gadgets as well.

The concept behind this skin is really smart, and it’s executed quite well.

There are no glaring flaws – and all the elements of the skin work together seamlessly.

Making the lens of the goggles red instead of blue is a nice touch for sure. As is the pattern on the front of the jacket, resembling a set of minecart rails.


6. Sunflower Steampunk

Sunflower Steampunk Girl / Minecraft Skin

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Although the general steampunk aesthetic usually includes goggles (and doesn’t generally involve much greenery), the vibe of this clothing and sheer volume of plants all put this skin comfortably on the high fantasy side of steampunk.

The flowers on this skin could easily tell a story of ancient magic and ruined civilizations, whether on a roleplay server, or simply for the singleplayer immersion.

Overall the skin is really lovely to look at.

And it’s a solid choice for players who want their skin to be able to tell a story of its own.


7. Steampunk Boy

Classic Steampunk Boy / Minecraft Skin

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As the name would suggest, this skin is really just classic steampunk executed to perfection.

No extra bells and whistles, no over the top accessorizing. Just pure steampunk.

Every part of this skin was given a lot of attention by the creator, but it’s most obvious in the goggles and coat.

If you’re looking for a well-made skin that’s both snazzy and pure steampunk (and male, of course) then this is the one for you.


8. Steampunk Girl

Classic Steampunk Girl with White Hair / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s something in a similar vein to the previous skin, but lady-themed.

This is a high-quality portrayal of core steampunk fashion at its best.

Between the impeccable shading on the goggles, to the ornate jacket being the star of the skin, it’s hitting a lot of the same points as the last entry.

So if your gripes with the previous skin were that you wanted something more feminine or colorful, well, this one fits the bill.


9. Steampunk Robot Derp

Steampunk Robot Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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Given the emphasis on technology in the steampunk genre/aesthetic, it’s no surprise that intelligent robots often make an appearance.

Yes, this skin doesn’t quite fit the intelligent descriptor.

But it is a humanoid robot – and an adorable one at that.

If the robotics side of steampunk appeals to you, but you don’t want to look cooler than all of your friends, this is a skin worth considering.


10. Neon Pink Steampunk

Steampunk Girl With Pink Hair / Minecraft Skin

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Steampunk is no stranger to wacky hair colors, including bright pink.

One of the advantages of headgear is that it can help keep extensions in place.

That isn’t a concern in Minecraft, but goggles and things of that nature have become such an iconic part of steampunk apparel that their usefulness is less important than their aesthetic.

In any case, this skin is a great example of Victorian fashion mixed with modern ideas – stuff like neon hair and people not covering their entire legs.

One interesting aspect of this skin is the waistline.

You can see it’s created by coloring part of the torso section to match the arms, to make it look like your girl is wearing a corset.

It’s not an easy illusion to maintain, given the constraints of a Minecraft skin. So it’s a nice touch.


11. Steambot Creeper

Steambot Creeper Character / Minecraft Skin

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While creepers and fire don’t exactly get along, that’s no reason not to put the face of one on your steambot!

After all, you’re probably not using gunpowder to make steam.


This skin is a really gorgeous example of traditional steampunk technology combined with Minecraft motifs.

It’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s easy to recognize – all without being generic or dull.


12. Peculiarities

Brunette Steampunk Girl / Minecraft Skin

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There’s something to be said for sleek designs and keeping things classy when working with an aesthetic that commonly shows little-to-no restraint.

The robotic arm on this skin is an elegant silver, designed and shaded in a way that’s modest but refined.

As for the clothing, it clearly has historical inspirations – but keeps it more practical and less cluttered than other entries on this list.

If you’re looking for a skin that makes you look more like a posh engineer than steampunk royalty, this is worth taking a closer look at.


13. Steampunk Enderman

Steampunk Enderman / Minecraft Skin

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If Endermen discovered technology and fashion, this is probably what they would look like.

Assuming the dragon didn’t start hoarding their gold, that is.

This skin is extremely lavish. Basically the polar opposite of the previous entry, and certainly not in a bad way.

With clothing made of fur, leather, and gold, alongside an arm made of gold and gemstones, this skin could have easily become a total eyesore.

However, the creator was able to use the less saturated colors of the coat to bring out the splashes of color in the eyes and accessories – all without giving us too much to take in at once.


14. Steampunk Vampire

Female Steampunk Vampire / Minecraft Skin

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There may not be vampires in vanilla Minecraft.

But they certainly aren’t unheard of in steampunk.

After all, vampire fashion tends to draw inspiration from the same places as steampunk does.

And besides, vampires aren’t exactly out of place in historical fantasy — a genre that steampunk lends itself to quite well.

Looking at this skin itself, you can see it’s pale but vibrant.

Nothing on the skin is too loud or distracting, despite just how much is going on between the colors of the eyes, clothing, arm, and accessories.

I would have liked to see some redstone in place of the purple gemstone embedded in the robotic arm. But that’s my only complaint.

And it definitely wouldn’t stop me from using it.


15. Nether Undead Skeleton Steampunk Engineer

Undead Skeleton Steampunk Engineer / Minecraft Skin

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The creativity in this skin really makes it stand out from the rest.

Not just in concept, but also in the little details that show just how much time and effort went into designing it.

There isn’t a whole lot going on from a clothing standpoint, with the exception of a few minor details.

First of all, the standard white undershirt seems to be singed, which makes sense considering the rather fiery nature of the Nether.

There also appears to be redstone inside of the gloves and armor.

And lastly, the armor and decorations (like buttons and chains) are given extra depth with skin layers.

However, the most impressive part of the whole skin is the head.

The entire underlayer is just magma, peeking out through gaps in the skull – which appears to be partially held together by the gold and redstone goggles.

All I can say is this creator did a truly incredible job of incorporating aspects of vanilla Minecraft, the steampunk genre, and some personal flair into one complete work of art that anyone could appreciate.

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