Minecraft Steven Universe Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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Anytime anyone talks about a gem warrior, I always think of Steven Universe.

It’s a show that was supposed to be a kid’s cartoon, and it was certainly advertised as one. But if you watched it then you would likely get caught up in the very adult storyline that ran parallel to the show’s Cartoon Network branding.

But either way you slice it, Steven Universe is an amazing show, with a great mix of story elements that helped build out all of the characters.

And if you want some juicy crossover material then you’ll enjoy this huge collection of Minecraft skins, custom-made and ready for your next Steven Universe MC roleplay.


1. Steven Universe

Steven Universe Character Minecraft Skin

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Of course we have to start this list with Steven Universe himself.

How could we not?

Steven Quartz Universe is a human-gem hybrid born to Greg Universe and Rose Quartz. While he is the main protagonist, he’s not the only person of focus throughout the show.

And he also looks up to his gem warrior peers.

While he may come across as a simple human boy, he actually has innate powers. But even though this skin looks amazing, these powers would come separately (if you can find the right mods!)


2. Amethyst

Amethyst from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Amethyst is actually the last gem created on Earth, and she spends her time protecting Earth and helping Steven Universe with his journey.

She struggled with her self-confidence for a good amount of time in the show, and eventually she finds the confidence to be herself. It’s a message we can all learn from.

Later in the series, she ended up becoming a teacher at Little Homeschool where she helps other young people discover themselves and gain their own self confidence.


3. Ruby

Ruby from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Ruby was originally sent to protect Sapphire on Earth.

Eventually during this mission, Ruby fuses with Sapphire, and they’re forced to run away from Blue Diamond. Ruby joins the Crystal Gems, but she’s still fused with Sapphire… and we’ll get to that fusion later on in the list.

But for now, let’s just say this is one heck of a skin.

Surprisingly accurate for converting a cartoon character into a pixelated Minecraft character.


4. Opal

Opal from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Opal is actually one of the fusion characters we mentioned above – specifically the fusion of Pearl and Amethyst.

But Opal is the perfect mix of the two of them, resulting in a peaceful state of mind.

She’s still very protective of Steven, and when Steven asks if she remembers him after the fusion, Opal sings Steven’s song for him – probably one of the best ways to let him know his friends are still in there.


5. Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Quartz from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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And here we are – another fusion skin!

This skin creator did an excellent job too.

Rainbow Quartz is a fusion of Pearl and Rose Quartz, and is created to instill one of those adult moments in the series.

Pearl fuses with Rose during the filming of Greg’s music video. Pearl says they should do it to spice up the video, but what she really wants to do is show Greg that Rose only sees him as a normal, weak human.

Her plan obviously doesn’t work.

But Rainbow isn’t meant to be more than that to us, honestly.

Yet her appearance and the meaning behind it is a memorable and monumental one.

It shows the depth of Rose and Greg’s relationship – which is a lot for a kid’s cartoon.


6. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Now we’ve come to Steven’s mother, Rose. And of course there’s a fantastic Minecraft skin for her!

Rose’s story is a convoluted one. I think the story that most fans remember is that Rose and Greg fell in love, and she gave up her physical form so her gem and powers would pass down to her son Steven.

What we find out later is that Rose Quartz is actually a way for her to hide her true identity as Pink Diamond.

She was the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems. Her and her allies manage to drive off the Homeworld Gems and save Earth.


7. Peridot

Peridot from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Peridot was actually one of the recurring antagonist’s throughout Steven Universe, until she struck a truce with the Crystal Gems to save Earth.

After she defied her leaders on Homeworld, she became one of the Crystal Gems.

Initially Peridot is cold and calculated in her actions, while she attempts to kill Steven and the other Crystal Gems. But as her situation changes, so does her personality.

She becomes much more frantic and self-absorbed – but that’s what makes her one of the most memorable anti-heroes of the series.


8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Lapis’ story is one of the more depressing beginnings.

Originally aligned on Homeworld, she was confused for a Crystal Gem, and Homeworld imprisoned her in a magical mirror.

While they had the intention of interrogating her at a later time, they abandoned her when they fled.

After being imprisoned for thousands of years, she finally convinces Steven to free her.

She returns to Homeworld and Peridot and Jasper force her back to Earth, where she helps Steven.

And she’s one of the few characters that doesn’t actually join the Crystal Gems, but she is still an ally.


9. Connie Maheswaran

Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Connie is the first full-fledged human on this list.

She’s Steven’s best friend, and later turned girlfriend in the show.

While she is simply a human, that doesn’t mean she’s helpless. She trains with Pearl in sword combat so she can help Steven and the Crystal Gems whenever danger arises.

Maybe there’s even some room for this skin to do some sword training in Minecraft too.


10. Pearl

Pearl from Steven Universe / Minecraft Skin

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Pearl is one of the last remaining gems from Earth, and she has a long history in the line of Steven’s family.

She’s one of Rose Quartz’s most faithful followers, and she’s Pink Diamond’s second Pearl.

Even in the long calm period, she proceeds to protect Earth for many millennia.

After her time alone, she ends up teaching Steven the ways of the Gems.

For someone that originally wasn’t ok with interacting with humans, it’s interesting to see her become a huge activist for conversing with them.

She even encourages her students at Little homeworld to do the same.

And if you’re doing any roleplaying in Minecraft, this is a must-have skin for your collection.

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