Best Super Mario Skins For Minecraft: Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser & More

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The Super Mario franchise is all about jumping around and killing enemies.

But if you think about it, you can do all of those things in Minecraft too.

So here’s an idea: why don’t we take Super Mario and bring it to Minecraft. How?

Well that’s easy: with skins!

Now the real question is, who do you want to be? There are so many options. And lucky for you, I’ve crawled the Internet to curate this list of Mario-themed skins that I think are well-made, look good, and feel truly unique.


15. Wario

Wario / Minecraft Skin

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Wario has had a lot of different looks throughout the years, but this is the most recognizable in my opinion.

He also has a strong personality – and even his own set of games!

But don’t let his name fool you – Wario’s similarity to “Mario” doesn’t make him a hero.

In fact, in most games he’s the antagonist.

But if we’re gonna be honest, he does look pretty badass.

So if you don’t care about being the villain of the story, pick this skin.


14. Waluigi

Waluigi / Minecraft Skin

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The art style of this Waluigi skin matches the previous Wario one – while also being super goofy-looking.

And I love that!

Waluigi is also a villain, and Wario’s partner!

His first appearance was in Mario Tennis though, meaning his criminal record might not be as long as Wario’s…

But after him not being added to Super Smash Bros in 2018, the Internet has made Waluigi a very known character.

Maybe if we all wear this skin then Nintendo might finally cave and add him to the game. Worth a try right?


13. Sandwich Bowser

Sandwich Bowser / Minecraft Skin

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Sandwich? Yes!

Don’t leave, hear me out.

It’s Bowser, alright? But he’s a sandwich.

Who could have ever asked for this?

I don’t know about you, but how badly do you want to eat a sandwich that looks like this? I might have to try to make one!

This skin is a very clever way to make a bad guy look kinda cute and funny. They could add him to a new Mario game as a good version of bowser!


12. Goomba in Tuxedo

Goomba in a Suit/Tux / Minecraft Skin

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Goombas are the easiest enemies to kill (if you see them) so they might not be as appealing as other characters in the Mario franchise.

But to fix that, I found a Goomba skin with a slight twist

He’s wearing a tuxedo.

That’s right, classy Goomba!

It looks like the design of the Goomba might be from the older games – but for a skin, it’s perfect.


11. Blocky Skin

Blocky Mario Pixel Skin / Minecraft Skin

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If you don’t like being a character, how about being the stage itself?

I absolutely love the art style of the blocks on this skin. This creator specifically chose to go with the old Mario Bros style with a lot of saturation.

If you’ve played the old titles then you’ll probably feel some nostalgia with these textures.

The warning block as the head also makes you appear as an exclamation point, which is pretty amusing.


10. Steve in Mario Outfit

Steve wearing Mario Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Steve probably bought this for Halloween and forgot to take it off.

Or maybe he just likes it a lot?

Either way, this is a great crossover skin to combine the two games – by using the most recognizable characters from each!

Steve is the one who’s wearing the outfit right now.

But you can probably borrow it and put it in your own skin if you want!

Simply copy the head of your desired skin and paste it into this one (this should be doable in whatever skin editor you prefer).


9. Regular Goomba

Regular Goomba as a human / Minecraft Skin

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Let’s say the tuxedo twist didn’t convince you to play as a Goomba.


So if you’re looking for a regular Goomba fella, this skin is probably the best one out there.

The usual design of a Goomba is real different from the body of a typical Minecraft character…

So it’s not easy to make a skin of a Goomba that’s recognizable.

But this guy did it! And it looks pretty darn good.


8. Red Koopa Troopa

Red Koopa Troopa / Minecraft Skin

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We can all agree that the Koopa might be the second easiest enemy to kill in the Mario franchise.

But all downs have ups, and the Koopa is not only very recognizable, but he has a lot of character too.

He’s always walking around with a smile so big that makes it hard to kill him and take his shell (kinda).

The shell of the Koopa here can be of any color you want (with a bit of editing).

So if red isn’t your thing, change it up!


7. Old Mario Bros

Old Mario NES Design / Minecraft Skin

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It’s normal to see a Mario skin in-game.

But this old-style one? Not so much!

This Mario skin is very similar to all the other ones available, but with the color scheme of the original game – which, in my opinion, makes it super unique.

Although the skin tries (and succeeds) to resemble the original style, it still looks professional on the shading and design side.


6. Piranha Plant

Walking Piranha Plant / Minecraft Skin

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This is the last enemy I ever thought would be translated into a Minecraft skin, but here we are.

And I gotta say, the designer really did an excellent job.

The legs are the flowerpot, then the rest of the body is the actual plant.

If the rest of the body doesn’t convince you, then you could grab the piranha head and put it in another body for customization.


5. Larry Koopa Boss

Larry Koopa Boss / Minecraft Skin

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This goofy boss is now in Minecraft, in skin form.

Since this is the first boss you encounter in most of the Mario games, everyone knows about him!

Sometimes he’s equipped with a wand (or a bow if we’re talking in Minecraft terms), and sometimes he’s throwing shells at you.

Either way, this makes for a memorable skin.

The blue color is on point here. And the skin overall is very nicely done.

A good pick if this is your character of choice.


4. 8-bit Luigi

Old 8-bit Luigi / Minecraft Skin

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I absolutely love these 8 bit-style skins.

They get an outstanding result matching Minecraft’s block style, all with little shading and detail.

It’s probably the same effect as pixel art!

More detail doesn’t mean better, and this is proof.

This kind of art style isn’t very common either, which makes every skin made this way super unique .

And this Luigi skin is no exception.


3. Green Yoshi

Green Yoshi Design / Minecraft Skin

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It’s your typical green happy-go-lucky Yoshi, always prepared for a fight.

He’s usually accompanied by Mario, but in Minecraft he’s probably fine alone.

This Yoshi skin is slightly different from the typical one that everyone uses, too, which makes it feel a bit more personal.

It’s also pretty easy to customize if the green one isn’t your favorite.

It can be any color you want!


2. Summer-style Princess Peach

Princess Peach in Bright Colors / Minecraft Skin

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Is she on vacation?

Maybe it’s just a hot day, but Peach has her summer outfit ready for battle.

There were a lot of Peach skins just by searching online, but this one was the cutest of them all.

She even has a crown.

The pink is paler and summer-like in this design, and it looks like she has flowers too.

I’d say this is probably best suited for a survival game… although the light clothes might give her an advantage in a fight!

You’re gonna have to try and see.


1. Mario

Modern Mario Derp Design / Minecraft Skin

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Last but not least, here’s your favorite hero plumber:

Mario himself!

Did you think I would make a Super Mario skin list without including this guy and his sweet Italian mustache?

In one of the previous entries mentioned above, I showed an “old” Mario skin.

Well this skin features the more modern design, with his bright colors and big eyes.

It’s not exactly 8-bit like the Luigi one we saw earlier. But this does have a flat design with little shading.

The end result is a pretty unique Mario that’ll catch other’s player’s attention right when they see it.

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