Best Team Rocket Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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Team Rocket are still the most iconic evil-doers in Pokémon, even all these years after their introduction.

And their outfits are just as iconic as the name.

So there’s better way to wreak havoc on your favorite Minecraft server than with any of these Team Rocket skins.


1. Jesse

Jesse Team Rocket (Anime) Minecraft Skin

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Prepare for trouble with this awesome Jesse skin.

There’s a lot of custom skins for Minecraft that look like Jesse… but I think this one is the best.

It really captures her iconic hair, light reflections and all.

Jesse is the perfect choice if you want to show that you’re ready for lighthearted evil, since even those who haven’t watched the Pokémon anime will recognize you.


2. James

James Team Rocket (Anime) Minecraft Skin

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Extend your reach to the stars above with James, another well-known Team Rocket member.

The Jesse & James combo is an awesome way to team up with a friend and cause mischief as a duo.

In fact, James is my personal pick for my Pixelmon server antics – mostly so that I can pay homage to him with my team of Carnivine, Growlithe, and Meowth.


3. Meowth

Meowth from Team Rocket / Minecraft Skin

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Let’s admit it:

Meowth is the real leader of the anime Rocket trio, at least in my eyes.

And he’s a brilliant Minecraft skin for anyone who wants to be the conniving mastermind behind it all.

Yes, this is a much simpler Team Rocket skin, ditching the complicated hair and uniforms for a more stripped back look.

But the minimalist design gives me huge old-school Minecraft vibes, reminding me of a time before redstone, parkour, and an in-game GameBoy.


4. Team Rocket Grunt (Girl)

Team Rocket Grunt (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Take up your Poke balls and get ready to steal some Pixelmon wearing this female Team Rocket get-up.

It could be a great choice for you and a group of friends to tear around the town in.

There’s a ton of different versions of this skin out there, with different genders, skin tones, and hairstyles. So if you want something similar just look around Skindex to find one that suits you best.


5. Rainbow Rocket Grunt (Girl)

Rainbow Team Rocket Grunt (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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Yes, you can play as a grunt from the most powerful evil team in the Pokémon Multiverse… with a rainbow emblem on your uniform.

Only appearing in Ultra Sun & Moon, Rainbow Rocket comes from a parallel universe in which they achieved world domination. This led to them capturing Mewtwo, Mew, and just about every other legendary Pokémon.

Wanna bring that feeling into Minecraft?

Well here ya go.


6. Giovanni

Giovanni (Team Rocket) Skin For Minecraft

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The Godfather himself.

Giovanni is the most powerful member of Team Rocket in both the original games and in the anime.

Changing from a Grunt to Giovanni can feel like a true level up visually, no matter who you’re playing with.

Giovanni is also a funny skin to put on in any RP server where you’re in charge.

Even if your storyline has nothing to do with crime, the mafia undertones that Giovanni radiates will add a new comedic feeling to the corrupt authority figure in your server.


7. Team Rocket Slowpoke

Slowpoke wearing Team Rocket Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Take one look at this thing and tell me you hate it.

C’mon, this skin is easily goofiest design on this list – but it’s also the darkest.

Those who don’t know can enjoy this skin as the whimsical joke it seems to be. For those who’ve played through Gold/Silver/Crystal (or their remakes), then you know all about Slowpoke tails.

I still shudder at the memory of what Team Rocket did to those poor Slowpokes.

But when it comes to Minecraft, fear not – since I chose this Team Rocket skin specifically because the Slowpoke still has its tail.

For now, anyway…


8. Team Rocket Waluigi

Team Rocket Waluigi Skin For Minecraft

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We never managed to get Waluigi into Smash Bros.

But you can still bring him to Minecraft to steal some Pokémon with this Nintendo crossover skin.

Pokémon battles are the perfect way for him to break into the Wario family business and get thieving.

I like to imagine that Team Rocket has recruited the Wario Bros after realizing they’re just as bumbling and clumsy as your average Rocket Grunt.

Perfect for the job, really.

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