The Best Train Mods For Minecraft (All Free)

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In vanilla Minecraft, you can build a railway system that’s impressive enough to put on your résumé.

But putting a Minecart on it will always look a bit out of place. Dare I say, even a little pathetic.

The truth is, minecarts just don’t match the ambitiousness of some of these builds!

But these train mods will provide you with incredible trains to match your incredible railroad builds. Sorry minecarts, but we don’t need you anymore!


5. Immersive Railroading

Immersive Railroading Minecraft mod

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Supported Version: 1.16

Trains are for transport, but it’s not just people they transport.

They also transport things.

Immersive railroading is realistic, as suggested by the name, so it accounts for this.

It’s a train mod that allows you to transport players, items, players holding items, animals, and villagers.

Considering how slow NPCs (and some players) are, this mod is quite useful.

This mod pays attention to detail by including multiple types of track gauges. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination!


4. Real Train Mod

Real Train Mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.5-1.10, 1.12

If visiting Japan is on your bucket list, then trying Real Train Mod should be too.

This mod adds Japanese-style trains to your game and many other train-related items, such as traffic lights.

It’s nice that the mod creator thought of any potential chickens that may want to cross the road.

The trains in this mod use fuel to run, and if you thought of coal, you would be mistaken.

The trains use redstone as fuel, so it’s a good thing it drops in larger quantities.

To change the color of your train, all you need to do is right-click with some dye.

Your ability to find a single flower is the differentiator between having a default train and having a unique one!


3. Minecraft Transit Railway

Minecraft Transit Railway MC mod preview

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Supported Versions: 1.16-1.18

This one is for those that have visiting Hong Kong on their bucket lists instead of Japan. Mass Transit Railway is inspired by the Hong Kong railway system, the MTR.

Minecraft Transit Railway Mod allows you to create fully-functional railway systems.

This mod is a massive upgrade from horses.

Using the railway dashboard, you can create stations, routes, and depots.

The railway dashboard includes a map of all these things because the last thing you want while creating a mass railway system is an engineer that has no idea where anything is!

Just imagine hopping on a server’s subway system trying to get to a village, but you end up in the middle of the ocean.

All because the engineer didn’t have a railway dashboard system.


2. Traincraft

Traincraft Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.4, 1.6-1.7

Traincraft allows you to use trains to transport blocks and items, because moving inventory via train is way cooler than moving inventory via… well, your inventory.

This mod even adds over 80 trains so that the items you like to move don’t get bored from being on the same train every time.

In addition to trains, there are also wagons and other moving vehicles added in here too.

Just to really make sure you and your items don’t get bored.


1. Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod

Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.7.10

If you thought the top of this list would be some ultra-immersive train system mod with 100 highly specific train parts, passenger NPCs with good AI, and an immersive “choo choo” sound effect, you were wrong.

While Really Disturbing Tank Engines mod doesn’t give you that, it does give you a metal cane to destroy your childhood with.

That’s not a metaphor by the way. The mod really does add a craftable conductor’s cane.

This mod takes Toby The Train from Thomas & Friends and turns him into a psycho out to kill you, your pigs, and your dogs.

He’s attracted to coal, which explains why he turned out the way that he did. Being put on the naughty list only fed his cruel nature.

To make sure your childhood never recovers, Toby has blood dripping out of his eyes.

He spawns in the desert, which explains why his body doesn’t have enough water for regular old tears.

This mod also allows you to kill him, cook his flesh, and eat him (with a side of his soul).

This will be no easy task though since he has 100 hearts. He’s a tank engine after all.

A tank engine that has gone off the rails.

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