Best Nordic Minecraft Viking Skins (Girls + Guys)

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“I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole, digging a hole!”

Every Minecrafter out there has heard these words at least once, and belted them out in all their glory – because everyone was in love with that Viking-inspired dwarf addicted to Jaffa Cakes!

Nowadays you’ll find hundreds of Minecraft skins inspired by Nordic culture thanks to influences like Skyrim, God of War, and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

And I’ve hunted down some skins that are the best examples of Viking culture, from the mundane to the most vicious warriors, for you to use in your next server!


10. Dragonborn

Skyrim Dragonborn Character / Minecraft Skin

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Fus Ro Dah!

Well, you won’t be shouting down mountains or launching friends off cliffs with the power of the Thu’um.

But this skin is an excellent smash up of adventuring and Nordic culture.

Inspired by the default design of the Dovahkiin, or Dragonborn in Dragon Tongue, featured in the many trailers for Skyrim years ago, this skin is perfect for the aspiring Nordic adventurer.

From the rustic look of the armor and iconic horns, to the vivid green eyes and fair skin of typical Nordic heritage, this skin is the ideal choice featuring the most popular and well-known of Nordic gaming icons.


9. Nordic Guild Master

Crowned Nordic Guild Master Viking / Minecraft Skin

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This elder guild master is what I would imagine Honeydew becoming when the dwarf would eventually retire from building factories and diggy-digging holes.

This guild master dons clothing designed using from Viking designs for inspirations.

With the additional details of the ginger moustache and the vivid scar over a discolored eye, this is a skin that would be worthy of a final venture across the expanses of Minecraft.

After all, with a scar like that, there’s likely nothing he can’t face down in battle – except for maybe a Creeper.


8. Ancient Nordic Armor

Ancient Nordic Armor From Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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Based on one of the rare armors from “Skyrim”, this skin rattles and clanks with Nordic inspiration.

With the patches of treated leather, rustic iron armor plating, and 3D horns, this armor screams that you’re not to be messed – with unless someone wants a Viking funeral.

Although this armor is more seen on the undead Draugr in Skyrim, that just makes wearing a skin featuring this armor even more terrifying.

Zombies and Skeletons should be wary if they see a Minecrafter wearing this armor while out on a nightly venture in search of pigs and wood.


7. Nordic Dwarf

Viking Nordic Dwarf / Minecraft Skin

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One can’t go too far into Nordic mythos without the mention of dwarves!

So here’s a skin to fill in the Nordic dwarf requirement of the list.

Featuring a Dwarvean character with Nordic style robes, headwear, and even beard style, it’s a fair attempt at least.

This skin has so much detail put into it, from the clothes to the face. It just couldn’t be excluded from the roster.

Now head forth and dig all those holes, my Dwarvean brethren!


6. Viking Warrior

Long Bearded Viking Warrior / Minecraft Skin

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If you like skins with lots of details, facial hair, and Nordic undertones, this warrior fits your niche.

This skin features a topless male in the classic Viking attire of a battle skirt, cape, pauldrons, dark hair, and bright blue eyes.

But the aspect of this skin that stands out is that sweet hair design!

From the highly detailed and layered beard, to the 3D brows and mohawk, this skin creator was serious about the detail in this guy’s hairdo.

If you wish to show off an appreciation for Viking culture, strength, and the beautiful facial hair of the Nordic mythos, this skin should be applied immediately.


5. Viking Warlord

Viking Warlord Male Character / Minecraft Skin

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Or if you’re looking for something a bit more simple, but still true to Nordic themes, this one is for you.

Featuring a fair skinned, fair-haired man with spot-on facial hair, this skin isn’t loud and intricate like many others.

But the few details included here do work for the theme.

Dark underclothes, chainmail tunic, worn leather boots, and hair pulled back in the traditional updo of Viking culture.

Not many skins adhere to the cultural cues of their inspiration.

Yet this one gets to the root without throwing in fantastical armor designs or over-the-top rugged appearances.


4. Nordic Woman

Nordic Woman with Dirty Blonde Hair / Minecraft Skin

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Let’s return to the ladies of Nordic culture with this one.

This female warrior is perfect of the more minimalistic (but still cutthroat) lady in your server.

It features a fair-haired female with all the usual Nordic fixings:

Leather armor, warm underclothes, and some face paint.

The design does remind me a bit of Aela from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, if she decided to let her hair grow out a bit… and wore more modest armor.

This is one Nordic huntress I would take with me across the Minecraft realms and back again.


3. Female Northerner

Northerner Blonde Girl Viking Character / Minecraft Skin

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From the hardy Nordic warriors to the simpler females of the Viking culture, we have a lot to love in this beautiful skin.

If you’re not the adventuring type and prefer the humbler lifestyle of building and farming in Minecraft, this Northerner skin is worth a try.

It showcases a fair skinned, light-haired female in modest fur-lined attire.

And it’ll make you feel warm just looking at her.

With her attire being mostly muted colors, and featuring a fur-lined cloak as well, this is a nice skin to wear if you plan to quietly wander the world as a nomadic farmer looking for the perfect homestead.


2. Sif, Wife of Thor

Sif Blonde Wife of Thor / Minecraft Skin

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Following the simplistic style of the previous skin, but leaning heavily into Nordic mythos, this custom MC skin features the wife of the iconic thunder god: Thor!

So much care has been put into the simple design of this thunderous waifu.

From the long fair hair to the delicate details of the muted dress, it’s all here.

Despite not much being written about Sif in texts, the creator of this skin did really well in replicating the known images of her, all converted into Minecraft format!

Just be careful, as wearing this skin may cause more storms in your Minecraft world.

It may just be an unforeseeable side effect of being Sif herself in the Minecraft universe.


1. Norse Berserker

Norse Berserker With Muscles / Minecraft Skin

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While many would put a more iconic Nordic skin in this spot, originality is what counts here.

And this skin hits the originality nail on the head!

It’s Steve, but there are clearly a few things different about him.

He has washboard abs, a killed beard, nice dark armor, and is wearing a wolf pelt on his head!

The best aspect of this skin must be the care put into the details and colors.

It keeps Steve’s original skin tone, just adding the abs and facial hair, and keeping the wolf pelt color the same as the in-game wolves.

Really, this just works so well in the aspect of Nordic theming and Minecraft canonicity.

So charge forth and claim the lands, you hunk of a Minecrafter!

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