Best Zombie Minecraft Player Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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From the earliest days of Minecraft, zombies have always been the best mob. Period.

Okay, okay, maybe not everyone agrees with that statement.

But they’ve been my favorite mob for as long as I can remember.

They don’t silently move about poisoning you or blowing up or taking pieces of your roof. All the zombies do is moan a bit and really want a hug. They’re adorable.

Whether you’re a zombie stan like me, or are on the fence for your mob of choice, I can confidently say you’ve found the right place for the best collection of zombie-style skins that Minecraft creators can offer.


1. Business Zombie

Business Zombie in Suit / Minecraft Skin

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Creepers get all the credit for being the face of Minecraft, covering all the merch items and highlighting skins in uncountable games.

However, the genius behind those merchandising moves was not, in fact, the creeper – but the zombie business mogul themselves.

The whole “stumbling, moaning, mindless monster” schtick is just an act.

When they’re not trying to bang down your door and eat your brains, they’re off at work closing deals and making bank.

Why do you think the only time you see zombies is at night?

They’re busy working during the day.


2. Worse for Wear Zombie

Zombie Beaten Up / Minecraft Skin

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The classic zombie look is so timeless.

The green skin, the basic Minecraft model, it all evokes something ghoulish and scary – but also fun and cartoony.

So if you want to crank up the zombie effect in your next Minecraft session, creator packatac1 has cooked up just the skin for you.

With a little bit of exposed brain and ribcage showing, this skin’s zombie form has just enough added decay to spice up your favorite undead look.


3. Zombie In Decay

Decaying Zombie Skin For Minecraft

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Did I say spice up an undead look?

How about we go from spicy to ultra-hot with creator Teddy’s decaying zombie design?

Gone are the cartoonish greens that we all know and love.

Instead, this skin gives us a horrible pallid purple covering this tattered zombie’s frame.

With the actual skin of this zombie physically rotting away from the figure, it’s abso-lutely perfect for those who want to up the fright factor on their next zombie outing.


4. Halloween Spirit

Zombie Wearing Halloween Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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All this talk about zombies and ghouls has got me in the Halloween spirit.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets invigorated by Spooky Season and all its accompanying festivities.

Because this skin by creator SirEurope has a zombie getting in touch with its spooky side in a fashionable pumpkin hoodie.

In all seriousness, I love the pumpkin hoodie. And it’s nice to see that people, alive and undead, can be getting into the holiday spirit anytime.


5. Puff Jacket

Black Puff Jacket Zombie Skin For Minecraft

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Considering they’re undead which means their heart stopped pumping blood some time ago, it’s no wonder this zombie is layered up in a puffy jacket and track pants.

It must be freezing being not alive!

Although maybe they just think the black on black winter outfit looks good.

If they do think that, then they are most certainly correct.

When’s the last time you saw a zombie look this good and this warm?


6. Zombie Pigman

Zombie Pigman Minecraft Skin

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Oh, the Zombie Pigman.

Zombies have been a staple for years in modern culture, and in Minecraft.

But the Zombie Pigman too often gets overlooked for its more human brethren.

I say this should happen no longer.

No longer shall we go slaying hordes of the undead without including at least a few zombie pigmen.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re spooked by the terrifying zombie squeal sounds they make, or as a rule of thumb try to avoid the nightmare that is the Nether.

It’s time to take action and get slaying!

Or, just wear this skin because it looks so spot on.


7. Winter Bite

Frostbite Zombie Skin For Minecraft

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After they introduced the Husks, tan-colored alts for zombies and other mobs that exist exclusively in the desert biomes, I wondered why other biomes didn’t get the same treatment.

Imagine how cool it would be in the mountains or glacier biomes to find a horde of these frozen mobs stumbling after you.

It would be terrifying, but cool.

I’m personally not one for getting run down by endless waves of mobs in the night though. So I’d probably just download the skin and set up my own frozen, undead paradise in a glacier.

To each their own!


8. Farmer Zombie

Farmer Zombie Minecraft Skin

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Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life can be a bit too much.

Not everyone can keep up with all the mining and crafting that Minecraft throws their way.

For some, the rural farm life calls to them. Some zombies don’t want to chase down players and eat their brains.

They just want to tend to their crops and watch the seasons go by.

I adore how simple and hilarious creator RXRZ’s farmer zombie is.

A straw hat and overalls in place of the normal jeans takes this skin into a whole new level. Excellent work!


9. McZombie

Zombie in McDonalds Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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While I was searching for zombie skins to put together this list, I think I darn near laughed out loud at this McDonald’s zombie skin.

Why do such small and mundane additions to the default zombie skin elevate it so much?

Why am I so tickled by a Minecraft zombie working the drive-thru at McDonald’s?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I don’t need answers.

All I need to do is download this skin and have a romp of a time on my Realms.


10. Tie-Dye

Zombie Wearing Tie-Dye / Minecraft Skin

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Say what you will about zombies and their mindless brain-eating tendencies. But sometimes, they just want to like, hang out, man.

I think it’d be hard for anyone to dislike this hippie-inspired tie-dye zombie skin by RXRZ.

With an outfit that colorful, if I saw this fella knocking on my door, I’d most definitely let them in.

I wouldn’t skip a beat.

I’d just have to hope that they’re more relaxed than they are a mob attempting to kill me.


11. Husk Zombie

Dull Husk Zombie Skin For Minecraft

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In all my years playing Minecraft, bouncing from server to server, I’ve seen many a zombie skin.

I’ve seen people with zombie skins and creeper skins, skeletons and endermen – but a husk is a true rarity.

I think people tend to forget about the husks even though they’re basically super-powered zombies that can exist at all hours of the day.

If you’re looking for a unique and extra powerful zombie-flavored skin to run for your next multiplayer session, the husk is just the thing for you.


12. Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies

Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies / Minecraft Skin

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Oh man, I know this zombie skin is not explicitly linked to Minecraft. But I just love this one so much.

Plants vs. Zombies dominated the mobile gaming genre when it was just in its infancy – and for good reason.

The gameplay was simple, strategic, and fun.

But more importantly, you got to shoot at cool-looking zombies like this one.

Seriously, this Plants vs. Zombies re-created zombie skin looks so good I can’t even begin to give it enough credit.

Creator Luter66 made this thing way back in 2013 too.

That’s some impressive work right there!


13. Steve Zombie

Steve Zombie Skin For Minecraft

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The original Minecraft zombie is a cartoonish model based off of the default player model, Steve.

They share the same blue clothes, hinting that the other zombies might be other players who have died and risen again.

Well this skin by creator ktheorin1 doesn’t hint. It lets you know.

This is Steve who has been turned into a blood-thirsty monster.

Honestly, this design is almost terrifying in how horrific the Steve zombie is.

And I love it so much for that exact reason.


14. Royal Zombie

Royal King Zombie Minecraft Skin

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OK, this one is a toss up.

Is this a zombie who has poise and class, having risen to royal power?

Or is this a zombie of royalty, like a king who has died and turned over?

I can’t quite tell, but I don’t think I need to.

This royal zombie by creator SuperMouske is sleek, refined, and hilarious.


15. The Original Zombie

The Original Zombie Player Skin for Minecraft

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After a list full of fun & flavorful zombie skins, from horrific ideas to the McDonald’s drive-thru, I had to include the original zombie on my list somewhere.

And it gets an honorable mention right here before wrapping up.

While this skin doesn’t have the flair or fun details that some of the others do, it’s hard to beat a classic.

Especially when the classic is a non-playable mob that you can now disguise yourself as to sneak up on your friends.

And that’s what Minecraft is all about:

Not mining or crafting, but dressing up as a zombie to spook your friends.

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