Minecraft: Best Zootopia Skins, Mods & Maps

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Wouldn’t it be weird if all animals, in general, formed a civilized society where they worked for each other and paid taxes and such?

Emphasis on paying taxes, Nick!

No… that’s too crazy of an idea – queue Zootopia!

A world where animals live together in peace. (Well, sort of, no spoilers!)

“But we already have animals in Minecraft!”

That’s correct, but not enough. We need MORE.

Thankfully I’m here to help out with this massive list of Zootopia-themed stuff for Minecraft. Take a look and see what you think.


1. Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt Mod

Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt / Minecraft Mod Preview

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Let’s start this list with a nice mod I found for recent versions of the game.

Zootopia’s animals might not be “wild” (well… I won’t spoil it), but they’re still animals.

And if you want to see them in-game, you can with this zoo mod.

It has 100 species, nice animations, models, and custom behaviors. On top of that, it’s available for Minecraft v1.12, very popular for modding.

Note that you’ll need the “Bookworm” mod too for this to work, which you can find right here.


2. Nick Wilde Skin

Nick Wilde from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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Yep, the second most important character of the movie!

He’s a charming con artist fox with a lot of opinions.

Although he ends up saving the day, he’s a pretty smart criminal at first.

This skin is pretty simple in terms of shading, but it still has some detail, making its design look like the Mojang animation skins.

Look at his expression too!

Maybe he knows something we don’t…


3. Judy’s Room Map

Zootopia Judy's Room User-Made Map for Minecraft

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Judy’s dream apartment!

Wait no… that was the job.


Here’s a cute little map of Hopps’ tiny apartment when she moves to the big city.

It’s got nice modeling, a tiny laptop, some pictures in frames, a recreation of the anxious view Hopps had through the window, and more!

A map worth checking out for sure.

But check that you’re on version 1.10.2 if you want to see everything correctly. That said, you can always try it with a newer version… you never know!


4. Gideon Grey Skin

Gideon Grey from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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In his younger years, he was the worst bully in town. But he ends up understanding his issues and becoming a better person.

Which is great for Gideon of course.

He actually apologies to Judy too! And that’s why he deserves a spot on this list.

This skin is super detailed and has great shading. Gideon is also wearing his kitchen apron here.

He’s not carrying any cupcakes though, bummer.


5. Leodore Lionheart Skin

Leodore Lionheart from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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The mayor itself.

Yes he is a very imposing lion, however, he’s also quite charming and noble.

His actions though are rather suspicious sometimes – his intentions are good, but the solutions are a bit extreme.

He’s a lion, being extreme is his thing!

In the skin he’s wearing his mayor outfit, so you can look like a lion businessman on your Minecraft server.


6. Gazelle Skin

Gazelle from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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She’s a popular pop singer in Zootopia, and guess what animal she is?

Did you know that the track played at the beginning of the movie, “Try Everything”, is sung by the same voice actress too?

Granted the shape of this character is nothing like the shape of a Minecraft skin… but this redesign works perfectly.

On top of that, it’s very well-made overall – nice hair, and nice looking horns too.


7. Realistic Juddy Skin

Realistic Juddy from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s an (aptly named) realistic version of Juddy.

I don’t know if calling the skin “cute” will offend Juddy like in the movie… but I think we can all agree the skin is pretty cute.

Notice how the nose of this bunny is elevated from the head, making it stand out more?

And the colors are also great, plus the shading is perfect. Lots of detail here, honestly.

She even has some bunny ears on her head!


8. Flash Slothmore Skin

Flash Slothmore from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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“Flash” huh?

Yeah well, he’s not the fastest out there, that’s for sure.

The poor guy has good intentions – but he’s just too slow!

Well, he’s the fastest sloth working at the Department of Mammal Vehicles, so maybe it’s not that bad… (it is)

There’s the possibility of other players not recognizing the skin too, because in Minecraft, we go too fast.

Maybe throw a couple of slowness potions?

In this skin he’s making a smirky smile and wearing his work outfit – which is a very bright green shirt with an orange tie as the accent color.


9. Officer Clawhouser Skin

Officer Clawhouser from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

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Officer Clawhouser is a positive guy who loves Donuts and Gazelle.

Yes, only those two things.

He tries to be helpful at all times, but sometimes he’s too friendly and ends up saying something that he shouldn’t have.

In the skin, he looks pretty confident!

And he’s wearing his classic police outfit.

I’m not gonna check if the spots are drawn in the right places, but it looks nice nonetheless!


10. Juddy Hopps Skin

Juddy Hopps from Zootopia / Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

At last, we reach our protagonist.

Known for being the first bunny to ever be a cop.

We should all be like her, chase our dreams, and catch corrupt government officials! Well, maybe don’t get yourself into any trouble.

I specifically tried to find a skin that matched Nick’s from earlier, so as you can see, it’s quite simple and not shaded.

The perfect choice if you want to do some co-op with a friend.

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