Top 10 Monster Musume Waifus, Ranked

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If you’re a connoisseur of ecchi anime – you’ve definitely seen Monster Musume.

After all, there aren’t many shows that boast so many unique waifus.

And today we’re going to try and do the impossible – rank the best-of-the-best. Also, just so that we don’t get Chris Hanson busting down our door, I’m going to skip over Papi and Su.

Let’s go!


10. Manako

Manako Monster Musume anime screenshot

Manako is definitely the sleeper OP waifu in this show.

Since her design is a bit more unique (and she doesn’t have fan service), people tend to look over here.

However, I quite liked her. This is because she’s a perfect example of a dandere. She’s extremely shy but is also one of the kindest characters in the entire show.

And her fashion sense is honestly on point.

So even though she might not invoke as many nosebleeds as some other characters – she’s still a solid pick if you ask me.


9. Ki

Ki from Monster Musume anime

In terms of character – Kii didn’t give us too much to work with.

Since her entire character was based on the fact that she was driven into a rage – she was appropriately angry all the time.

And after she calmed down – she was just slightly pretentious. So why is she even in my top ten and how does she outrank Manako?

Well, I still have to think about my nose bleeding brethren out there – as Kii has some of the best fan service in the show. So she’s going in the number nine spot on that fact alone.


8. Tionishia

Tionishia Monster Musume anime screenshot

Tio follows a similar formula to Manako (in that she’s wholesome as all hell), but she shines a lot brighter.

For one, her being a giant somehow made her way cuter.

Two, she actually has some rather funny scenes. She’s just so bubbly and absent-minded that she lends herself to a lot of comedy.

And her design is pretty top-notch.

Honestly, if she got more screen time she could easily climb at least a few spots in this ranking.


7. Meroune Lorelei

Meroune Lorelei in Monster Musume anime

This is my hot take of the year – but they kind of dropped the ball with Mero.

Even though she’s one of the main girls, her character doesn’t really get explored all that much.

She was interesting at first, as none of the other waifus could understand what she was all about – but once the mystery was gone, she became a bit bland.

Don’t get me wrong, she still has her positive traits though.

For one, her “ideal romance” was by far the most creative. And her noble character lent itself to a lot of funny scenes.

She just can’t fully stack up to some of the other main girls.


6. Lala

Lala Monster Musume anime screenshot

Lala came really late into the game but still managed to leave quite the impression.

First off, her head being detachable was a hilarious and adorable decision. It really made her stand out among the cast.

Secondly, who doesn’t love a kuudere? Sure, she might be cold and literally waiting for you to die – but that doesn’t mean that she also isn’t waifu material!

The only thing really holding her back is her lack of screen time.

While the other girls really got to spread their wings and show off their personalities – Lala had to speedrun the waifu game in two episodes.


5. Kuroko Smith

Kuroko Smith from Monster Musume anime

Although Kuroko was the only human waifu in the show – she still made her way into my heart.

This is because she’s an absolute mood from beginning to end.

She’s constantly trying to avoid work and lives by the words “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that she’s the type to make a presentation five minutes before it’s due and I’m here for it.

Plus, she had a lot of really funny and/or wholesome scenes throughout the entire show.

And that one episode where she’s talking to Kimihito over the phone – it definitely turned a few heads.


4. Zombina

Zombina Monster Musume anime screenshot

With Zombina you really have to admire her efficiency.

My girl had one scene with the MC and a handful of background work – and yet she managed to become iconic.

This is mostly due to the fact that she’s the “tongue-in-cheek” character of the group. She’s rather rowdy and loves to troll people whenever she can.

The one time her plot armor unraveled in the dressing room takes the cake for me. Not just for the ecchi quality but also for the fact that I can confidently say that I’ve never seen any show do that prior.

She’s the r/brandnewsentence of Monster Musume.

And seeing how she’s also extremely cute – I think she could tussle with some of the main waifus in the show!


3. Centorea Shianus

Centorea Shianus in Monster Musume anime

I honestly expected the whole “I’m your knight” schtick to get old rather quickly. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Cerea genuinely managed to both keep it interesting and make herself out to be a believable character.

This is mostly due to the fact that she actually seems like she believes everything she says.

She gets overheated anytime she’s forced to be improper, and her need to protect goes far beyond just a few jokes.

That being said, her rolling up to a date in full armor made me laugh for way longer than it had any right to.

All in all, I was actually rooting for her quite a bit – but she needs more training in order to beat the following two.


2. Mia

Mia Monster Musume anime screenshot

Mia is the first and arguably the main waifu in the show.

She’s there before anyone else and had nearly killed the MC at least a dozen times. Because that’s the true showcase of a waifu in this show.

And even though you’d think that her constant fits would make her less lovable – it’s quite the opposite.

She’s given just enough cute scenes that her angry outbursts seem funny and deserved.

Plus, she has that Zero Two “darling” buff ticking throughout the entire show. And you can’t really ignore something as powerful as that!

Her design was pretty interesting, and I honestly found her entire species to be rather fascinating (but that might just come from my love for snakes).

My only gripe with her character is that it’s a bit bland.

It’s really lovable, sure – but her personality seems pretty similar to other top-tier waifus!


1. Rachnera Arachnera

Rachnera Arachnera from Monster Musume anime

I always knew that anime has the power to do anything – but even I was surprised that this show managed to make a spider this hot.

Rachne just has everything. Visually, she has that dominant, towering figure that made Lady Dimitrescu an idol.

And her personality is actually quite distinct.

She doesn’t get hot and bothered nearly as often as the rest of the cast. She mostly hangs out in the shadows and just does her own thing.

She’s also the first waifu in this show to physically stand up for herself.

No blushing, no monologues, and no hero MCs – she just cocoons a dude like it was nothing. And this gave her a lot of agency – as you couldn’t really predict what she was going to do next.

Overall, I really don’t know how they’ve done it – but Rachne comes in as the best waifu in Monster Musume. What a time to be alive.

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