Pop Goes the Wallet: The Most Valuable Funko Pops

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We all know that collectibles are big business, but did you know just how big? As avid Funko Pop collectors, we wanted to know just how valuable our vinyl was, so we scoured eBay to find out.

We checked all the eBay listings across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to find out which Funko Pops are worth the most and this is what we found.

The 20 most expensive Funko Pops ever sold on eBay are:

Funko Price (USD) Variant Number of Units Made Region Sold
Gold Panda Club Darth Vader $24,220 Golden 1 Europe
Tiki Fundays Luke Skywalker $10,000 Golden 80 North America
2011 SDCC Sinestro $10,000 Metallic 480 North America
2012 Feddy Funko as Beetlejuice $10,000 Regular 96 North America
2017 SDCC Freddy Funko as Poe Dameron $8,500 Regular 200 North America
2012 SDCC Freddy Funko as Gene Simmons $7,995 Regular 96 North America
2013 SDCC Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister $7,995 Regular 96 North America
2011 SDCC Freddy Funko as Freddy Krueger $7000 Regular 48 North America
2013 SDCC Black & White Freddy Funko $6,500 Regular 48 North America
2013 SDCC Freddy Funko as Batman $6,500 Regular 200 North America
2013 SDCC Freddy Funko as Snow Miser $6,000 Regular 96 North America
DC Universe The Riddler $4,160 Chase Australia & New Zealand
2020 Fall Convention – Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother $3,466 Regular Australia & New Zealand
2013 SDCC Freddy Funko as Joker $3,021 Regular 200 Europe
2014 NYCC Planet Arlia Vegeta $2,773 Regular Australia & New Zealand
Hunger Games – Katniss “The Mockingjay” $2,580 Regular Europe
Back To the Future – Dr. Emmett Brown $2,417 Glow In The Dark Europe
2011 D23 Expo – Lotso from Toy Story $2,180 Flocked 480 Europe
SDCC Freddy Funko as Big Boy $2,080 Regular 24 Australia & New Zealand
NHL Oilers – Connor McDavid $2,018 Regular Europe

It’s almost unbelievable that plastic toys could be worth so much!

So, how do you know if you have a Pop that’s worth some pennies?

Here are a few tips to identify whether your Funko Pop might bring in a few bucks.


Tip #1: Less is More

When purchasing Funko Pops, try and look at how many have been reduced. If it’s a limited edition (200, 96 and 46 are often the numbers of Pops produced in limited runs), it’s likely to be worth more than a regular Pop due to its exclusivity.


Tip #2: Chase ‘em Down

If you buy a Funko Pop and discover that it has a ‘Chase’ sticker on the box, you’re in luck. Chase Pops are rarer variations of a common Funko Pop and well, rarer means more valuable! Look out for golden stickers with the words ‘Chase’ and ‘Limited Edition’ on the front of Funko boxes to see if you’ve found one.

You can also look out for other Pop variants such as Pops with golden or metallic finishes, ‘flocked’ Funkos (with a fuzzy, velvet material) or glow in the dark figures as these also tend to be worth more.


Tip #3: Locked Up & Unscuffed

If you’re looking to make money from your Funko Pops, be sure to regularly check to see if any of your figures have been ‘vaulted’. When a figure is vaulted, it means that it is no longer in production and therefore will be harder to purchase. Just don’t rush to put any vaulted Pops on sale though, as they may be discounted in stores before their value goes up.


How to Store and Protect Your Funko Pops

If you want to keep your Pops pristine, here are some tips for doing just that:

  • Use protectors such as the Funko UV Premium Pop! Protector to keep Pop boxes away from grubby hands or paws, and to protect from moisture and UV rays.
  • Rotate Pops regularly to stop colors from fading.
  • Inspect and dust figures regularly to ensure there’s no/minimal damage.
  • Have a dedicated space for Pops – glass cases are perfect for this as they add an extra layer of protection but can still be enjoyed.
  • If you decide to display your Funkos out of the box but are unsure about whether you might part ways with it, keep the box. Store the individual boxes in a pop protector and then gently stack your boxes in a bigger, water resistant container.

How do you keep your Funkos safe, do you have any must-know tips? Do you have any that are worth big bucks? Let us know over on our FB or Twitter @FandomSpot.

FandomSpot Most Valuable Funko Pops Infographic Chart
Top 10 most valuable Funko Pops chart

Note: All prices were correct at the time of writing in Feb. 2023

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