40 Fun Facts About Mr. Mime & Mime Jr.

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Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. are two of the most peculiar-looking Pokémon. I mean, they basically look like humans but… mimes.

But as you might expect, the most peculiar creatures in this series also have the most interesting factoids buried in their history.

Today I’ll share 40 weird interesting facts and tidbits of trivia surrounding your favorite miming duo: Mime Jr. and good ol’ Mr. Mime.

1. Both are talented mimes

It is said that Mr. Mime has been a skilled mime from birth.

2. Mr. Mime plays a major role in Detective Pikachu

Mr. Mime appears in the live action movie Detective Pikachu (2019) where it is interrogated by Pikachu and Tim.

In true Mr. Mime fashion, they only get through to it when they interrogate it through the process of miming. Truly one of my favorite scenes in that movie.

3. It can solidify air by vibrating its fingertips

This allows Mr. Mime to create invisible objects or invisible walls by just moving his fingers.

4. The move Light Screen can also be a barrier

Okay that was a pun, but did you know that in the Pokémon Adventures manga Sabrina’s Mr. Mime was able to seal off the entirety of Saffron City?

That’s pretty powerful just for a one-off Pokémon move.

5. Does Mr. Mime have 4 fingers or 5?

It is shown to have 4 fingers in the game sprites, but in episodes of the anime it had 5.

6. Mr. Mime’s anime debut was in episode 64

Delia Ketchum is said to be its companion as we see it around the house. This was a replacement Mr. Mime supposed to be used in the circus.

This episode explains why there’s a Mr. Mime in the house as it decides to live with Delia.

7. Quite a con artist

Mr Mime’s FireRed Pokédex entry mentions that it is quite skilled at conning people.

Please Mr. Mime, use your absurdly goofy powers for good!

8. It’ll slap if you interrupt its mimes

If Mr. Mime is interrupted while miming it’ll likely get upset and slap you.

9. …Twice

In the Ultra Sun Pokédex entry, it is said to attack you with a double slap.

If I know I’m gonna get slapped then of course avoid it, but why slap twice?!

10. To get a Mr. Mime in gen 1 you need to trade for it

It’s either you trade an Abra, Jigglypuff, or Clefairy – depending on which game version you’re playing.

Or of course you can use a cheat code device but that’s no fun.

11. It can take on dragon types

Well not super easily, but its type is immune to Dragon.

12. Mr. Mime is an entertainer resembling everything funny

It kind of looks like a clown, and it can mime, and has the shoes of a jester or a juggler.

13. Mr. Mime gains levels fast

Its leveling rate is considered medium-fast compared to most other monsters.

14. But It Could Also be a Puppet

Some people think that it’s reminiscent of a puppet that somehow came to life. But, why is it miming?

15. …Or a Spirit Trapped in a Puppet?

Others say that since it seems a little jerky in movement it could be a tsukumogami meaning that it has acquired a spirit that gives the puppet life.

I mean, in the Pokémon world I’m willing to believe almost anything.

16. It stands about as tall as a baby horse

At 1.3m(a little over 4 feet) tall it has about the same height as a pony. But of course it’s lighter at only 54.5 kg(about 120 lbs, pretty heavy for a mime!)

17. It has its own minigame

In Pokémon Stadium 2 you can play a minigame where you have to send Pokéballs to your opponent’s area by using the barrier move.

18. Originally it was a purely Psychic-type Pokémon

This counts many of the original game generations including the very first gen.

Starting in Generation VI it became dual Psychic and Fairy Type.

19. Mr. Mime has a type of incense

This is extraordinarily special because there are only nine other Pokémon that have incense.

Its incense is called Odd Incense.

20. Mr. Mime has other nicknames

Regardless of the male honorific in front of Mime, there are female Mr. Mime’s too.

This has led to various other nicknames such Mrs. Mime or Miss Mime.


Now funny enough, Mime Jr, only appears in Generation IV although it is supposed to be the Pokémon that Mr. Mime evolves from.

Here are a few facts about this cute garden gnome… Pokémon baby human thing.

21.Mime Jr. Only Appears in Generation IV

This is weird since Mr. Mime, which it evolves to, first appeared in generation I. How the heck did they get all the way to Kanto?!

22.Its name naturally comes from Mr. Mime

Since it appears three generations later it also derives its name from Mr. Mime as being its original baby version.

23. Mime Jr. is much weaker

If you were to compare all the Psychic and Fairy types, it has the lowest base HP by far.

24. James from Team Rocket has a Mime Jr.

It was given to him by his grandparents.

25. …And it thinks that James is kindhearted

I might dislike Team Rocket for obvious reasons, but there is no denying that Mime Jr. thinks the world of them. Or at least James.

26. And it joins in during their motto

Whenever Mime Jr. is around when Jessie and James are reciting their motto, Mime Jr. usually enters at the end of it yelling “Mime Mime!”

27. It tries to understand human feelings

Mime Jr. does this by mimicking expressions and motions. Isn’t that sweet?

28. …But it’s not so good at it

Its Pokédex entry in Ultra Sun will tell you that it’s not so good at mimicking its opponents.

But if this baby mime keeps practicing I know it’ll grow into a great mime one day.

29. This is one baby Pokémon that can escape fast

Mime Jr. likes to mimic its foes so once they get distracted it can get away quickly from battles.

30. Mime Jr. resembles a garden gnome

If you look at his height it’s almost as big as one. I mean… I would be OK with this little guy hanging out in my garden.

31. Mime Jr. is only half the size of Mr. Mime

It stands at about 0.6m(just under 2 feet tall). Definitely as big as a regular garden gnome.

32. And it weighs a quarter of Mr. Mime’s weight

Actually less, it’s only 13kg. That translates to only about 28lbs for all my American friends.

33. Mime Jr. gets distracted easily

If it happens to surprise an opponent, it gets pleased with itself forgetting that it was doing something.

Typical baby behavior I know. But at least it can make a quick getaway if needed.

34. Very unique catch rate

This is the only Pokémon to have a catch rate of 145.

35. Mime Jr. really likes being around people

Maybe this is because it’s just a little baby? Or maybe this is just a more friendly and innocent look at the world.

I’m not really sure why, but according to the Pearl Pokédex entry Mime Jr. really likes hanging around places where people tend to gather.

36. It’s one of only a few monsters with two words in its name

There’s only a couple others, with Mr. Mime being one of them.

The others are Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele, Tapu Fini, Tapu Koko, and of course, Type: Null.

37. Mime Jr. doesn’t seem to be based on a jester

It’s different to Mr. Mime since it lacks characteristics that make it look like a jester or a comic relief monster.

It actually looks more like a cute pixie for fairy that has a design like a clown.

38. Mime Jr. only evolves if you teach it mimic

This is one big thing that sets Mime Jr. apart from the rest of the babies.

It is one of the ten Pokémon that will evolve only when it knows a certain move and levels up. In this case, once it learns Mimic and gains one level it will evolve into Mr. Mime.

39. It can hold your attention indefinitely

Once it mimics you, you will not be able to take your eyes off of Mime Jr.

I can’t say I’ve experienced this but it certainly seems annoying.

40. Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime aren’t great athletes

In the Pokéathlon, the only event that where have maxed out skills are in the jump category.

So I wouldn’t be taking these two on a lengthy triathalon anytime too soon!



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