Mudrunner: 25 Best Maps & Mods To Download (All Free)

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If I mention anything about driving simulators, racing games would usually come to mind for most.

While speeding through racetracks & dirt roads is always fun, that’s not really the kind of driving we’re talking about here. There will be loads of dirt roads though – as trucking simulator Mudrunner will have you powering through some of the harshest terrain imaginable.

Dynamic terrain is one of the biggest factors that makes the game interesting.

While that does make for a good amount of replayability, you’re bound to reach a point where your usual route just isn’t passable anymore. And that’s where mods come in.

We have some of the best maps and custom mods listed here, all to keep Mudrunner interesting as you continue on your trucking journey.


What can keep you hooked onto this game for weeks at a time?

New places to explore. So maps should be your first step in your modding journey, and I’ve got you covered with plenty of fun stuff.


25. Siberia

Siberia Mudrunner Map

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This first custom map is probably one of the prettiest you can get for Mudrunner.

There’s loads of detail packed in here as modder Shyrik attempts to recreate the populated mountain towns of Siberia. You might even find yourself distracted from getting over to the end of the route to stop and appreciate your surroundings.

Other than the Siberian villages scattered around the area, the map also features bridges, marshes, and narrow paths. Lots of variety.


24. Longridge

Longridge Mudrunner Map screenshot

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Longridge by modder RJ is another great option if you’re looking for a new trucking challenge to overcome.

The map focuses on logging across a large mountain range, where you’ll find many streams that flow through the landscape, eventually forming two rivers that divide the map.

The detail here is amazing as well. The modder himself encourages you to enjoy the scenic views and realistic environments as you travel through the map.

You’re encouraged to pick and choose your routes as well, as there are multiple ways of getting from point A to B, so careful planning will play a huge role towards your success.

The map comes in two variants: Spring and Fall, where the creator warns that Fall is a much more challenging experience. So try that once you’ve got your grips.


23. La Luna9 v1, Dangerous Roads

La Luna9 v1, Dangerous Roads Mudrunner Map

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As if this map’s title isn’t to enough to set expectations, modder Yoepie explains it right off the bat:

“This map is difficult and absolutely NOT easy.”

He continues to warn that the map is filled with verticality, and you’ll be navigating through some of the narrowest roads along edges and small curves, all adding to the danger that is La Luna9.

As soon as you set off on the trail, you’re greeted by a warning sign that reads “Dangerous Roads” – as ahead you’ll find 25% grade slopes, rockslides, and cliff edges.


22. Sasquatch Mountain

Sasquatch Mountain Mudrunner Map

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If you enjoy some of the more challenging mountain trails, Sasquatch Mountain is another great option worth exploring.

Modder Blackwater even created separate trails for logging and 4×4, so you’ll have tons to try out here.

The 4×4 trails are especially fun but are definitely not easy.

What’s great about it though is that things don’t ever feel too over the top. There’s a good balance between realism and challenge, making the large rocks engaging to drive across.

It isn’t new for modders to add in some hidden easter eggs in their maps. And Blackwater does mention that the legendary sasquatch has been seen lurking in the woods.

I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself if he’s actually in the map somewhere.


21. Алтай

Алтай Mudrunner Map

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Going back to some of the scenic trails of Siberia, this particular map takes us to the Altai Republic.

Altai is a Russian republic located towards the south of Siberia, and has some of the most interesting terrain in the area.

In the immediate surroundings are the Altai Mountains, along with tundra, alpine meadows, and lakes to make for an exciting logging route.

While the map is said to be challenging, others have described it as a relaxing experience as well. Whether you’re in it for the challenge or to enjoy some scenic mountain views, you’re sure to enjoy Altai by Angel4death.


20. The Road To The North

The Road To The North Mudrunner Map

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While navigating large trucks across narrow mountain trails is difficult, imagine having to do so during winter.

The trails become ten times more dangerous as snow and ice can obstruct your view or make the routes more slippery.

These are exactly the types of challenges you’ll be facing in The Road to the North, a winter map by modders Angel4death and GuyverS.

If you’re looking to up the difficulty, here’s a great way to get going. Just be extra careful as the icy roads aren’t exactly ideal… especially for the larger trucks.


19. Countryside

Countryside Mudrunner Map

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With all the dangerous mountain trails we’ve covered so far, let’s switch things up a bit with something a little less tense.

Countryside is a great all-around map which could be great for trails and equally good for logging as well.

It features a much more open design, so you’re encouraged to explore different routes and find your own way around, instead of having fixed trails to follow. No linearity!

While there are different routes to take, each will pose their own set of challenges. So it will take some planning and exploration to get it right.


18. Into The Wild

Into The Wild Mudrunner Map

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If you enjoy the freedom of being able to choose your own routes, then Into The Wild is definitely another map you’ll enjoy playing.

While the map does feature a single main highway, the rest is up to you.

There’s a wide variety of terrain scattered around the area, and no predetermined roads – encouraging you to choose where you want to go next.

Into The Wild is all about freedom. It allows you to navigate through muddy swamp areas or steep mountain trails, depending on what you prefer.

Watch Points aren’t included here as well, so you’ll have to keep track of where you’re headed. You’ll probably get lost every now and again, but that only makes exploring the map more interesting.


17. To The Summit

To The Summit Mudrunner Map

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To The Summit isn’t as hardcore as some of the previous mountain maps. So it’s perfect for those who are looking for a less intense experience, but fresh nonetheless.

The map isn’t focused on giving you life-threatening cliffs to navigate. Instead you’re given a good mix of hills and rocks with some challenging logging trails as well.

Modder remoh667 himself explains that his goal here was to provide a map that could be good for both trail riding and logging.

And now we have this little gem.


16. The Autumn

The Autumn Mudrunner Map

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Up next we have one of the more unique entries on the list – The Autumn is actually a Spintires map that has been ported over to Mudrunner.

Instead of focusing on mountain trails and muddy logging runs, this time we get the chance to play through an interesting rescue mission.

As the story goes, a fellow trucker fell asleep at the wheel causing his truck to fly off the bridge and land in the river. Your mission is to get to the truck, then repair and refuel it so you can get it out of the water.

The map also features a few interesting mini quests for you to spend your time on.

It might not have the same level of intensity as some of the more challenging maps. But it’s a nice change of pace for a relaxing weekend adventure.


15. Coopers Creek

Coopers Creek Mudrunner Map

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Coopers Creek is a map from one of the more known Mudrunner modders by the name PiX3LMonkey.

He’s created a total of 9 custom Mudrunner maps (as of this writing), all of which have positive praise.

If that’s not reason enough to give this a try, let me say Coopers Creek aims to be one of his most challenging maps to date.

Compared to one of his previous customs Badlands 2, he explains that some areas in Coopers Creek will make the previous look like a walk in the park. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad…


14. White-Knuckle Trails

White-Knuckle Trails Mudrunner Map

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White-Knuckle Trails is the fourth map from mod team RockRunner Gaming, who are also responsible for some of the most popular Mudrunner maps out there.

Being their fourth map, it’s obvious that RockRunner has improved upon their previous designs.

The map focuses on rockcrawling and trailing, doing both exceptionally well.

White-Knuckle Trails contains 10 different trails for you to play through, each with varying difficulty levels. What the map does well is makes everything feel realistic yet accurately challenging at the same time.

Obstacles might not be obvious but are never impossible. And finding the right way across each of the hurdles you’ll encounter never fails to give you a feeling of accomplishment.


13. Dark Forest

Dark Forest Mudrunner Map

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Ah, Dark Forest by Mudrunner modder Sean. A must-try.

Dark Forest is on the simpler side, as the modder created this as a break away from the other more extensive map he was working on at the time.

While Dark Forest is more focused on logging than trail running, the most challenging routes you’ll encounter are a few muddy areas which shouldn’t be too difficult to get through.

What makes this map stand out?

Well, it’s very different from most other maps aesthetically.

If you’re looking for an easy ride through nice forestry, this is a great map to try out. You might be surprised how much you enjoy the scenic route.

Vehicle Mods

Now that you have plenty of new maps to explore, let’s get you some new vehicles to explore those areas with.

Maps aren’t the only thing you can get to make Mudrunner interesting – because trucks are really what the game is all about.

Here are some of the best custom truck mods you can get.


12. Gominu

Gominu Mudrunner Mod screenshot

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While the Gominu is a smaller replica of a Unimog, don’t be fooled by this thing’s size.

The truck is actually quite powerful.

Which makes it especially useful during the earlier stages of the game.

Its size makes it much easier to maneuver through rough terrain, and being powerful as it is, this thing is capable of pulling trailers uphill as well.


11. Oshkosh M1070 HET Truck

Oshkosh M1070 HET Truck Mudrunner Mod

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Up next we have a truck from the opposite side of the spectrum.

This Oshkosh model is one of the larger truck mods you can get for the game. Well, modded of course.

This is a great mod as its included trailer attachment is large enough to carry pretty much any vehicle you can think of. The truck itself of course is powerful to haul whatever load you throw on it as well.


10. Liebherr LTM 11200

Liebherr LTM 11200 for Mudrunner

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If you thought we couldn’t go any bigger, think again.

The Liebherr LTM 11200 is a huge crane truck that will take on pretty much any terrain you throw at it.

With all-wheel drive, this thing is a breeze to maneuver as well regardless of its size.

It pretty much doubles as a submarine too, as it can make it through deep waters with no problem.

As an added feature, you can easily set up the crane function to be able to easily lift pretty much anything, including heavy vehicles.


9. GzO RockRodPack #1 “Snot Rocket” and Friends

GzO RockRodPack #1 Snot Rocket and Friends Mod

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A smaller vehicle mod, but it’s by no means any less useful than the others.

The GzO Snot Rocket is basically the trail rider’s dream. The hollow frame makes it a very lightweight vehicle, which means this thing can run really fast.

The roll cage also means the driver is (mostly) protected from rolling. So you’ll be relatively safe if you do tip it over.

Just be careful with this one. As the lighter build also means it tips more easily than other vehicles. While it does have enough power to easily get over higher rocks, it probably isn’t the best idea to speed through them either.


8. Kraz “Monster” Truck

Kraz Monster Truck for Mudrunner

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If you’re looking to do some hardcore logging, you’re going to want to pick yourself up a Kraz Monster Truck.

This beast can easily pull without struggle, even dragging you through some of the harshest mud you can find.

The Monster even comes with 9 different addons, including backup wheels, fuel, and even a MAZ.

What makes this especially great for logging is its ability to carry 8 points of logs in one go. So it’ll surely help you avoid having to go back and forth just to get what you need.


7. Dron MazzyRS

Dron MazzyRS Mod for Mudrunner

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Now here’s a fun one. The Dron MazzyRS is actually a nuclear-powered reconnaissance drone, which means it won’t be needing any fuel to run.

This thing is powerful as well. You’ll be able to speed across mud with no problems.

Not only that, but it’s strong enough to pull larger vehicles as well. And it’s nuclear powered, I mentioned that right?

The small build and strong engine makes it especially useful for scouting unexplored areas of the map, and even for rescue and refuel missions to get fallen or stuck vehicles out of sticky situations.


6. Versatility Yamal

Versatility Yamal Mudrunner Mod

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This bad boy’s also known as the Swimming Car.

You heard that right, you can take this thing across pretty much any river with ease!

The mod comes in two different colors as well, so you’ll be able to choose between a white and a brown variant. It’s not much, but it’s something.

And you won’t be needing any bridges with this one in your arsenal.


5. Mercedes G65 6×6

Mercedes G65 6x6 Mudrunner Mod

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While there are mods that will prove useful in Mudrunner, there are those that are just around for fun.

And gaming is always about fun, right? So why would we pass up on the Mercedes G65 6×6?

If we’re talking about driving around the mountains in style, this is a great option that combines comfort with raw power. It’s capable of getting you through some of the roughest terrain out there.

This particular Mercedes series was actually initially developed for the Australian military, but has since been made available to civilians as well. If you learn anything from that little fact, it’s that this thing was built to handle rough roads.


4. Lexus LX 570 2016

Lexus LX 570 2016 Mudrunner Mod

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Now on the topic of luxury, why not do some off-roading in a Lexus?

While the Lexus LX 570 is said to be meant for some light off-roading, “light” seems to be the operative word here.

It does do good for a luxury SUV. But it hardly looks like it can take the harsher terrain of Mudrunner.

That shouldn’t stop you though. Trying to navigate this through the mountains and rock trails should still make for some good fun.


3. Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador Mudrunner Mod

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Car fans: if you’re looking for some really outrageous fun, there’s no doubt that the Lamborghini Aventador mod is the way to go.

A chance to put a car most could only dream of having to the test? I know I’m not thinking twice.

Let’s see how good this does with some mud along the trail.


2. btr80

btr80 Mudrunner Mod screenshot

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So you’re probably thinking at this point “what else could we possibly have?”

Well how about a Russian tank?

The BTR-80 is actually an 8×8 amphibious armored personnel carrier designed in the USSR back in the 80’s. Real men stuff here.

Now let’s take this point by point. Amphibious means it can handle rivers, no problem.

Next is that it’s armored, which most likely means it’s built to take on rough roads.

What more could you ask for in an off-road vehicle? And it’s all a game, so hey go nuts.


1. Barge

Barge Mudrunner Mod

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Okay, I admit. I intentionally saved this one for last.

I mean, it’s a boat…for Mudrunner.

I can’t say everyone will enjoy this one. But you’re either here to seriously play, or just goof around.

Once you’ve had enough serious runs and purposefully wanna break some stuff, just remember this mod link is here.

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