20 Most Muscular Anime Girl Characters: The Ultimate List

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Muscular women are a special kind of people who’ve cast aside society’s outdated concepts of “femininity” and come up with some of their own.

They’re strong, determined, and inspiring for anyone looking to get in shape.

And despite the ideal Japanese woman generally being described as petite, there’s no lack of muscle-y women in anime.

Some shine due to their strength and battle prowess, while others are just fantastic comic relief. Very often, they’re both.

The one thing they all have in common is that they could all break my bones like chopsticks if they wanted (and I probably wouldn’t mind).


20. Yukina

Yukina from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Anime: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

I love characters that quietly put in the work for the good of others. And one look at Yukina’s strong back is all you need to know how much weight she carries for the rest of the Koutetsujou’s crew.

She’s dedicated to her craft, and we don’t see her much outside of her functions as an engineer – but I love how realistic her muscley body is.

We don’t get to see much of her in the show.

But the image of her muscular frame operating heavy machinery will live on forever.

She’s like anime’s Rosie the Riveter.


19. Yuko Oshima

Yuko Oshima in Keijo! anime

Anime: Keijo!

Keijo! revolves around a competitive sport where women try to throw each other off a platform by shoving and hitting them with their butts and breasts.

It may sound like a ridiculous sport, but the strength you’d actually need to beat up other women without using your limbs is nothing to scoff at.

It’s only natural that an expert Keijo player like Yuko would have such a muscular frame.


18. Amazoness

Amazoness Arakawa Under the Bridge anime screenshot

Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge

In Greek mythology, the Amazons are a nation of female warriors who matched (and even outdid) men in battle, plus all kinds of tests of strength and physical abilities.

The Amazoness in Arakawa Under the Bridge definitely looks like she could outdo any character in the show – male or female – in any physical test, including bodybuilding.

I mean, look at those muscles!

Something hilarious about this overall bizarre character is how her otherwise deep voice can take on the squeaky tones of a maiden in love, specifically whenever she’s talking to her darling (the protagonist).


17. Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya from Mob Psycho 100 anime

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

Tsuchiya doesn’t get that much screentime in the Mob Psycho 100 anime.

But it’s enough to leave a lasting impression.

This former Esper terrorist rocks a very 80s androgynous look thanks to her unique hairstyle and muscular body.

In a way, she’s like a very buff version of Kill la Kill’s Ragyo Kiryuin.

All of this muscle isn’t just for show, though.

Tsuchiya’s fighting style uses her Esper powers to strengthen her already hard-hitting body, heightening her combat skills.


16. Zorin Blitz

Zorin Blitz in Hellsing Ultimate anime

Anime: Hellsing Ultimate

One of the most menacing women in our ranking has to be Zorin, a First Lieutenant in the occult Nazi paramilitary forces of Millennium.

As if being a powerful artificial vampire wasn’t enough, Zorin is jacked.

Half of her body is covered in magical occult tattoos, but 100% of it is covered in muscle – and they’re about as useful.

Other than beating you to a pulp, Zorin may decide to torture you for eternity inside one of her illusions. She’s sadistic and bloodthirsty – but so is basically everyone else in Hellsing.


15. Michelle K. Davis

Michelle K. Davis from Terraformars

Anime: Terraformars

Six-foot tall female bodybuilders are great and all.

But I like to see the realistic kind of muscle lady that can inspire the average Jane to pick up some weights and get ripped.

Terraformar’s Michelle Davis has a remarkably lean and muscular body, without foregoing the appeal of shapely hips and an ample bosom – and while she has a bit of an oppressive presence, she’s actually an average height.

Michelle’s physical aptitude goes hand in hand with her mental strength.

She’s diligent and focused on the task at hand – exactly what you need to survive on Mars.


14. Daidouji

Daidouji from Senran Kagura anime

Anime: Senran Kagura

If you find Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cool, you’ll love Senran Kagura’s Daidouji.

Everyone in Senran Kagura is built like a brick house.

But only Daidouji is packing so much heat in her abdominal region.

She also has the power to back up her menacing appearance, which has made her into a legendary senior in Hanzo Academy.

With her earth-shattering strength, she really doesn’t need to bother with the stealth expected of Ninja.

Delinquent leader girl types are among the coolest archetypes in anime, and Daidouji is a prime example.


13. Nikuma

Nikuma in The Qwaser of Stigmata

Anime: The Qwaser of Stigmata

Nikuma is called “Hell’s Dairy Cow” by one of the main characters due to her bosom. But upon careful inspection, you’ll find that’s hardly the character’s most evident characteristic.

No, what’s most interesting about this six-foot nun is how ripped she is – and lucky for us, we get plenty of chances to see her flex her glorious bod.

Her perfectly trained body goes well with her military attitude – and it’s an inspiration for her trainees at Athos.


12. Mizuki

Mizuki One Punch Man anime screenshot

Anime: One Punch Man

If this was “hottest muscular characters in anime”, I’m sure Mizuki would be near the top.

Not only does she have a perfectly chiseled musculature, but the shape of her body is worthy of consideration.

She has a beautiful face, large breasts, and a plump rear that remind me of a Princess Crown character, but considerably less over-the-top.

She’s not actually in the One Punch Man anime yet (as of this writing). So it may be kind of cheating to list her here prematurely.

But she really made an impact in the manga, and it’s great to see how she incorporates her background in athletics into her present life as a hero.


11. Maki Oze

Maki Oze from Fire Force anime

Anime: Fire Force

Maki Oze may not be tall and have muscles bigger than her head.

But one look at her abs is all you need to know she’s buff.

A lot of potential hides in this small package.

This Second Generation Fire Soldier is always willing to show any third-gen who’s boss – as she did to Shinra and Arthur when they were still getting to know each other.

Her defined abs and great strength contrast to her romantic nature and tendency to make adorable fire spirits. They may call her the Witch Queen, but this girl is more like a forest fairy at heart.


10. Seungah Park

Seungah Park in The God of High School

Anime: The God of High School

Seungah Park is one of those anime characters that shine for looking remarkably like you’d expect them to in real life.

This bad-ass combatant was trained in martial arts since her early childhood, giving her superhuman endurance, agility, and strength.

It’s only natural that she’d have such a well-developed, muscular body – even if most modern anime would have made her a petite youngin’ or something of the sort.

She’s as much of a strong fighter as she looks. And her mastery over the Taekkyeon fighting style got her far in the God of High School tournament.


9. Olivier Mira Armstrong

Olivier Mira Armstrong in FMA Brotherhood

Anime: FMA Brotherhood

Olivier Armstrong is a funny case of the Mandela Effect.

Ask anyone who watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and they’ll tell you this ruthless leader was ripped – but in reality, we never see that in the anime.

Still, it’s fair to assume that a muscular body hides under those Amestrian military fatigues.

She certainly acts like she’s the most buff around whenever present – and considering she can easily force her lil’ bro Louis Armstrong to submit, it’d be weird if she wasn’t packing heat.


8. Matrona

Matrona in The Seven Deadly Sins anime

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

Matrona is one of the largest muscular women in anime – literally.

Known as the Fang of the Land, Matrona is a proud 30ft tall member of the Giant Clan, with bulging arms and chiseled abs.

She’s been kicking ass since around 800 years ago – and if we can go by her actions in the anime, it doesn’t seem like she’ll stop anytime soon.

She used to be merciless toward her enemies. But she’s learned to value life over victory in recent years.

Her powerful & even menacing aura, but kind heart, make her a very likable character.


7. Kale

Kale Dragon Ball Super anime screenshot

Anime: Dragon Ball Super

It took the team behind the Dragon Ball franchise way too long to start giving us the muscled lady Saiyans we deserve – but damn, was it worth the wait.

Kale isn’t just a female Saiyan like her friend Caulifla.

She’s actually Universe 6’s version of Broly – the Legendary Super Saiyan, and can access almost unlimited power by unleashing the demon warrior within and going berserk.

When in Legendary Super Saiyan mode, Kale displays the most amazing abs seen on any Dragon Ball lady throughout the years – and look at the size of those muscles!

There’s a lot to learn about this lady.


6. Sakura Oogami

Sakura Oogami from Danganronpa: The Animation

Anime: Danganronpa: The Animation

I met Sakura Oogami in the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc game way before I saw the anime.

Hers is one of the most tragic characters in the game, but she still manages to leave a positive impression.

Her tanned skin and white hair give her the look of a Native-American shaman or something of the sort, but her massive muscles remind you she’s actually the Ultimate Martial Artist – also known as The Ogre.

She may be the female equivalent of Baki’s Yujiro Hanma.

But deep down, Sakura is a girl like any other, making her fate in the Killing School Life especially hard-hitting.


5. Noi

Noi from Dorohedoro anime

Anime: Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is quite the weird anime – and a 6.6ft muscle tank of a lady is an everyday occurrence compared to some of the stranger parts (like Turkey).

Noi’s ‘roided-up body is perfect for her work as a cleaner for En. After all, being able to chop someone in half with a single hammer fist is a pretty big asset in the constant danger of the Hole.

She usually covers her body with a zip-up tracksuit – probably easy to wash off the blood or something – but we do get to see some of her chiseled bod a couple of times throughout the series.

Ironically, Noi actually possesses healing magic, rather than something destructive.


4. Saki Uno

Saki Uno in Magical Girl Ore anime

Anime: Magical Girl Ore

This character makes it into the top of our ranking in a bit of a gray area.

Normally, Saki Uno looks like a regular young girl – and her magical girl transformation only accentuates the girly appeal with lots of frills and pink colors.

But when she taps into her inner power to protect the one she loves, Saki turns into Magical Girl Ore – a buff, tall man wearing the same frilly magical girl uniform.

In this form, it’s unclear whether she qualifies as a woman – but on the inside, she’s still Saki Uno.

Considering how ripped she is, it would have been a waste not to include her.


3. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger in Hunter x Hunter anime

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Much like Magical Girl Ore’s Saki Uno, Biscuit Krueger doesn’t always show-off her muscles.

Most of the time, she looks like a little girl that’s cute as a button – probably so her enemies will drop their guard.

Once she unleashes her inner strength, Biscuit turns into a tall wall of pure muscle, but retains her cute pink dress.

Much like her appearance, her personality holds plenty of secrets too.

While she’ll usually act like a regular cute girl, she actually has a devious personality and will resort to manipulation before beating anyone up.


2. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan anime

Anime: Attack on Titan

Mikasa is easily the most famous muscle-y gal in anime, and she’s definitely one of the coolest.

While her obsession with Eren is definitely a liability, Mikasa could probably beat anyone on this list in a fight – even Matrona, if you let her use her 3D maneuver gear.

Mikasa’s Ackerman bloodline lets her pack a powerful punch without needing big muscles. So she’s able to remain slim, agile, and flexible – but her body is lean and trained for sure.

Before the time skip, we already knew she was built – but a couple of years of hardcore training have clearly paid off.


1. Valmet

Valmet Jormungand anime screenshot

Anime: Jormungand

Valmet is strong and dangerous with a gun.

But I’d say her killer looks are an underused asset.

She’s the only female member of Koko’s Squad other than Koko herself, and her loyalty to her boss rivals Mikasa’s devotion to Eren.

The anime’s ninth episode gives us a chance to admire Valmet’s ripped body in a swimsuit. Every move she makes during these scenes is a work of anatomical art – and it’s nice to see her having less lead-filled fun from time to time.

Jormungand doesn’t do too much fanservice. But when it does, it knows how to make it memorable.

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