20 Best Mods For My Summer Car (Our Top Must-Haves)

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My Summer Car is one of the craziest games to come out, and proves that sometimes crazy isn’t always a bad thing.

You start off in an empty house where your parents have just left you on your own for the summer. With no clue what to do with yourself, you try fix up your father’s dismantled car.

Now imagine that scenario playing out as an open world survival game. Good times!

But how could we make this experience even better? It’s simple, really: lots of mods.

So here are some of the best mods you can add onto My Summer Car, just to add in some new features, enhance existing settings, or whatever else your heart desires.

20. Modern Optimization Plugin

Modern Optimization Plugin My Summer Car

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My Summer Car isn’t the best-looking game by any means. And it doesn’t always run well either.

Many fans power through, because there is a good game underneath its ugly clothing.

That doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made, however.

And that’s exactly where I’d like to start us off.

Modern Optimization Plugin is a tool to improve the visual experience of the game, as it aims to easily double your frame rate while playing. Very handy.


19. Show Bolt Sizes v2

Show Bolt Sizes v2 mod for My Summer Car

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Now that we’ve got a slight performance boost, let’s get to some quality of life mods you’re sure to find helpful in your next MSC playthrough.

First off, we have Show Bolt Sizes.

My Summer Car is as unforgiving as any other survival game. Just not in the way you might expect.

There’s no hand-holding here, as you’re never really pointed towards the right direction. It’s up to you to figure it all out, and it can’t be easy to figure out how to rebuild a dismantled car.

Show bolt sizes makes things a bit easier, letting you know if the bolts you have are too big, too small, or just the right fit.


18. Fast Travel

Fast Travel My Summer Car mod screenshot

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Eventually becoming an essential in most open world games, fast travel provides a quick way to get around once you’ve explored most of the map.

This mod lets you fast travel around the 12 locations of the Finnish countryside in My Summer Car, even if you’re doing so by foot.

Not only will this get you to your destination faster, but you still get the stats as if you were travelling normally.


17. Glowing Light Switch Markers

Glowing Light Switch Markers My Summer Car mod

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As mentioned earlier, MSC is every bit as hardcore as any other survival game.

You find out early that the game doesn’t take itself all too seriously. But that doesn’t make it any less of a challenge!

Example: getting lost in the dark eventually becomes one of the many challenges you’ll face.

Well these glowing markers make things just a bit easier, as you’ll be able to easily find light switches in dark rooms, instead of having to stumble around in the pitch black.


16. Сlosing Pits Panel

Сlosing Pits Panel mod for My Summer Car

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Since this game is mostly about rebuilding that old Satsuma, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the garage.

Luckily, your garage is already fit for fixing up cars. I mean, it comes with its very own pit installed.

This becomes can get tricky if you unintentionally fall into the pit every now and again. Thank the wonky controls.

Closing Pits Panel helps with that, allowing you to quickly open and close the pit with a simple switch of a button next to the garage door.


15. Actually Useful Sledgehammer (Aka Repair Hammer)

Actually Useful Sledgehammer My Summer Car mod

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You’re not given a lot of tools in My Summer Car. And the little you’re given are not always as useful.

Well I’m talking mostly about that sledgehammer, which you’ve already figured out can’t really be used for anything.

Well this mod changes that, making it something you’re going to want to have anytime you’re working on that old car.

The sledgehammer can now be used to remove dents from the exterior of your car, helping bring it back to its former glory. Sledgehammer style.


14. Carry More

Carry More My Summer Car mod screenshot

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As with other survival games, you have to keep watch over for a number of health bars here.

These include hunger, thirst, and fatigue. You’ll need to make a trip to the store every now and again to get yourself some food.

And you’ll soon find that even grocery shopping becomes more difficult in this game, as you’re only ever allowed to carry one item at a time.

Well thanks to modder Wampa842, that’s no longer the case. And really, couldn’t this have been in vanilla?

With Carry More, you’re given an inventory system that allows you to carry as many items as you want.


13. Delivery Jobs

Delivery Jobs mod for My Summer Car

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Fixing up an old car doesn’t come cheap. You’re going to spend a huge chunk of your time trying to raise money.

The game provides a number of options to do so, mostly by doing some chores for the neighbors for a small fee.

This includes emptying septic tanks and making deliveries as well.

The Delivery Jobs mod adds onto that, randomly generating delivery jobs for you to accomplish for cold hard cash.

You’ll also be able to get delivery jobs from outside Teimo’s shop every 3 days.


12. Roof Rack

Roof Rack mod for My Summer Car

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Another job available in My Summer Car would is to make kilju (a Finnish homebrew sugar wine) to sell to your alcoholic neighbor.

Roof Rack makes this a bit more fun, as your car now has additional storage other than the drunk, rear, and passenger seat – allowing you to carry much more than you originally could in vanilla.

This is also great for personal beer runs. You’ll be able to take home more beer than you can fit inside your Satsuma.


11. Hayosiko 4×4

Hayosiko 4x4 My Summer Car mod screenshot

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Other than your dad’s Satsuma, you’ll also be able to access your Uncle’s Hayosiko van as an alternative means of transportation.

The Hayosiko offers much more storage space than the Satsuma, making it great for transporting parts and other items.

It doesn’t drive quite as well, though. And you’re likely going to end up stuck in the mud every now and then if you’re not careful.

Thanks to the Hayosiko 4×4 mod by Talia Kuznetsova, the van now comes in 4-wheel-drive, making it much easier to navigate rougher roads with. Simple fix with a big difference.


10. VHS Player

VHS Player My Summer Car mod

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There’s a lot more you can do with mods than just make things easier.

For example, this VHS player can actually be spawned in-game and connected to your TV set in-game.

Not only that, but it’s completely customizable so you’re able to choose exactly what videos are shown on each tape.

You’ll have to convert the actual video files to ogv first. But once that’s done you just move them into a game folder and you’re good to go.


9. Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes mod for My Summer Car

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Similar to the VHS player, you can also add custom music into My Summer Car as well.

Cassette Tapes is a mod that allows you to add custom music. You can play this on the radio system in your house.

The mod supports popular formats like mp3 and wav files, so you shouldn’t have any problems adding music. All pretty simple!

One you’ve placed the files in the game folder, you’re good to jam out.


8. Car Aerial

Car Aerial My Summer Car mod screenshot

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While the Cassette Tapes mod is good for something to do while passing the time, you’re still going to be spending most of your time in the Satsuma.

Being an old car, the radio system on there isn’t exactly perfect… and isn’t really much good for listening to music on the road.

Car Aerial fixes that, allowing you to place a new ModMagnetic antenna to the Satsuma, giving you better reception wherever you go.


7. Call Your Cousin

Call Your Cousin My Summer Car mod

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Crashing your car is more common than you’d think in My Summer Car, as you’re probably going to die a lot from failed builds.

If you’re lucky enough to survive a crash, you’re going to be left without a car for the duration of the repairs. Which means you’ll have to find another way to get around.

The game offers this through your cousin, who you can hitchhike with if he ever happens to pass you on the road.

It can get tiring waiting for him to drive by… so this mod offers a simple solution.

With “call your cousin” you’ll be able to call Peni to pick you up at your house, and again from the payphone outside Teimo’s pub for a ride back home from the town.


6. Radio for the Fittan

Radio for the Fittan My Summer Car mod

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Over time you’ll soon find that longer drives in Peni’s car can become quite boring.

You’re pretty much just waiting to get to your destination. There isn’t really any dialogue during these rides either…

Well this mod offers a neat solution.

It adds a radio to Peni’s car – just a little something to break the silence for those long drives.


5. MSC Birthday Trophy

MSC Birthday Trophy mod for My Summer Car

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This one doesn’t really do much. But it’s a cool little easter egg from the community.

It adds a trophy in the form of a beer bottle to the bookcase display in your house.

The plaque on the base reads “happy 2nd year of msc!” as it was made to commemorate the 2 years of My Summer Car back in 2018.

It might not be of much use, but it’s pretty cool to have it there. Just as a reminder of the dedicated MSC modding community that gave us all this!


4. Starter Pack (No Rust, Engine, Subframe, Kicker Subs+++)

Starter Pack (No Rust, Engine, Subframe, Kicker Subs+++) for My Summer Car

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If you want to go beyond what the game allows and really pimp out the Satsuma, you can do that through modding as well.

This texture pack from GyroscopicDesign not only makes your car look completely new, but also sets it up with some custom parts.

Starter Pack removes all rust from the entire vehicle too. And it even includes a custom engine, subframe, pedals, and even subwoofers for a booming sound system.



3. Rally Spotlights

Rally Spotlights My Summer Car mod screenshot

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If you want to take customization even further, check out the Rally Spotlights mod by Fredrik.

The mod gives you access to wide-beam spotlights in My Summer Car that acts the same as any other placeable car part in the game.

You can purchase and place them on your hood and they’re perfect for driving around during those dark Finnish nights.

The lights can even be painted so you can customize how they look on your Satsuma.


2. Frito Stunt Ramp

Frito Stunt Ramp My Summer Car mod

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As if staying alive on the roads wasn’t hard enough, you may just want to kick the crazy up a notch.

“Crazy” usually makes for some good fun anyways, so what the heck right?

The Frito Stunt Ramp mod takes things to the next level by adding 6 placeable stunt ramps into the game. You’ll be able to spawn and rotate them as you please, so you should be able to set up some pretty crazy jumps.

Just be ready for the crashes!


1. Nicotine Gum

Nicotine Gum mod for My Summer Car

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Managing some of the health bars in MSC is just as important as getting that old car to run.

Trying to get your hands on some new car parts can get pretty stressful too. So you’re going to have to unwind in some way.

Stress levels are managed in less ideal ways, like drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, which if done too much can even make your stress worse.

Nicotine gum can be used as an alternative. It lowers stress levels, even from smoking too much. Go figure!

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