Best Free Mods For My Time At Portia (Ranked)

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My Time at Portia is a fun little building/resource management game that’s quite often overlooked when looked at next to most AAA titles.

More than the fundamental building aspects, there are a few RPG elements are thrown in, making for a surprisingly interesting experience.

The game has tons to explore on its own, as you’ll still finding new things to discover even well beyond 50 hours of play time.

Other than everything the game already has to offer, there’s tons of fun to be had through mods as well.

And here I’ll share all the best one’s I’ve found so far.


15. Clarity Reshade

Clarity Reshade My Time at Portia Mod

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Before we get into all of the fun things we can do with My Time at Portia mods, let’s work on getting the game to look the absolute best it possibly can.

To start off, the Clarity Reshade is a great little graphical upgrade that makes everything look much clearer overall.

It removes that hazy/dreamy look the game is covered in to giving you much more vibrant colors.

Personally I think everything looks much better with this turned on, so I definitely recommend giving this a download.


14. Advanced Graphics Options

Advanced Graphics Options MTP Mod

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To make things look even better beyond just the overall filter of the game, Advanced Graphics Options gives you a ton of different items to tweak to get things to your liking.

You’ll be able to set items like grass displacement, depth of field, menu background blur, detail distance, and other visual options to be able to maximize graphics potential.

Some of these options may have significant impact on performance, however, so I recommend finding the best balance based on the system you’re playing on.


13. UI Tweaks

UI Tweaks MTAP Mod

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UI Tweaks doesn’t really change how things appear in the game, instead giving you more flexibility and control over what information is displayed on the screen.

It enables a few new options like the ability to scale notification sizes, toggle notifications, prioritize picked up items, and NPC names.

You can easily toggle the minimap and day/weather information visibility as well, so you get to decide what details are shown.

This is great for clearing up some of the screen clutter, especially for information that you don’t always need to have anyway.


12. Auto Wake Up

Auto Wake Up Mod screenshot

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Auto Wake Up is a simple quality of life mod that removes a bit of the repetitiveness from the game.

My Time at Portia takes micromanagement to a whole new level, as you’re required to press a button every morning just to wake up from sleep.

All this does is just bypasses that requirement, making your character automatically wake up and get out of bed every morning.

The mod includes a 15% possibility that your character will oversleep by 30 minutes, but this can be set to personal preference in the options menu as well.


11. Better Immersion

Better Immersion MTAP Mod

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One of the more interesting mods on the list, user Vrakyas actually wanted to add some realism to the game, in turn making it a bit more challenging.

He does this by making the stamina system more immersive – adding in some negative effects for getting your character a little too exhausted.

You’ll now lose stamina points when your character gets too tired, and even more so when you pass out from too much work.

To balance things out, though, Vrakyas included a couple of buffs as well. These improve stamina regeneration while resting.


10. Invasions

Invasions My Time at Portia Mod screenshot

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Here’s another good mod to spice things up a bit.

Invasions actually makes it possible that a random part of Portia might be attacked by a boss monster once a day.

Boss monsters are randomly spawned from a list that depends on your current level. So don’t worry about anything popping up that you won’t be able to go up against.

Chances for attacks can be manually set depending on your preference, and defeating monsters will grant you relationship bonuses as well as regular loot drops that you’d typically get from whichever monster type you defeat.


9. JustSomeCheatMods

JustSomeCheatMods MTaP skill menu

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Now if you’re looking to play around and have some fun with complete freedom in Portia, JustSomeCheatMods might be exactly what you need.

The mod is actually a compilation of cheat mods which give you complete control of virtually every aspect of the game.

You’ll have the ability to set custom parameters for item stack limits, plant grow speeds, relic collection, and even commerce missions.

If you’re just looking to mess around, this should make for some good fun.


8. Swim

Swim My Time at Portia Mod screenshot

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There are bodies of water in Portia, but unfortunately the game doesn’t give you the ability to swim at all.

Bummer, right?

Modder aedenthorn felt the need to do something about that. And the result is simple – a mod that lets you swim!

What this does is removes the game’s feature that makes you teleport back to land upon entering a body of water. Instead of being teleported out, you’ll be able to get into the water for a quick dip.

Animations might be a little buggy as the game doesn’t include swimming movements, but that doesn’t really matter does it? You’re swimming, let’s just enjoy the view.


7. Multiple Romances

Multiple Romances MTaP Mod

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If monogamy just isn’t for you, then you’re going to want to get Multiple Romances installed right away.

The mod basically removes the jealousy mechanic in the game, allowing you to have multiple partners at once. And as they say, let the good times roll.

You’ll be able to form new romantic relationships even when married, and even have multiple wives if that’s what you’re into.

There are a lot of potential romantic interests in Portia, and Multiple Romances completely removes the need to choose.

Why choose when you can have them all?


6. Longer Days

Longer Days Mod

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If you feel like the days are passing too quickly in-game and not leavomg enough time to get everything done, Longer Days is a mod to check out.

This mod gives you the ability to control the flow of time, doubling the length of each day in-game.

Now that you have much more time on your hands, you should probably start thinking about what the frick you’re gonna do!


5. Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather My Time at Portia Mod

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Weather isn’t really a thing in My Time at Portia.

It’s typically set every morning and stays that way for the rest of the day, which isn’t realistic at all.

Dynamic Weather makes things a bit more true-to-life by creating different weather events that can trigger throughout the day.

Weather conditions are randomized, but are appropriate depending on the season in-game, which is a nice touch.

Another cool feature is that it will always be sunny on your birthday. So you should be able to go out and do whatever you want. It’s your b-day gurl, you do you!


4. Television

Television MTaP Mod screenshot

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This has to be one of the most creative mods I’ve ever seen for pretty much any game – and I’ve gone through quite a lot of mods.

Television for My Time at Portia gives you the ability to play anything you want on the in-game TV.

That’s right, anything you want.

You can place custom videos in the assets folder and viola! You’ll have your very own video playing on the in-game TV.

If that doesn’t impress you, well you’re probably a robot. Or someone who hates TV.


3. Teleport Mod

Teleport Mod - My Time at Portia

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Making your way around Portia can take some time.

And while it’s often great to enjoy the views and greet some townsfolk along the way, sometimes you just want to get things done.

Whether you’re squeezing in a few minutes of play time between real-world responsibilities, or have just made your way around Portia too many times, Teleport is the solution to your problems.

The mod is simple: it lets you teleport to any point on the map, even if you’re indoors.

All you have to do is hold down the left shift key and right click on where you want to go, and there you’ll be.


2. Penny Comes Back

Penny Comes Back Mod

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This one’s a bit of a spoiler, so consider this your spoiler alert.

Penny is one of the more lovable characters you’ll meet in Portia. Unfortunately, she doesn’t stick around for that long.

She shows up for a few missions during the course of the game and eventually closes out her storyline with a concert (as she’s a singer).

With “Penny Comes Back”, you won’t have to say goodbye to her forever. The mod makes her come back to Portia after her concert, set her stage back up, and continue to perform.


1. Infinite Levels

Infinite Levels My Time at Portia Mod

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If you’ve made it this far, you probably just can’t get enough of My Time at Portia.

Well thanks to Infinite Levels by aedenthorn, your time at Portia doesn’t have to end.

Infinite Levels simply lets you exceed level 99, and continue levelling up from there to no end.

So basically you can play this game until you get bored or die of old age.

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