15 Best Units To Try in Napoleon: Total War

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I can’t be alone when I say that Napoleon is one of those Total War games that keeps me coming back.

To be fair, though, I think I say the same about every single damn Total War game (except Thrones of Britannia).

In any case, I was recently picking up Napoleon again and I decided to create a small guide of the units that I found to be the most useful in the game. That way you can either criticize my choices if you’re a veteran player, or find them extremely useful if you’re somehow just picking up the game.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Napoleon veteran or you’re just getting started, there’s going to be plenty we can talk about in this piece.

So let’s start your journey towards complete world domination with the best soldiers at your command!


15. Grenadiers

Grenadiers Unit in Napoleon: Total War

Grenadiers tend to be among the strongest units in the game, as Grenadier garrisons are usually formed of the strongest men that serve in the armies of a country.

They’re extremely well-trained, and have the ability to kill anything that comes in their path. But their sheer size and physical strength also gives them an edge in hand-to-hand combat.

Most of the countries in the game have access to Grenadiers. But you will need to refine your training methods if you want to have the best in the world!


14. Generals, in General

Generals, in General Napoleon: Total War Unit

Yes, I did go for that terrible pun.

As is the case in almost every Total War game, it’s truly important to mention generals as part of the most fundamental units of an army.

Watch them die, and your morale will plummet. Have them rally your troops and it may change the fate of the battle.

Generals are crucial in NTW and you must always have one at a good level if you wish to set yourself on a mission to conquer Europe (or the world, if you’ve modded the crap out of your game).

Of course, not all generals are as useful as others. And it’s fair to say that generals have become much more fascinating since the release of Three Kingdoms.

But generals in Napoleon and Empire were still some of the best units in the game. Just be sure not to have them die too soon!


13. Light Infantry

Light Infantry Napoleon: Total War Unit

Almost any type of light infantry does a good job of filling up the ranks of an army, while also providing you with decent firepower and enough accuracy to kill enemies without breaking formation.

Depending on who you’re playing with, Light Infantry is also very well disciplined.

And this could form the heart of your army alongside your line infantry and elite troops.


12. The Grand-Battery of Convention

The Grand-Battery of Convention NTW Unit

The Grand Battery of Convention is one of the strongest cannons in the game, and the one that you might want to create if you aim to complement an already-powerful artillery-packed army.

This thing kills, man. That’s all you need to know about it.

Give it a try and see why I love it.


11. Mounted Cavalry Gunners

Mounted Cavalry Gunners Napoleon: Total War Unit

Mounted Cavalry Gunners are powerful cavalry units, and the most accurate horse soldiers in the game.

You’ll be able to rush your enemies, shoot them down, and run back with almost no casualties in the process.

If you’re going for a mounted option, definitely look here. Great to mix in.


10. 38-gun Steam Ship

38-gun Steam Ship in Napoleon: Total War

Are you eager to sail the European seas with a mighty powerful beast?

If so, the 38-gun steamship is the one to choose to complement the heart of your naval fleets.

They might lack a lot of mobility. But they’re basically movable fortresses that will eliminate anything that comes in your way.

Now it’s up to you to properly protect it if you don’t want this thing sinking into Davy Jones’ Locker.

I do advise you not to have more than two of them in your fleet, though. They’re expensive to maintain and difficult to defend.


9. Polish Guard Lancers

Polish Guard Lancers Unit in Napoleon: Total War

The Polish Guard Lancers are among my favorite cavalry units in the game.

They’re also one of the best to choose if you’re going to flank your enemy’s armies.

Quick summary: they’re fast, they do a ton of damage, and they can retreat pretty quickly after rushing. You can also dismount them and they’ll do a solid job as infantry units.


8. Landesschutzen

Landesschutzen Napoleon: Total War Unit

This is the unit that I love to play with for Austria.

They replace the regular militia, and even though they’re not nearly as strong as other types of units in the game, they do work much better than the average soldier that defends a town.

Now they’re not cannon fodder, although you might use them for such a purpose.


7. Empress Dragoons

Empress Dragoons Napoleon: Total War Unit

Exclusively created by the French, Empress Dragoons are quite powerful cavalry units that can help you rush your foes and eliminate them with their rifles.

Once you run out of ammunition(which could happen fairly quickly as they only have 10 shots in them) they can also be dismounted and fight in melee combat.

Out of all the cavalry units in the game, the Empress Dragoons are some of the strongest that you can get, as expensive as they might be to recruit. It’s worth weighing the pros and cons on this one.


6. Unicorns

Unicorns Unit in Napoleon: Total War

Unicorns are compact and mobile cannons that you can move around the battlefield.

And they’re the best artillery units in the game, in my opinion. Mostly because they provide you with enough firepower to stop almost any kind of foe.

They don’t take too much of your budget in maintaining costs, either. Which makes Unicorns the reliable standout units for any army.


5. 80-Gun Steam Ship

80-Gun Steam Ship in Napoleon: Total War

What’s better than a 38-gun ship?

A freaking 80-gun steamship.

Most factions in the game have access to this beast of a ship, which stands as the best naval unit in the game. Not to mention it’s one of the most intimidating naval units in Total War history (even considering that naval battles are fairly new within the franchise).

Get one of these bad boys in your naval fleets, but be sure to have it accompanied by faster ships. Or it will easily get outmaneuvered and end up sunk.

It does need protection, but don’t fear for its hull integrity either – what this beast lacks in speed and maneuverability, it makes up in power to obliterate what comes its way.


4. Hussars

Hussars Napoleon: Total War Unit

Hussars are your go-to light cavalry units when you’re looking to build a powerful flanking cavalry platoon with as many cheap and reliable units as possible.

Many factions have access to hussars, even though the Hungarian Hussars are the strongest in the game.

Lots of strategies you can try with this as well. Give em a shot in your next session.


3. Elite Infantry

Elite Infantry Napoleon: Total War Unit

Elite Infantry, in general, is the most expensive and most powerful type of infantry in the game.

I will not go into specifics and tell you which type of elite infantry is best, aside from the ones you can recruit as Napoleon (The Old Guard, see below).

Elite Infantry should not form the majority of your army. That would mean you’re spending a ridiculous amount of money trying to maintain them.

However, Elite Infantry does serve the purpose of complementing the rest of your troops. And providing your units with as much support as they need.


2. The Old Guard

The Old Guard Unit in Napoleon: Total War

These dudes might look classy with their mustaches. And let’s be real, they are.

They give you the ability to kill almost anything that comes in your path. And they’re naturally a strong infantry unit– as expensive as they are.

You can only use them if you’re playing with France, though.

Historically, these units were picked by Napoleon himself. And it was he who decided which soldiers were worthy of joining the Old Guard.

As such, only the best shots and strongest soldiers of the French army were deemed worthy to join The Old Guard. Are your men up to the challenge?


1. Line Infantry

Line Infantry Napoleon: Total War Unit

I think no one in their right mind would say that the Line Infantry is the best unit in the game, given that it’s not a unique type of unit, and it doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary.

However, I’d beg to differ.

Line Infantry is the heart and soul of an army in Napoleon Total War.

It’s impossible to win without line infantry. And a well-trained regiment is capable of eliminating almost any number enemies that get in your way.

Line infantry is not only one of the best types of units, but they’re also cheap to make, easy to spam, and capable of dealing with a whole lot of stuff at once.

Well, maybe they can’t deal with mortars and cannons… but let’s picture a where we aren’t facing artillery spammers, yeah?

Although one would argue this is the most basic unit in Napoleon: Total War, it’s also capable of doing everything you need. It’s the best unit in the game – hands down.

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