Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds AI Mode Guide (Where To AFK Farm)

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AFK Farming is one of the most important mechanics in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. This AFK Farming mechanic — also called A.I. Mode — will allow you to farm EXP, Gold, and other valuable resources completely passively.

This is perfect for both casual and hardcore players who want to maximize their farming efficiency.


How To AFK Farm

A.I. Mode Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
A.I. Mode Page

There are five very important things that you should know when using the game’s built-in auto-farming system.

  1. Pick a spot depending on what monsters or drops you want to farm
  2. Make (or join) a Party that farms the same spot to increase the drop rates
  3. Make sure you have enough HP Potions depending on how much time you plan on AFK Farming
  4. Set your weapons and familiars to the element that your chosen enemy mobs are weak against
  5. Finally, tap “AI in Current Area” once the arrangements have been made. A 5-second countdown will begin and the game will close automatically right after.

Note: you’re vulnerable to PKers in AI Mode, so you might want to set your alignment to Neutral at the very least.

Also, if you want to farm the same spot over again, simply click or tap “AI in Recent Area” in the A.I. Mode Page and it will take you to the last spot you were at via Fast Travel.


Chaos Field Drops

Chaos Field Maps / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Chaos Field Maps

As mentioned before, the very first thing you should do before using the A.I. Mode is to first pick what kind of drops you want to farm.

To help you with this, here are all the drops that you can obtain in the Chaos Field Maps — one of the two general locations where you can use A.I. Mode.


1. Territe

Territe (Corridor of Honor Floor 3 - Item Drop) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Territe (Corridor of Honor Floor 3 – Item Drop)

Territe is arguably the most important resource in the game.

It allows you to do all sorts of things like Upgrade and Enhance Weapons, Evolve and Enhance Familiars, and even Craft Weapons and Armors without Summon Tickets.

So you might want to spend a lot of daily A.I. Mode time in the Chaos Fields, since you can only farm Territe here.

TIP: The drop rate of Territe is frighteningly low, despite having a set daily allowance. So it’s alright if you’re not able to farm even half of the daily allowance through the A.I. Mode.


2. Magic Tomes/Pages

Water Bomb II  (Corridor of Honor Floor 3 - Item Drop) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Water Bomb II (Corridor of Honor Floor 3 – Item Drop)

Yet another drop that you would want to farm a lot of in the Chaos Field Floors are Magic Tomes and Pages.

  • Magic Tomes allow you to learn Special Skills that, when set, will undoubtedly boost your DPS output.
  • Pages, on the other hand, are collectible items that produce Magic Tomes when combined through the Travelling Merchant’s Shop. Generally you need 30 Pages to make one Magic Tome.

Chaos Field mobs also drop Passive Tomes, which allow you to learn passive skills that boost all kinds of stats instead of elemental skills — improving either your DPS output or survivability.

TIP: Keep in mind that Magic Tomes and Pages are divided into elements, and mobs of each element will only drop Magic Tomes and/or Pages similar to their own.


3. Gems & Gem Upgrade Materials

Golden Jubilee (Corridor of Honor Floor 3 - Item Drop) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Golden Jubilee (Corridor of Honor Floor 3 – Item Drop)

Gems are imprinted into your Weapons, which then provides them with all kinds of different bonuses — further improving your DPS output and survivability.

And to upgrade these Gems, you either need other Gems of the same kind, or Gem Upgrade Materials which you also get from the Chaos Field monsters as drops.

The only catch is that you can only get these Gems & Gem Upgrade Materials starting from the Corridor of Honor Floor 2 of the Chaos Fields.

TIP: Once you’re able to farm these resources, your Inventory will start to fill up real quick. Make sure to use Gem Upgrade Materials and unwanted Gems as fodder regularly to avoid this.


World Map Drops

World Map / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
World Map

Much like with Chaos Field Maps, you can only farm specific resources and materials from regions all over the World Map.

But here are the main item drops that are found on the World Map, instead of on the Chaos Field Maps.


1. High-value Items (Gold)

Coffin Picker Drops (Coins & Shiny Higgledy Statue) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Coffin Picker Drops (Coins & Shiny Higgledy Statue)

Some monsters in the World Map drop items such as:

  • Silver Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Platinum Coins
  • And Higgledy Statues

These drops are miscellaneous items that have no real use – except being sold for huge amounts of Gold.

This means that some monster mobs, like the Coffinpicker/Wyvern/Lava Lizard mob shown in the screenshot above, are perfect if you want to AFK farm Gold (as opposed to other resources).

TIP: Gold is a fairly easy resource to farm via other sources, so it might be wise to farm these mobs sparingly. Since they often give no other notable drops except those high-value items.


2. Soulstones & Specialties

Paingler Drops (Specialty - Paingler's Luminant) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Paingler Drops (Specialty – Paingler’s Luminant)

Soulstones and Specialties are collectible items that only a few monsters in a given region drop. More often than not, only one monster per mob drops one or the other.

Despite how rare they are, they’re one of the best resources to AFK farm because they’ll give you a boost in Combat Power once you collect enough of them.

And the monsters that drop these Soulstones or Specialties often drop other notable resources, like Food and Vintage/Locked Prototype Trunks.

TIP: Soulstones and Specialties all have low drop rates. So if you want to farm a lot of them at once, I recommend using Aroma of Focus before executing A.I. Mode.


3. Food Ingredients

Lava Lizard Drops (Milk & Eggs) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Lava Lizard Drops (Milk & Eggs)

Food Ingredients are essential for cooking both Dishes and Feasts in the Dominion’s Restaurant facility.

Foods give you certain helpful Buffs that boost your total Combat Power, and also your Attack, Defense, or Health as well — along with other stats depending on what Food you ate.

Feasts, on the other hand, give you even higher boosts than normal Foods. These should be served only on specific occasions like Boss Battles, Field Bosses, Kingdom Defenses, etc.

However, feasts often require more ingredients to make — which is why you may want to farm these ingredients from the World Map every once in a while.

TIPS: Instead of Aroma of Focus, use a Sweet Drink and Energy Potion instead if you’d like to farm Food Ingredients more effectively.

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