NNK:CW Beginner Summons Guide (Best Beginner Familiars)

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For complete beginners, the three best Familiars you can pick from the free 10x Beginner Summons are Suiryu, Oroboros, and Mite. These DPS-oriented Familiars are great for the early game in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, and they will transition into the late game quite smoothly (if you weren’t able to get enough Rare 4★ Familiars to invest in).

That being said, Rare 4★ Familiars like Bunnybot, Firelynx, or Hippocampus are better choices than most 4★ Familiars. But you likely won’t be able to get them as a complete beginner.


Best Familiars For Beginners

Below we’ll cover some details for each of the recommended Familiars mentioned above that you can get from the free 10x Beginner Summons. You can get them right when you start the game.

The main reason why you’d want to pick up these three is that each of them can drastically improve your performance in terms of AFK farming and boss hunts.

These aspects of the game are very important — especially in the developing stages of your character in the early game.


Suiryu (Best Familiar)

Suiryu (Familiar Page) / NNK:CW
Suiryu (Familiar Page)

Suiryu is a Water-type Familiar that can inflict Frostbite on an enemy — dealing damage over time based on its ATK stat.

This Familiar excels at taking down Fire-type mobs and bosses such as Flaming Knight Ras, Vulcan, and the World Boss — Ardor.

Since it can help you boost your DPS output against three different bosses, Suiryu is arguably the best choice out of all three beginner-friendly Familiars.



Oroboros (Familiar Page) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Oroboros (Familiar Page)

Oroboros is an Earth-type Familiar that can inflict Poison on an enemy — dealing damage over time based on its ATK stat.

This Familiar excels at taking down Water-type mobs and bosses such as Proto Mark 13 and Giganti.



Mite (Familiar Page) / NNK:CW
Mite (Familiar Page)

Mite is a Fire-type Familiar that can inflict Burn on an enemy — dealing damage over time based on its ATK stat.

This Familiar excels at taking down Earth-type mobs and bosses such as Silverbeard and Treant Statue.


Other Recommended Familiars

With the exception of Rare 4★ Familiars that are undisputedly better compared to regular 4★ Familiars, here are the other 4★ Familiars you should consider investing in:

Recommended Familiars Element Role
Shrimpaler Fire Healer/Counter (Poison)
Hog-goblin Dark DPS
Dinoceros Dark Bruiser/Crowd Control
Penguicorn Dark Healer/Counter (Flash)
Disbeleaf Earth Healer/Counter (Frostbite)
Thumbelemur Light Healer/Counter (Corrupt)
Sparkee Light DPS
Splisher Water Healer/Counter (Burn)

You cannot get most of these 4★ Familiars in your free 10x Beginner Summons, but they’re relatively easier to obtain than Rare 4★ Familiars.

If you intend to reroll after your free 10x Beginner Summons at the start of the game, I would suggest picking one of either Mite, Oroboros, or Suiryu, and then also picking any one of the Familiars listed above.

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