20-Minute Daily Routine Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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Despite Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds being jam-packed with content, you can actually complete all of the most important daily tasks relatively quickly.

This means that even on a busy schedule, you’ll be able to farm resources, visit your Kingdom, and complete your Dailies consistently.

In this brief guide I’ll show you all of the essential in-game tasks that you should be clearing every day, which should only take about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. And I’ll break each task down into a step-by-step format below.


Step #1: Clear All Power Up Dungeons

Power Up Dungeons / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Power Up Dungeons

Estimated Time: 10 Seconds to 3 minutes

This is arguably the most important step, as Power Up Dungeons are among the best sources of account growth materials and resources in the game.

Power Up Dungeons Primary Resources Farmed
Familiar’s Cradle Evolution Fruits
Fire Temple Weapon Upgrade Stones
Goldbeard’s Pirate Ship Gold

You cannot afford to miss them even once, so make sure you clear all three of them every day.

You’ll be able to clear Power Up Dungeons faster with the “Auto-clear” mechanic, which allows you to instantly clear a stage you’ve already cleared with 3★.


Step #2: Visit Your Familiar Forest & Farm

Familiar Forest Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Familiar Forest Page

Estimated Time: 3 Minutes

The next step is to collect all of your Familiars’ gifts in the Familiar Forest, harvest, and replant all the crops you have there.

Here, you can farm resources like:

  • Familiar Eggs
  • Sands of Time
  • Dream Stars
  • Sparkling Hearts
  • Sprout Coins

You can earn Sprout Coins by selling your crops to the Sprout Coin Exchange Shop.

If you want to buy out the weekly limit of purchasable Sprout Coins in the Exchange Shop, I recommend having at least:

  • 5 Apple Trees
  • 5 Tomato Fields
  • 5 Corn Fields

Step #3: Visit Your Kingdom Dominion

Kingdom Dominion (Facilities) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Kingdom Dominion (Facilities)

Estimated Time: 2 Minutes

One of the most important things to do daily is to Check-In and Donate to help your Kingdom accumulate more resources and grow.

Some Kingdoms also enforce a “?-days inactive = kick” rule, so just to stay safe, you’ll want to Check-In every day.

Aside from donating and checking in regularly, you should also visit the General Store to buy:

  • EXP
  • Familiar Jellies
  • Other Weekly-limited Items

You can purchase all of these with Gilder, which you earn by checking in, donating, and participating in activities like Kingdom Defense and Kingdom Dungeon.


Step #4: Clear Your Boss Hunts

Dimensional Border Stages / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Dimensional Border Stages

Estimated Time: 3 to 5 Minutes

You only get one entry ticket for the Dimensional Border per day, so don’t waste it.

Clearing the Dimensional Border every day will give you lots of Tetro Puzzle Pieces, Mount Upgrade Materials, and even Skill Books or 4★ Accessories if you’re lucky!

If you accidentally skipped a day of clearing the Dimensional Border, then don’t worry — your entry tickets accumulate up to seven tickets at most.


Step #5: Strengthen Your Equipment & Familiars

Awaken Equipment (Guardian's Bow) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Awaken Equipment (Guardian’s Bow)

Estimated Time: 2 Minutes

In this step, you can finally open all of the chests and use the materials you’ve accumulated from the game modes you’ve cleared previously.

Upgrading your Equipment and Familiars will ensure that you’re at your fullest when going through the next few steps of your daily routine.


Step #6: Clear All PVP Game Modes

Victory (Duel Yard) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Victory (Duel Yard)

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

With your character strengthened, you may now compete in all of your essential daily PVP battles:

  • Duel Yard
  • Familiar Arena

Doing PVP every day is important because you can farm Heart Stars here — not to mention Asterite and Combat Power if you manage to rank high enough.


Step #7: Deplete Your Familiar Adventure Tickets

Familiar Adventure Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Familiar Adventure Page

Estimated Time: 3 Minutes

Consuming all of your Familiar Adventure tickets every day is highly recommended, since you can farm several of the most important resources in the game here:

  • Territe
  • Gold
  • Obsidian
  • Prism
  • Familiar Toy Chests
  • Bean Pods
  • Heart Stars

Make sure to skip all the Familiar battles if you want to get through this step as fast as possible.

Strengthen your Familiars first (Step 5) before you occupy a Resource Mine in the Familiar Adventure, as you can no longer swap Familiar Toys once you do it.


Step #8: Clear All Swift Solutions Errands

Swift Solutions Errands / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Swift Solutions Errands

Estimated Time: 1 Minute

If you want a ton of extra EXP and other resources such as Equipment Crystals or Recipes, you shouldn’t forget to clear Swift Solutions every day.

Heck, you can even get Familiar and Equipment Summon Tickets here if RNGesus favors you enough.

Just make sure to refresh your errands and only pick Premium or Rare ones from the bunch until you can’t refresh them with Gold anymore. Never use Diamonds to refresh errands!


Step #9: Clear All Conquest Missions

Conquest Missions / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Conquest Missions

Estimated Time: 30 Seconds

Conquest Missions, like Swift Solution errands, can be cleared instantly upon being accepted in exchange for Gold.

This is what I recommend you do instead of spending too much time manually killing monsters, which can be quite tedious if you’re in a rush.


Step #10: Check Out The Shop

Shop (Potions & Consumables) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Shop (Potions & Consumables)

Estimated Time: 30 Seconds

One of the last few things I recommend you incorporate into your daily routine is to check out the Shop for all the items you should buy or claim freely such as:

Make sure to grab an Energy Drink often — especially if they can be purchased with Gold. They will help boost the output of your AFK Farming significantly.


Step #11: Claim Your Dailies/Weeklies

Dailies Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Dailies Page

Estimated Time: 30 Seconds

At this point, you’ll be able to get enough Daily Activity Points to claim all of the rewards in the Dailies — and then some.

For Weeklies’ rewards, you will be able to claim all of them in about 3-4 days after the weekly reset if you follow this daily routine guide consistently.


Step #12: End By Using A.I. Mode

AI Mode Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
AI Mode Page

And that’s it — you have now done all of the essential daily tasks in the game!

Before you log off though, make sure to use the AI Mode so you can farm resources and EXP passively.

You’ll be able to farm a lot more materials which you can use to strengthen your equipment in the next day’s routine if you use Energy Drinks.


Optional/Time-Limited Tasks

Here’s a brief list of other important tasks or game modes that haven’t been included in the daily routine above — either because they can only be cleared within a certain timeframe, or because they’re available anytime:

  • Kingdom Defense
  • Kingdom Dungeon
  • Kingdom Capital
  • Relic Wars
  • Field Boss
  • World Boss
  • Chaos Field Boss
  • Chaos Gate
  • Labyrinth of Dreams
  • Lava Valley
  • Main Quest
  • Reputation Quest
  • Events (Episodes/Event Dungeons)
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