Where To Get Eggs for Cooking in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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The best way to get Eggs is just by farming monsters that drop them anywhere on the World Map – although you can also use Energy Drinks for more yield while farming. We’ve included a full table below listing all of the monsters you can farm that drop Eggs for cooking.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Eggs from Shops — specifically the Travelling Shop, the Capital General Store, and the Kingdom General Store — all via farmable in-game currencies.

And lastly, events are another great source of Eggs, plus a source of all types of cooking ingredients in general.


Farming Eggs (All Methods)

Here are the three most reliable sources of Eggs in the game that you should consider farming the most.


Source #1: World Map Monsters (Best Source)

Monster Drops (Eastern Heartlands) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Monster Drops (Eastern Heartlands)

AFK farming monsters in the World Map gives you the most Eggs out of all the sources listed here — but only if you know where to look.

Below are the monsters that you should farm for Eggs, depending on what zone you’re in and what level you have:

World Map Zones Monsters That Drop Eggs Monster Levels
Eastern Heartlands Mecrabical Level 30
Golden Grove Boarrunner Level 40
Serene Forest Paingler Level 48
Allegra Plateau Lava Lizard Level 55
Cloudcoil Canyon Rheinous Level 64
Winter Wonderland Abominable Lump Level 70
Glittering Grotto Mossy Monument Level 78
Burning Desert Rocktopus Level 84
Witch’s Woods Root-Root Level 88
Woebegone Wilds War Drone Mk. 2 Level 95
Rainbow Valley Talpido Mk. 2 Level 98

Remember to use your Energy Drinks before farming any of these monsters to maximize your gains. Happy hunting!


Source #2: Shops

Capital General Store / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Capital General Store

There are several Shops in the game that sell either Food Ingredient Pouches or Food Ingredients themselves:

  • Capital General Store
  • Kingdom General Store
  • Traveling Shop

None of these Shops require premium or rare currencies like Diamonds or Asterite, so make sure to visit them often if you want some extra Eggs!


Source #3: Events

Cooking Competition Event / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Cooking Competition Event

Speaking of farming extra Eggs, you cannot go wrong with participating in every Event that comes around.

Eggs, just like all cooking ingredients, can be farmed by participating in Giveaway Events, Check-In Events, Minigame Events, or even Episode Events!

I highly recommend joining the game’s official Discord server so you can tune in on any upcoming and current Events more easily.


What Are Eggs For?

Eggs (Item Description) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Eggs (Item Description)

Eggs are used as a cooking ingredient for a variety of Dishes and Feasts:

  • Toasty Taiyaki (Dish)
  • Addicting Custard (Dish)
  • Fluffy Pancakes (Dish)
  • Peanut Balls (Feast)

Eggs are one of the most coveted ingredients in the game because of how useful these foods are in both PVP and PVE game modes, so make sure to stock up on your Eggs whenever you can.

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