Where To Farm Enhancement Stones in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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The best source of Enhancement Stones depends on which type you’re trying to farm (Common/Uncommon/Superior). But generally, you get the most Enhancement Stones from salvaging equipment that you don’t need.

There are a lot of other sources of Enhancement Stones in NNK:CW, but the most notable alternate sources are:

  • Field & World Bosses
  • Kingdom Activities
  • Exchange Shops
  • And Events

The three types of Enhancement Stones are Common, Uncommon, and Superior.

This guide will show you which sources drop which type of Enhancement Stones so you can farm more efficiently.


Source #1: Equipment Salvaging (Best Source)

Salvage Equipment Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Salvage Equipment Page

Possible Drops: Common Enhancement Stones & Uncommon Enhancement Stones

Salvaging the spare 1★, 2★, and 3★ equipment you get from either equipment crafting or monster farming gives you a ton of Enhancement Stones.

Do note that you will not get a fixed amount of Enhancement Stones every time you salvage, as this process is completely RNG-dependent.

You also cannot get Superior Enhancement Stones here, but it remains the best source if you want to farm Common and Uncommon Enhancement Stones exclusively.

TIP: Do not salvage any 4★ Equipment. Doing so doesn’t give you any Enhancement Stones or any other valuable materials, so it would just be a complete waste of equipment.


Source #2: Field Bosses & World Bosses

Mecharagon (Field Boss) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Mecharagon (Field Boss)

Possible Drops: Common Enhancement Stones, Uncommon Enhancement Stones, & Superior Enhancement Stones

This source is arguably tied with Equipment Salvaging as the best source of Enhancement Stones in the game — but there is a catch.

Field Bosses and World Bosses are only viable if you hunt them at least once every day. This can be a bit problematic, since you can only access them at four different timeframes within the day.

Regardless, I still recommend hunting them down consistently because they are by far the best source of F2P Superior Enhancement Stones in the game.

TIP: To make the Field Boss & World Boss hunts much easier and faster, try joining a party before going in — especially for Field Bosses.

Using a computer instead of a mobile device for hunting Field Bosses is also recommended, as it reduces the downtime when switching from channel to channel.


Source #3: Kingdom Facilities & Activities

Kingdom Dungeons / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Kingdom Dungeons

Possible Drops: Common Enhancement Stones, Uncommon Enhancement Stones, & Superior Enhancement Stones

One of the many perks of joining a Kingdom is having access to several Kingdom facilities and activities that allow you to farm Enhancement Stones:

  • Kingdom Dungeon
  • Kingdom Defense
  • Auction House
  • General Store (Lords only)

Kingdom Dungeon and Kingdom Defense give you chests that drop Enhancement Stones upon completion— along with more chests you can bid for in the Auction House.

For Kingdom Lords, you can buy a set amount of Enhancement Stones directly in the General Store per week. Lucky you!

TIP: You can also visit the Capital and buy Enhancement Stones from the General Store for Gilders.

They’re only available for a limited time, so don’t miss them once the Capital winner has been announced!


Source #4: Medal Exchange Shops

Honor Medal Exchange Shop / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Honor Medal Exchange Shop

Possible Drops: Uncommon Enhancement Stones & Superior Enhancement Stones

There are two Medal Exchange Shops where you can craft Enhancement Stones out of lower-tier ones — the Honor Medal Exchange Shop and the Purification Medal Exchange Shop.

Here are the materials and the number of medals you need to craft each type of Enhancement Stone that are available in both Medal Exchange Shops:

Type of Enhancement Stone Materials Required Honor Medals Required Purification Medals Required
Uncommon Enhancement Stone 10 Common Enhancement Stones 25 50
Superior Enhancement Stone 10 Uncommon Enhancement Stones 140 280

Source #5: Events

“Fight For The Throne!” Event / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
“Fight For The Throne!” Event

Possible Drops: Common Enhancement Stones, Uncommon Enhancement Stones, & Superior Enhancement Stones

You can get a large variety of materials and resources in most time-limited Events — including all three kinds of Enhancement Stones.

Superior Enhancement Stones are given away quite rarely, but they do occasionally show up as Event rewards along with plenty of Uncommon and Common Enhancement Stones.

TIP: If you want to tune in for all upcoming or ongoing Events and check out their details, feel free to check out Ni No Kuni: Cross World’s official Discord Server!

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