Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Familiar Toys Farming + How To Combine

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The best source of Familiar Toys is the Familiar Adventure, where you can earn 1★ Familiar Toy Chests every time you defeat Wild Monsters. Alternatively, other farming methods include Events and Weekly Citadel Quests — both of which are the last two reliable sources of Familiar Toy Chests in the game.

It is possible to earn 3★, 4★, and even 5★ Familiar Toy Chests using those sources, but 1★ Familiar Chests will be the most common drops.

This is completely fine, as you can Combine them to create stronger Familiar Toys anyway — given that you’re consistent in farming all three sources.


Where To Farm Familiar Toys (Best Methods)

While you can get Familiar Toys from a lot of other sources in the game, here are the sources you should consider farming more frequently.


Source #1: Familiar Adventure (Best Source)

Familiar Adventure (Clear Rewards) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Familiar Adventure (Clear Rewards)

Familiar Adventure gives you Familiar Toy Chests whenever you defeat Wild Familiars.

The higher your Adventure level is, the higher the number of Familiar Toys you can farm here.

Sure you only get 1★ Familiar Toy Chests, but eventually, you’ll get plenty enough that you can combine them for higher-tier Toys. Always deplete your Familiar Tickets every day for this reason.


Source #2: Events

Sore Bore Power Up Event / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Sore Bore Power Up Event

Events will always be one of the best sources of all kinds of materials. Unshockingly, this includes Familiar Toy Chests too.

All Events often feature 3★ Familiar Toy Chests and above as rewards, so at the very least, you can expect high-quality materials for your next Combining session!

TIP: Feel free to join Ni No Kuni: Cross World’s official Discord Server to stay ahead on all the upcoming Events and Event Rewards. See you there!


Source #3: Weekly Citadel Quests

Weekly Citadel Quest Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Weekly Citadel Quest Page

Weekly Citadel Quests can give you tasks that allow you to earn Familiar Toy Chests upon completion.

You can get up to four of either 1★, 2★, or 3★ Familiar Chests just by visiting this source every week!

TIP: I would highly recommend using the “Refresh Queue” button to refresh the quests until you get ones that give away the best Familiar Toy Chests you can get — given your Kingdom’s level.


What Are Familiar Toys Used For?

Equip Toys Page (Firelynx) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equip Toys Page (Firelynx)

Familiar Toys are equipped onto a Familiar to boost specific stats and overall Combat Power.

Your Familiars can equip up to three Familiar Toys and you can freely equip and unequip them whenever you’d like — unless they’re occupying a Resource Mine in Familiar Adventure.

There are also two types of Familiar Toys in the game:

Familiar Toy Type Availability of Effects
All Applicable to all Familiars
Exclusive Special Effects only active for specific Familiars

You can check the Familiar Toy Type by identifying whether or not a given Familiar Toy has an “All” icon displayed above its portrait or an image of a Familiar.

Firelynx Exclusive Gloves / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Firelynx Exclusive Gloves

Only 4★Familiar Toys and above can hold Exclusive Special Effects.

Exclusive-type Familiar Toys are better as they give your Familiars additional stat boosts, but All-type Familiar Toys will do just fine unless you’re a competitive, hardcore min-maxer.


How To Combine Familiar Toys

Combine Toy Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Combine Toy Page

You can craft stronger Familiar Toys by going over to the “Combine” Page and selecting low-tier Familiar Toys to turn them into higher-tier ones.

Combine Toys (1★ to 2★) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Combine Toys (1★ to 2★)

Here’s the success rate for each tier of Familiar Toys that you can Combine:

Familiar Toy Rarity Success Rate
1★ to 2★ 100%
2★ to 3★ 75%
3★ to 4★ 50%
4★ to 5★ 25%

If your Combination fails, you’ll be given Four-leaf Clovers as compensation along with one of the three materials that were consumed.

TIP: Considering how low the success rates are as you try to get higher-tier Familiar Toys, I recommend stopping at 4★ and equipping all of your main Familiars with them first.

After you’ve done that, feel free to risk it and try Combining for higher-tier Familiar Toys.

Best of luck!

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