How To Curse Equipment in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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To Curse an Equipment piece, you must first get it to +20 Enhance.

After that, go to the Javir Brothers — an NPC located at the Burning Desert via Fast Travel. There, you can Enhance any gear you have that reached +20 Enhance.

Enhancing +20 Equipment pieces is quite expensive in terms of Territe and the materials you need (not to mention very risky), so make sure you only do this for Equipment you’ll use regularly.


How To Curse Equipment (Step-By-Step)

Here’s how to curse your Equipment in NNK:CW, along with more details about the whole process.


Step #1: Get an Equipment to +20 Enhance

Natrum Earrings (+20 Enhance Successful) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Natrum Earrings (+20 Enhance Successful)

Getting an Equipment piece to +20 Enhance is by far the hardest step.

You’ll likely fail a lot and need tons of Territe and Uncommon Enhancement Stones, so be prepared!

Once you get an Equipment piece to +20 Enhance, you can now sit back and relax – because its Enhance level will never go down past that.


Step #2: Go to the Burning Desert

Burning Desert (World Map) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Burning Desert (World Map)

The next step in the process would be opening your World Map and going to the Burning Desert — as highlighted in the image above.


Step #3: Fast Travel to the Javir Brothers

NPCs Page (Javir Brothers) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
NPCs Page (Javir Brothers)

Next, head over to the NPCs page and click on the Javir Brothers.

They should be the only NPC listed there if there’s no Traveling Merchant (Muse) in the area.

Burning Desert (Fast Travel to Javir Brothers) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Burning Desert (Fast Travel to Javir Brothers)

You’ll then be shown a prompt telling you whether you want to go there by foot or by Fast Travel.

Click on “Fast Travel” if you’re not in the Burning Desert yet, or if you’re still far away from the Javir Brothers.

Otherwise, just click “Travel on Foot”.


Step #4: Curse Your Equipment

Dark Magic Equipment Enhance Page (Natrum Earrings) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Dark Magic Equipment Enhance Page (Natrum Earrings)

After letting the game’s auto-pathing system do its magic, you’ll finally be face to face with the Javir Brothers.

There, you can now Enhance any +20 gear all you like — as long as you have the necessary materials.

Here’s the list of materials you need for Enhancing +20 Equipment pieces:

Natrum Earrings (Dark Enhance Success) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Natrum Earrings (Dark Enhance Success)

If you’re successful in Enhancing your gear from +20 to +21, then you’ll finally get a Curse effect on it. Congratulations!

Although, watch out: once you Enhance an Equipment piece at +20 and above, one of these two scenarios can happen:

Scenarios Results
Enhance Success +1 Enhance level
Enhance Failure -1 Enhance level (removes Curse effect if Enhance level goes from +21 to +20)

As you can see, this whole Enhancing process is highly risky and RNG-dependent — even more so than the Enhancing process of +10 to +20 gear.

This is why I recommend getting each Equipment piece you’re using to +21 first, before you invest more materials in Enhancing them further individually.

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