How To Level Up Faster in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds (Best Methods)

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To level up as fast as you can, the best thing you can do for your character is to complete the Swift Solution Missions as often as you can.

Of course, there are also other things you could do to help level up quickly and more efficiently. In total, these are your best options:

  • Clear Your Main Quests
  • Clear Your Reputation Quests
  • Clear Other Game Modes
  • Complete Your Swift Solutions Daily (Recommended)
  • Always AFK Farm When You’re Not Active
  • Use Energy Drinks For More EXP Gain
  • Buy EXP From Your Kingdom’s General Store

Method 1: Clear Your Main Story Quests

Yomi Village MSQ (Quest Complete) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Yomi Village MSQ (Quest Complete)

Clearing Main Story Quests will give you a huge bulk of EXP — especially if you’re still a beginner.

They’ll also help tremendously for alt characters because alt characters gain extra EXP from Main Story Quests and Reputation Quests.

Main Story Quests will be your main source of EXP until you reach around Level 40, where the difficulty of the Quests would start to pick up.

Nevertheless, it is arguable that Main Story Quests are still the second-best source of EXP.

So make sure to clear them whenever you can!


Method 2: Clear Your Reputation Quests

Reputation Quests (Ancient Technology Lab) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Reputation Quests (Ancient Technology Lab)

Some Reputation Quests also give some EXP upon being cleared — although not as much as main Story Quests.

You should consider clearing as many of them anyway though, since they do give you other rewards alongside Reputation Points and EXP.

Also, keep in mind that some Reputation Quests are Repeatable and can be taken daily. Take advantage of them to gain EXP and other rewards.


Method 3: Clear Other Game Modes

Labyrinth of Dreams (Chapter 7) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Labyrinth of Dreams (Chapter 7)

Other game modes like the Labyrinth of Dreams also provide you a substantial amount of EXP when cleared.

Not only that, but you can also farm lots of different rewards such as Enhancement Stones, Bean Pods, and Varnishes from them, so make sure to clear them often!


Method 4: Complete Your Swift Solutions Daily (Most Recommended)

Swift Solution Quests (Rare x2) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Swift Solution Quests (Rare x2)

Clearing Swift Solution Quests every day is, hands down, the best method of farming EXP consistently in the long run.

Swift Solution Quests are divided into three rarities:

  • Normal Quests
  • Premium Quests
  • Rare Quests

The higher the rarity of the quests you can clear, the better the rewards and EXP you can get.

Remember to make use of the refresh system to get those Premium and Rare Quests!


Method 5: Always AFK Farm When You’re Not Active

AI Mode Countdown / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
AI Mode Countdown

AFK farming is not only highly recommended, but mandatory if you’d like to level up as quickly as you can.

You can do this either by using AI Mode, or just by doing it manually and leaving the game running on your phone with your character on Auto-Battle.


Method 6: Use Energy Drinks For More EXP Gain

Consume Energy Drink x1 (Confirmation Prompt) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Consume Energy Drink x1 (Confirmation Prompt)

Energy Drinks are an absolute must-have if you want to gain as much EXP in the shortest amount of time.

They increase your EXP gain, Gold drops, and item drops to 700%.

So you’ll be gaining significantly more EXP just farming mobs!

You should try to get them as often as you can since they are the best consumable item to boost your overall farming efficiency.


Method 7: Buy EXP From Your Kingdom’s General Store

EXP (General Store Item) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
EXP (General Store Item)

This last method is something that most other players don’t know about:

Buying EXP from your Kingdom’s General Store.

They cost 10 Kingdom Coins each, and you’ll be limited to buying only five of them each day for a total of 50 Kingdom Coins.

They’re pretty cheap, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy them every day.

And these purchases of EXP will add up tremendously over time.

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