Where To Get Magic Tomes (Skill Books) in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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The best source of F2P Magic Tomes is the Chaos Fields, since you can farm both Magic Tome Pages and actual Magic Tomes from them (although at a very low drop rate). Alternatively, Dimensional Border Bosses are also great sources of Magic Tomes — exclusive ones that are useful for both PVP and PVE at that.

You also have the Travelling Shop and the Domination Medal Exchange Shop as options, which both sell Magic Tomes for Magic Pages or Domination Medals.


Where To Get Magic Tomes

Here are more details on all of the sources of Magic Tomes in the game.


Source #1: Chaos Fields (Best Source)

Airship Deck Fl. 4 (Monsters & Drops) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Airship Deck Fl. 4 (Monsters & Drops)

The Chaos Fields will always be the #1 source of getting Magic Tomes and Magic Tome Pages in the game.

For that reason, and also since you can farm a ton of other useful items here, I advise AFK farming the Chaos Fields often.

Do it daily if you can spare either your AI Mode time or your IRL time by leaving the game open and just letting the Auto-attack system do its work while you do other things.


Source #2: Travelling Shop

Travelling Shop (Available Items) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Travelling Shop (Available Items)

The Travelling Shop sells several account growth items like Specialties, Soulstones, Puzzle Packs, and Ingredients. You can also exchange your Magic Tome Pages for Magic Tomes here.

They spawn at random locations all over the World Map, and each shop only stays at a specific location for over 30 minutes.

You can keep track of Travelling Shops by checking the in-game announcements or by simply going to the World Map and checking which zone they’re currently in.


Source #3: Domination Medal Exchange Shop

Domination Medal Exchange Shop (Magic Tomes) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Domination Medal Exchange Shop (Magic Tomes)

The Domination Medal Exchange Shop is another excellent source of Magic Tomes, where you only need Domination Medals to be able to buy them.

You’d always want to keep an eye out for this shop, as the Magic Tomes sold here are very useful if you want to focus on a specific class or playstyle.

Passive-type Magic Tomes that boost your CP are also available here, which is why I recommend you farm Domination Medals regularly and pick up as many as you can from this shop every week.


Source #4: Dimensional Border Bosses

Natrum Tier 3 (Drops) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Natrum Tier 3 (Drops)

Dimensional Border bosses drop unique, Active-type Magic Tomes that can be very helpful for most PVP and PVE content.

Dimensional Border Bosses Exclusive Magic Tomes Skill Description
Natrum Pillar of Flame Deals AoE Fire-type Damage
Proto Mark 13 Ground Eruption Deals AoE Earth-type Damage
Volcanord Tidal Wave Deals AoE Water-type Damage

The drop rates for all Dimensional Border-exclusive Magic Tomes are pretty low, but if you hunt the bosses consistently, any of these skills can eventually be upgraded to high levels.

I recommend that you focus on farming one Dimensional Border boss at a time, especially since each of them also drops different Dimensional Border-exclusive accessories.


What Are Magic Tomes Used For?

Magic Tome: Starfall III (Item Description) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Magic Tome: Starfall III (Item Description)

Magic Tomes are used for both learning new Skills and upgrading existing ones.

There are three kinds of Magic Tomes in NNK:CW:

Magic Tome Type Effects
Active Allows characters to learn or upgrade Special Skills with elemental damage and/or crowd control
Passive Allows characters to learn or upgrade Special Skills that are always in effect as long as they’re equipped in the Passive Skills slot (up to 3 Skills)
Buff/Heal Allows characters to learn or upgrade Special Skills that give status buffs or heals to an ally or themselves

Your choice of which Magic Tomes to invest in is crucial, as your playstyle is highly influenced by the Special Skills that are available to your character.

This is exactly why I recommend that you focus only on buying or grinding for a few Magic Tomes, just so you don’t spread your resources way too thin.

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