Complete Mount Decorations Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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Mount Decorations are collectible items that can be equipped on your Mounts to increase the Combat Power and stat bonuses they give you.

All Mount Decorations can be combined — allowing you the chance to craft better, higher-rarity Mount Decorations by fusing three different Mount Decorations of the same rarity.

The best source of farming Mount Decorations is your Conquest Missions where you can get them as Quest Rewards. Other reliable sources to get Mount Decorations include Weekly Citadel Quests, the Dimensional Border, and Events.


What Are Mount Decorations?

Mount Decorations are used to increase your Mount’s total CP and individual stats, which then reflects on your character as well.

Here are the CP and stat boosts that’ll be reflected from the Mount Decorations of your Equipped Mounts and Sub Mounts:

Mount Type CP & Stat Boosts Reflected
Equipped Mount 100%
Sub Mount (Non-equipped) 30%

TIP: I recommend giving your best Mount Decorations only to your Equipped (and preferably strongest) Mount — considering the difference in CP and stat boost you’ll receive.


Types of Mount Decorations

Equip Decoration (Catarumpus) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equip Decoration (Catarumpus)

Mount Decorations are divided into four types/slots:

  • Patches
  • Tassels
  • Medallions
  • Dolls

At the same rarity, all Mount Decoration types give the same amount of CP boosts and stat boosts. Your Mount cannot equip the same type of Mount Decoration in different slots.

Furthermore, there are several subtypes of each Mount Decoration type, and the classification of the stat boost your Mounts receive is entirely based on the subtype.

Your Mount Decorations are also divided into rarities (1★ to Rare 6★), and this affects the amount of stat and CP boost they give your Mounts. The higher the rarity, the better they are.

Aside from the CP and stat boosts, Rare 6★ Mount Decorations have additional effects like +5% ATK or +5% DEF.

TIP: Rare 6★ Mount Decorations are highly valuable, but combining 6★ Mount Decorations for them isn’t necessary because of the relatively low risk/reward factor.

I recommend just settling for 6★, 5★, or even 4★ Mount Decorations at least until you’ve adequately equipped all of your Mounts.


Combining Mount Decorations

Combine Decoration Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Combine Decoration Page

You can combine your Mount Decorations to create higher-rarity ones, which gives your Mounts (and your character) much better stat and CP boosts.

The rates of each Mount Decoration Type appearing as the combination product are as follows:

Mount Decoration Type Probability
Patch 40%
Tassel 40%
Medallion 10%
Doll 10%

TIP: Medallions and Dolls have the lowest rates of appearing as the combination product, which is why I recommend you choose them whenever you have Mount Decoration Selector Chests.

By doing this, you can rely on RNG less when combining Mount Decorations, since you only need to worry about Patches and Tassels which you have a much higher chance of getting.


Where To Farm Mount Decorations

Premium Decoration Chest (Possible Rewards) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Premium Decoration Chest (Possible Rewards)

You can get Mount Decorations from Mount Decoration Chests, which you can farm reliably from the following sources:


Source #1: Conquest Missions (Best Source)

Conquest Mission (Quest Complete) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Conquest Mission (Quest Complete)

Your Conquest Missions are the most reliable source of Mount Decoration Chests, but only if you’re willing to spend at least one of your three daily Conquest Missions per day.

It depends entirely on you if you want to prioritize Mount Decorations more than the other resources provided by your Conquest Missions.

If so, take the missions that reward you with Mount Decorations first. Ideally you should take at least one of these missions per day.

You can only get 1★ Mount Decoration Chests here, but they do add up over time and you’ll eventually be able to combine the 1★ Decorations you get from them into higher rarity ones.


Source #2: Weekly Citadel Quests

Weekly Citadel Quests Complete / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Weekly Citadel Quests Complete

Depending on which quests you take, your Weekly Citadel Quests — located in your Kingdom Dominion — can also be a reliable source of Mount Decoration Chests.

You can earn 2★ and even 3★ Mount Decoration Chests here, so keep an eye out and refresh your quests until you get one that rewards you with Mount Decoration Chests!

You can only take up to 4 Citadel Quests per week, so make sure you pick the quests that’ll give you the resources or materials that you need the most.


Source #3: Dimensional Border

Dimensional Border Page (Natrum) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Dimensional Border Page (Natrum)

Farming Mount Decoration Chests from Dimensional Border stages is also viable, but you can only obtain Tassel Decoration Chests here.

But while you cannot farm Medallions, Dolls, and Patches, it doesn’t really matter since you’ll be using the Tassels you get from here as combination materials anyway.

You can farm these Tassel Decoration Chests mainly from Dimensional Border Stages 3 and 4, so clear them exclusively.


Source #4: Events

Update Celebration Event Page / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Update Celebration Event Page

Events are fantastic in NNK:CW, as they often give players a huge influx of free resources and materials whenever they come around.

Fortunately, this includes high-rarity Mount Decoration Chests, which are highly-valuable items that allow you to get 4★ to Rare 6★ Mount Decorations!

Events also often give away selector chests on top of that, which allows you to pick whatever Mount Decoration you want depending on the chest’s rarity.

TIP: If you want to stay on top of every Event the game releases, you can stay tuned in by joining Ni No Kuni: Cross World’s Discord Server. See you there!

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