Mount Upgrade Materials Guide for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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There are three kinds of Mount Upgrade Materials in NNK:CW that you can use to level up your Mounts:

  • Feather Teaser
  • Engine Oil
  • Juicy Meat

You can farm Feather Teasers from Conquest Missions, Events, from the Honor Medal Exchange Shop, and from the Kingdom General Store.

Engine Oil and Juicy Meat can only be obtained from the Honor Medal Shop and the Kingdom General Shop, respectively.


Feather Teaser Farming

Feather Teaser / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Feather Teaser (Item Description)

Applicable Mount: All except Dingo & Wing Glider

The Feather Teaser is the most common Mount Upgrade Material in the game. It can be used to level up all kinds of mounts except the Dingo and Wing Glider mounts.

You can farm Feather Teasers from the following sources:

  • Kingdom General Store (Best Source)
  • Events
  • Honor Medal Exchange Shop
  • Conquest Missions

Engine Oil Farming

Engine Oil / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Engine Oil (Item Description)

Applicable Mount: Wing Glider

The only way you can get Engine Oil is by purchasing it in the Honor Medal Shop for 200 Honor Medals per 10 pieces.

Engine Oil can only be used for the Wing Glider mount, which you can also buy from the Honor Medal Exchange Shop.

You can only purchase up to 50 Engine Oil per week, so make sure you’re buying them out every week as soon as you acquire a Wing Glider mount.


Juicy Meat Farming

Juicy Meat / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Juicy Meat (Item Description)

Applicable Mount: Dingo

Juicy Meat is also an exclusive Mount Upgrade Material, as it can only be used to level up the Dingo mount.

They can be bought from the Kingdom General Store for 40 Gilders per 10 pieces.

You can only get up to 100 Juicy Meats per week, so buy them out as often as you can.

You can get the Dingo mount by participating in Relic Wars with your Kingdom and buying the Mount Soulstone in the Kingdom Auction House.

Your Kingdom gets 2 Dingo Soulstones available for auction if you win the Relic War and only 1 Dingo Soulstone if the war is lost. Remember to fight extra hard for those Dingos!

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