Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Rogue Build (Equipment, Familiars & Skills)

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Rogues are best built as either pure DPS characters equipped with high-damage offensive spells, or as DPS/Support hybrids with buffs that boost their party’s stats.

Their main specialty is dealing as much damage as possible — all while buffing up their party members in content where it is applicable.

In this guide, I’m going to show you my recommended Equipment, Familiars, and Spell Builds for Rogues.


Recommended Equipment For Rogues

Inventory Page (Equipment) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Inventory Page (Equipment)

When it comes to choosing equipment for Rogues, one important thing to note is that all Rare 4★ Equipment pieces are viable.

If you can Awaken them enough, that is.

Most of them give way better stats and Extra Awakening Effects than normal 4★ Equipment. This makes them a better choice overall, especially for heavy spenders.

Equipment Summon (Guaranteed 4★ Rare Summons) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equipment Summon (Guaranteed 4★ Rare Summons)

For F2P players and light spenders, however, it might be prudent to invest in normal 4★ Equipment instead.

Here’s a list of all the equipment I recommend for Rogues:

Equipment Type Best General Build Best Mob/AFK Farming Build
Weapon Divine Bow, Champions Bow, Guardians Bow Divine Bow, Champions Bow, Guardians Bow
Helmet Saintly Circlet/Mystic Helmet Saintly Circlet/Mystic Helmet
Chest Armor Raider Armor Palladium Armor
Gloves Berserker Gloves Zest Gloves
Boots Expert Boots Bounty Boots
Accessories Natrum Earrings, Volcanord Ring, Proto Mark 13 Necklace, Invincible Beast, Demon’s Cube, Abyss Crystal Natrum Earrings, Volcanord Ring, Proto Mark 13 Necklace, Invincible Beast, Demon’s Cube, Abyss Crystal

The equipment listed above will allow Rogues to excel at the one thing they do best — wreck enemies with devastating Basic, Skill, and Spell attacks from afar!


Recommended Familiars For Rogues

Equip Familiars Page / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equip Familiars Page

Just like how it is for Equipment, all Rare 4★ Familiars are also viable for Rogues.

This is because every Rare 4★ Familiar has all sorts of active and passive skills that are very useful not only for Rogues — but for all other classes as well.

Some of the skills these Rare 4★ Familiars have are even downright broken compared to the skills we usually see from normal 4★ Familiars.

Firelynx (Rare 4★ Familiar) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Firelynx (Rare 4★ Familiar)

Considering how hard it is to get Rare 4★ Familiars the safer alternative is to simply invest in normal 4★ Familiars.

As a general guideline for Rogues, partnering up with Attacker-type Familiars is highly recommended, as they will often give you the highest increase in DPS output.

Here are some of the best 4★ Familiars you should consider investing in and taking into battle as a Rogue:

Familiar Element
Suiryu Water
Mite Fire
Oroboros Earth
Hog-Goblin Darkness
Sparkee Light

The Familiars listed above will boost your DPS output one way or another. This is the main thing you should generally keep in mind when choosing Familiars for your Rogue.


Recommended Skills For Rogues

Special Active Skill Page / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Special Active Skill Page

For Special Active Skills, choosing either ranged Attack-type Skills (better if it has Crowd Control effects) or Buff-type Skills is recommended.

Here are a few skills that you should keep in mind when choosing Special Active Skills for Rogues:

Special Active Skill Element Skill Type
Showtime Water Buff (Single)
Blazing Heart Fire Buff (Team)
Grasping Thorn Earth Damage (AOE, Crowd Control)
Meteor Strike Fire Damage (AOE, Crowd Control)
Water Bomb Water Damage (AOE)
Distortion Arrow Darkness Damage (AOE, Crowd Control)
Tempest of Light Light Damage (AOE)

Special Passive Skills, on the other hand, are a bit easier to get correctly than active skills.

Special Passive Skill Page / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Special Passive Skill Page

If you’re a Rogue, your main priority should be raising your DPS by any means necessary.

Increasing your mobility is also important, although choosing passives that further improve them is optional.

To give you several examples, here are some of the most useful skills that you should be prioritizing if you want to be an excellent Rogue:

  • Attack Aura
  • Attack Boost
  • Barrier Hunter
  • Perfect Chance
  • Critical Flow
  • Risk and Return
  • Deadly Tempo
  • Swift Movement (Optional)
  • Speed Aura (Optional)

Special Passive Skills don’t have element types, so feel free to choose whatever you want regardless of what element you prefer.

Just as long as it boosts your damage or mobility, then you’re good to go!

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