Where To Farm Star Auras in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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The best place to farm Star Auras is the Familiar Adventure, where you can get them as rewards by beating Wild Familiars. You can also buy them from shops like the Honor Medal Exchange Shop and the Moneyma’am Agency using farmable in-game currencies.

Participating in Events is another great way to farm Star Auras and Star Aura Bells, which are items that give you random Star Auras.


What Are Star Auras Used For?

Green Star Aura (Item Description) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Green Star Aura (Item Description)

Star Auras are used for unlocking nodes to power up your Heart Stars, which are your First Heart and your Growing Heart.

Your Competitive Heart requires a different kind of material to upgrade (Competitive Heart Auras), so you don’t have to worry about spending Star Auras on them at all!

Heart Stars / NNK:CW
Heart Stars

There are five main types of Star Auras in the game:

Star Aura Types Heart Stars They’re Used In
Red Star Aura First Heart
Blue Star Aura First Heart
Green Star Aura First Heart
Crescent Moon Star Aura Growing Heart
Radiant Star Aura Growing Heart

Where To Farm Star Auras

Here are the three best sources of all five Star Aura types that you should consider farming:


Source #1: Familiar Adventure (Best Source)

Familiar Adventure (Reward Info) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Familiar Adventure (Reward Info)

Available Star Auras: Blue Star Aura, Red Star Aura, & Green Star Aura

Beating Wild Familiars in your Familiar Adventure is by far the best method of obtaining Heart Stars.

All it takes is 1 Familiar Adventure Ticket to initiate combat with Wild Familiars, so I’d suggest doing it regularly if you have a strong enough team of Familiars for it.

The higher the level of the Wild Familiars you beat, the more Star Auras you can farm. You also don’t lose a ticket if you fail an attempt, so feel free to try battling Wild Familiars as many times as you want!


Source #2: Shops

Honor Medal Exchange Shop / NNK:CW
Honor Medal Exchange Shop

Available Star Auras: All Types

You can purchase Star Auras or Star Aura Bells from the following shops:

  • Honor Medal Exchange Shop
  • Diamond Shop
  • Daily Shop
  • Package Shop
  • Kingdom General Store
  • Capital General Store
  • Moneyma’am Agency

Most of these shops require in-game currencies that you can farm completely F2P, so don’t stress too much about saving up precious currencies like Diamonds, Asterite, or Territe for Star Auras.


Source #3: Events

Platypaws's Space Travel Event / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Platypaws’s Space Travel Event

Events are a fantastic source of Star Auras and Star Aura Bells, and the rewards here generally require less effort to obtain compared to other sources.

For example, there is a frequently occurring Minigame Event called “Platypaws’s Travel” that allows you to farm Star Auras and Sparkling Hearts just by collecting tickets and tapping your screen!

If you want to know exactly when these kinds of Events will be conducted, I recommend you join NNK:CW’s official Discord server and tune in from there.

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