Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Complete Tetro Puzzles Guide

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You can increase your Combat Power by completing Tetro Puzzles. To do this, you must first collect puzzle pieces and place them in a Tetro Puzzle with a set number of tiles.

Tetro Puzzles have Puzzle Types, which is basically just a system that determines the color (e.g. red, violet, green, yellow, etc.) of puzzle pieces you can put in a Tetro Puzzle.

This guide will show you how to access your Tetro Puzzles, get puzzle pieces for them, and upgrade them to make them more effective!


How To Access Tetro Puzzles

Upon hitting Level 35, Tetro Puzzles will be unlocked along with game modes that’ll give you puzzle pieces.

Once you’ve unlocked Tetro Puzzles, you can now go to your Menu from your Main Screen by clicking on the top-right icon with three bars:

Main Screen > Menu / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Main Screen > Menu

Then, you can go to the Power Up page by clicking the “Power Up” icon located on the lower left-hand side of the Menu:

Menu > Power Up / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Menu > Power Up

You’ll then be presented with three mechanics. All of these can be used to strengthen your character.

Though in this case, we’ll go with Tetro Puzzles for now.

Power Up > Tetro Puzzles / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Power Up > Tetro Puzzles

And that’s it!

After clicking the Tetro Puzzles button, you’ll finally be able to access the Tetro Puzzles page and make whatever changes or adjustments you’d like to do.


How To Complete a Tetro Puzzle

Completing a Tetro Puzzle is fairly easy. All you have to do is examine the edges, fill them with the appropriate pieces, and work your way towards the middle.

If you’d like to see how some puzzles can be solved, here are the puzzles I’ve completed and the pieces I’ve used to build them up:

Chick, Chicken, & Doberman / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Chick, Chicken, & Doberman

Remember that there’s more than just one way to solve a Tetro Puzzle. You don’t necessarily have to use the exact same pieces that I’ve used here.

Doberman, Penguin, & Ghost / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Doberman, Penguin, & Ghost

The locked Tetro Puzzles (as shown in the image below) can only be unlocked by leveling your character up to a certain level and buying them with Gold, or by using Tetro Puzzle Pages.

Locked Tetro Puzzles / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Locked Tetro Puzzles

If you’d like to know how to solve the majority of the puzzles in the game and what specific puzzle pieces to use, then feel free to visit this amazing Tetro Puzzle Calculator site by MYAR!


Where To Get Tetro Puzzle Pieces

Items Obtained Prompt (Tetro Puzzle Pack & Pieces) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Items Obtained Prompt (Tetro Puzzle Pack & Pieces)

There are four main sources of Tetro Puzzle Pieces and Packs in the game:

  • Dimensional Border (Best Source)
  • Vintage Trunks
  • Labyrinth of Dreams
  • Events

Source #1: Dimensional Border (Best Source)

Dimensional Border (Natrum Page) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Dimensional Border (Natrum Page)

Farming Dimensional Border stages not only allows you to farm great loot like 4★ accessories and Skill Books — but they also give you Tetro Puzzle Pieces as drops.

You can also farm Dimensional Border Orbs here which you can use to buy Tetro Puzzle Pages in the Dimensional Border Shop.

These pages can unlock the Dimensional Border Boss Puzzle Set like the one shown in the image below:

Natrum Puzzle Set / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Natrum Puzzle Set

Just like Tetro Puzzle Pages, you can also buy Tetro Puzzle Packs in the Dimensional Border Shop.

Dimensional Border Shop (Natrum Puzzle Pack) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Dimensional Border Shop (Natrum Puzzle Pack)

Even Skill Books can be purchased with orbs at the Dimensional Border Shop, so spend your orbs wisely!


Source #2: Vintage Trunks

Vintage Trunk (Rewards List) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Vintage Trunk (Rewards List)

Vintage Trunks are random-drop chests that have a fixed chance of giving you Puzzle Pieces.

You can get Vintage Trunks as drops from all kinds of monsters all over the World Map.

To check which monsters drop Vintage Trunks on your current zone, simply go to your Minimap and scroll through the Monsters page until you see the following item icon:

Rot-Root (Monster Drop - Vintage Trunks) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Rot-Root (Monster Drop – Vintage Trunks)

Monsters like these are pretty common, and there are at least three of them in every zone. Farm them often for Vintage Trunks — preferably after consuming an Energy Drink or a Sweet Drink.


Source #3: Labyrinth of Dreams

Labyrinth of Dreams (Weekly Rewards) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Labyrinth of Dreams (Weekly Rewards)

Clearing Labyrinth of Dreams stages gives you a lot of Tetro Puzzle Packs.

You can obtain them either as Stage Clear Rewards or as Weekly Rewards. This makes the Labyrinth of Dreams one of the most consistent sources of Puzzle Packs.

The higher you go, the better the quality of the packs you get to farm, so get to clearing those Labyrinth Stages!


Source #4: Events

Login Event (Random Tetro Puzzle Piece Pack & 10x Familiar Summoning Ticket) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Login Event (Random Tetro Puzzle Piece Pack & 10x Familiar Summoning Ticket)

Events give us all sorts of awesome free stuff — including both Tetro Puzzle Pieces and Puzzle Packs.

Events come and go all the time. You can get Puzzle Pieces from them either as Story Event Rewards, Bingo Rewards, Episode Pass Rewards, Login Rewards, or from a few other options.

This is why you should always consider playing Events whenever you’re logged in — especially if you need more Tetro Puzzle Pieces.


How To Improve Tetro Puzzles

2★ Puzzle Piece (Combination Complete) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
2★ Puzzle Piece (Combination Complete)

You can maximize the CP boost that your Tetro Puzzle gives you by simply raising its star level.

You can do this by Combining and Swapping out Puzzle Pieces and only putting in the highest-level pieces in each Puzzle Set.


Combining Pieces

Five 1★ Puzzle Pieces (Combine to 2) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Five 1★ Puzzle Pieces (Combine to 2)

The Combine function, which is located beneath the Equip function, allows you to combine 5 pieces of the same star-level and type (color) to produce a better piece.

The higher the star level of the product piece, the higher the chance it will fail. But you’ll still get some Four Leaf Clovers and one material piece as consolation rewards if you fail!

I recommend combining pieces as often as you can, but preferably, only after you’ve filled out all of the Tetro Puzzles you currently have.


Swapping Pieces

If you’ve received a better puzzle piece either by combining other pieces for them or farming them from somewhere, you can swap out the pieces accordingly.

Chick Tetro Puzzle (+3,020 CP) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Chick Tetro Puzzle (+3,020 CP)

You can do this by simply dragging the new, better piece into the place of a similar piece that you want to replace in the Tetro Puzzle, like so:

Chick Tetro Puzzle (Swap Pieces) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Chick Tetro Puzzle (Swap Pieces)

Once you’ve swapped the pieces, you’ll see an immediate increase in your Combat Power and other stats. Congratulations!

Chick Tetro Puzzle (+3,212 Combat Power) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Chick Tetro Puzzle (+3,212 Combat Power)

Remember that swapping out Tetro Puzzle Pieces costs nothing at all, so feel free to do it often to raise your CP as much as possible.

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