Best Nickelodeon Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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I was one of the few kids I know who somehow missed Nickelodeon in the early days of my youth. As a small child, I would watch cartoons on Cartoon Network or Disney, but I somehow didn’t discover Nick until I was about 10.

For anyone from the 90s heyday to the present, watching Nickelodeon is a universal and beloved experience.

The network has created a number of the most iconic kid’s programming, from cartoons to live-action stuff.

It seems like Nickelodeon forms the building blocks of nostalgia for just about everyone aged 30 or younger.

And if that sounds like you, then I hope you’re ready for this deep dive into nostalgia as we explore some awesome Nickelodeon-themed skins for Minecraft.


1. SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants Minecraft Skin

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As pretty much the face of Nickelodeon, SpongeBob just about had to start out this list.

There was no way around it.

The kitchen sponge who lives in an underwater pineapple has been the most beloved cartoon character of an era, a generation. His laugh resonates with millions as a source of childhood joy.

This skin is a perfect (and somewhat frightening) rendition of all of that beloved energy channeled into an aesthetic.

In all seriousness, this skin’s creator Leostero did an excellent job flexing some creativity to hit SpongeBob’s squat and square proportions in a Minecraft setting. I have to give this my praise.

And if you want even more SpongeBob-themed skins then we’ve got a whole separate list of ’em!


2. Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster from Rugrats / Minecraft Skin

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The Rugrats might be one of the most identifiable cartoons to have ever aired.

Part of that is because of the show’s raucous cast of characters.

Part of that is because of its art style.

This skin by creator taterman88 managed to miraculously convey both of those things into a Minecraft design.

Chuckie Finster is without a doubt one of the best cartoon characters of all time. But I’m stunned at how this skin translates the raggedy cartoon style into pixelated Mojang speak.


3. Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom Minecraft Skin

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Danny Phantom doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit these days for how good of a show it is and was.

A teenage boy/ghost who has to protect his hometown from a bunch of supernatural phenomena. This show has everything you could ever want.

Thankfully, creator Beanie understands my love for the show and paid it a loving tribute with this Danny Phantom skin, complete with Ghost Zone highlight.


4. Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner Skin For Minecraft

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The theme song for the Fairly OddParents might be burned deeper into my psyche than any other show in history.

I don’t know if it’s because the show’s tune was so catchy, because it was on when I came home from school, or because I just loved it so much.

The reasoning doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that Timmy Turner is a Nickelodeon icon. And this skin by creator Vulcen_ captures that iconic feeling in full bucktoothed glory.

And all of you fans will be happy to learn that we have another list dedicated to Fairly OddParents skins too.


5. GIR

GIR from Invader Zim / Minecraft Skin

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The unique hilarity of Invader Zim has left many, myself included, totally enamored with that show and everything around it.

No small part of that was the adorable GIR.

Even for those who haven’t seen the show and don’t know about this hilarious hungry robot, the cuteness level of this green dog suit is off the charts.

This skin is so eye-catching off the bat that it’s a must download for me.


6. CatDog

CatDog Skin For Minecraft

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While everything and everyone on this list is iconic, none of them made me laugh as much as CatDog.

The dynamic between CatDog was always hilarious, but in the most immature way.

I thought it was so clever to have a cat and dog attached butt to butt.

This skin is a perfect representation of why that’s so funny.

It’s over-the-top. It’s dumb. It’s ridiculous.

It’s so freaking funny.


7. Nigel Thornberry

Nigel Thornberry Minecraft Skin

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Nigel Thornberry has to be right up there with Chuckie Finster and CatDog for characters that scream ‘90s Nick nostalgia.

The mustached and buck-toothed look of this character is so iconic that just seeing it evokes the old orange splat logo for Nickelodeon.

For me, that iconic nostalgic bomb is so strong that translating it into Minecraft is a surreal and wondrous experience I would recommend to anyone.


8. Josh Nichols

Josh Nichols from Drake & Josh / Minecraft Skin

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Of all the shows on this list, it’s hard for any of them to top Drake & Josh for me.

Drake & Josh was the Full House and Family Matters of my childhood days, in that it was an iconic sitcom from Nick, and unparalleled in my viewing.

I loved every second of the shenanigans on this show – no matter how mundane or immature.

And just seeing this Josh skin in his movie theater uniform from “The Premiere” has me gearing up for my n-teenth rewatch.

Oh, and playing some Minecraft. I’m fixing to do that too.


9. Aang

Aang from Avatar / Minecraft Skin

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While Drake & Josh might be my favorite Nick show, Avatar the Last Airbender has to be the best show that Nick has produced.

It might even be the best cartoon ever created.

Avatar’s three seasons feature the most loveable cast of characters animation has seen, helmed by the 100 year-old avatar himself, Aang.

I challenge you to look at the robes, the blue arrows, and the bald head on this skin and not start feeling all the old emotions rising up in you from the Tales of Ba Sing Se right down to Sozin’s Comet.


10. Zuko

Zuko from Avatar / Minecraft Skin

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And where would Aang be without his rival turned friend, Zuko.

He’s the best anti-hero in cartoons, maybe in all popular media. He has the best redemption arc of any character I’ve seen. He’s annoyingly cool and blisteringly awkward.

Who are we kidding?

Zuko is everything, and this skin by creator Erik Svahn fully gets that.


11. Handsome Squidward

Handsome Squidward Minecraft Skin

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Heheh, just looking at this skin has me giggling up a storm.

SpongeBob wouldn’t be anywhere without the tired and annoyed foil of Squidward Tentacles.

However, Squidward’s lanky proportions and oversized nose don’t translate that well into Minecraft.

What does translate superbly to Minecraft is Handsome Squidward.

And I mean it translates superbly.

I want to find creator DoofDank and shake their hand for the quality of work on this Handsome Squidward skin.

This is the type of idea that you send to your friend and laugh about.

Or the type that you save for yourself to wear on your next server and show everyone else up. It’s your call.


12. Hey Arnold! (Arnold Shortman)

Hey Arnold! (Arnold Shortman) Skin For Minecraft

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I can’t get enough of the 90s cartoon icons – and Arnold has to be among them.

His football-shaped head has always gotten an easy laugh from me, and this skin has left me speechless.

Creator taterman88 has a wondrous sense of humor, and I am living for it.

Also laughing for it.

At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying for it.


13. Carl Wheezer

Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron / Minecraft Skin

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Whether you’re craving a croissant or thinking about how fierce Jimmy’s mom is looking, you have to agree that Carl Wheezer is as great as they get.

Because his character in the show is hilarious in design and execution (along with many of his memes too).

So it makes complete sense that his Minecraft skin equivalent would only be the same.

Seriously, how did creator Toe_Chef manage to make this Minecraft Carl Wheezer look like he’s as round and overweight as he was in the show? It’s borderline magical.


14. Patrick Star

Patrick Star from SpongeBob / Goofy Skin For Minecraft

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I’ve delved deep into the roster for Nickelodeon characters, and I can’t believe I got this far without including the lovable oaf Patrick Star.

SpongeBob’s bff has always been a personal favorite of mine – for no other reason than his thick-skulled optimism was downright contagious.

Even this skin by creator Kuvon projects that same beautiful attitude.

That smile is contagious, even if there doesn’t happen to be many brains behind it.


15. Rocko

Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life / Minecraft Skin

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Rocko’s Modern Life predates me by many a year.

But its importance can’t be understated by any means.

When we think of the Nickelodeon nostalgia with the grungy art styles and shows like the Rugrats and SpongeBob, Rocko was one of the OGs, dominating animation back in 1993.

If you’re like me, I have to recommend going back and experiencing some of the off-beat hilarity that was Rocko’s Modern World.

And while you’re at it, you might as well download this Rocko skin and live your best life in Minecraft too.

Welcome to the Modern World.

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