TES Oblivion: Best Armor Sets, Equipment & Gear

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Daedric, Imperial, Crusader… there were so many armor types before the days of Skyrim that we tend to forget.

Oblivion offered some of the finest armor in the TES franchise, which means there’s bound to be something in this list that you’ll like.

However, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to find entire quality sets of armor in Oblivion… but alas, I’ve managed to compile this ranking and I do hope it helps on your playthrough!

I’ve cast aside incomplete sets or individual pieces of equipment, so those of you who value aesthetical appearance should keep reading. Unique pieces of equipment collide with common but powerful sets – all in one place!

15. Brusef Amelion’s Armor

Brusef Amelion's Armor TES Oblivion game

How To Get: Find copies of this all throughout Amelion’s Tomb.

Brusef Amelion’s Armor is a set of light armor with an enchanted shield and cuirass.

You can get this after completing the quest Amelion’s Debt.

You’ll have to help Brusef’s daugher, a kind gal named Biene, to retrieve the armor from her father’s tomb so she can pay off some of her debts.

A fun quest with a great reward.


14. Imperial Dragon Armor

Imperial Dragon Armor TES Oblivion

How To Get: You must complete the main quest of Oblivion to get your hands on this full set.

This armor isn’t really taking a spot on my list because of how strong it is. In fact, the armor itself is rather useless by the time you find it in-game.

Once you’re leveled up after completing the main quest, the Imperial Dragon Armor is just not too useful.

Why does it take a spot on my list, you ask? Well, just look at it.

It looks beautiful doesn’t it? I’m a sucker for cool-looking armors, and this one takes the cake in terms of aesthetics.


13. Mithril Armor

Mithril Armor TES Oblivion game

How To Get: Mithril Armor can be purchased in shops after level 10.

Mithril armor hasn’t really made any stellar returns ever since Oblivion. But one thing’s for sure: this is one of the best types of light armor you’ll find.

Mithril is a very popular material that is likely known among RuneScape fans, as it was one of the earliest types of “quality” armor that you could get in the game.

Its design in Oblivion made it the favorite set of armor of many light dressers, as it pretty much resembled sets of heavy armor without providing the same encumbrances.

Worth looking into for sure. Not the strongest you can find, but it can handle itself pretty well.


12. Glass Armor

Glass Armor in TES Oblivion

How To Get: After level 20 you’ll start seeing it both dropped by enemies and in shops.

Glass armor is a classic type in The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Glass doesn’t break easily in Oblivion, unlike in real life and other games.

In fact, I’m not even sure why they call this armor “glass” apart from its reflective looks. You know, now that I’m writing this… I might go check out what’s that about.

But what I really love about this set, apart from its fantastic defensive capabilities, is the fact that it glows at night. Why not look fabulous while slaying your mortal enemies?


11. Knights of the Nine Armor

Knights of the Nine Armor TES Oblivion game

How To Get: Found being worn by members of the Knights of the Nine.

Not to be confused with the Armor of the Crusader, the Knights of the Nine armor set is the basic set of light armor that is often found being worn by all members of the order.

It’s a rather basic set, but it looks cool and it’s easy to obtain. That’s why it takes a spot on my list! Especially for early game.


10. Raiment of the Crimson Scar

Raiment of the Crimson Scar TES Oblivion armor

How To Get: You can find this set of armor in Deepscorn Hollow, after installing The Vile Lair official plugin.

The Raiment of the Crimson Scar is a set that very much resembles the assassin’s armor from The Dark Brotherhood.

Though it does have better effects and lacks a hooded version.

This fantastic set of armor fortifies various skills, which allow you to slay all sorts of foes without being detected.

And even possibly get away without a single scar from your battles. If you can get it with the Vile Lair plugin, definitely give it a try.


9. Armor of the Crusader

Armor of the Crusader TES Oblivion

How To Get: Complete the Knights of the Nine quests to get the KotN armor set.

Also known as the enchanted version of the Knights of the Nine armor, the relics of the Knights of the Nine are found when you install the KotN DLC.

Note you will need to complete some quests in the main storyline if you wish to get your hands on the full set.

But doing so guarantees that you can access to one of the strongest sets of armor, especially at this level in the game.

It’s enchanted to boot, and you can get it in light as well as heavy variants.


8. Daedric Armor

Daedric Armor in TES Oblivion game

How To Get: This armor starts spawning after you reach level 20. It can be found both inside the Oblivion Portals and on the outside of them, by facing Dremora Lords in Cyrodiil.

You’ll find it very difficult to come across a piece of armor that looks even half as badass as the Daedric Armor set in Oblivion.

Even after all the DLCs were released, the Daedric armor remains as the strongest piece of unenchanted armor in the game.

Getting your hands on a full set of Daedric is much more difficult to do in Oblivion than it is in Skyrim.

Few warriors are lucky enough to complete the set. Those who do, however, are very difficult to take down.


7. Morag Tong Assassin Armor

Morag Tong Assassin Armor TES Oblivion

How To Get: Complete the “Unearthing Mehrunes’ Razor” quest if you wish to obtain the full set of Morag Tong Armor.

This full set of armor is identical to any leather armor set in the game, except that it’s fully enchanted and much more difficult to obtain. A small difference, I know.

The entire set fortifies acrobatics and sneak by as much as 40 points each, making it one of the best options that a thief or assassin can wear.

You must have the Mehrunes’ Razor plugin installed, though.

So if you wish to obtain the set check it out, cause that’s the only way to access the Unearthing Mehrunes’ Razor quest!


6. Dark Seducer Armor

Dark Seducer Armor TES Oblivion game

How To Get: Dark Seducer Armor can only be obtained by completing The Helpless Army quest in the Shivering Isles DLC.

This armor is leveled, which means you’ll get different attributes depending on your own level.

However it’s a great choice for light armor (yet one of the costliest sets).

It can only be obtained with the Shivering Isles DLC and looks different depending on the genre of your character.


5. Amber Armor

Amber Armor from TES Oblivion

How To Get: Get Dumag gro-Bonk, who lives in the Shivering Isles, to craft this set for you. The set must be crafted with Amber ore.

Amber Armor is one of the sleekest choices for light armor in the game, although one of the most difficult ones to get.

You’ll need a total of 16 pieces of amber ore (found only in the Shivering Isles) if you wish to craft the full set.

A perfect set offers almost 6k defensive points, which is more than half of what the Daedric set offers. Not too shabby for a light set, huh?


4. Umbra’s Ebony Armor

Umbra’s Ebony Armor TES Oblivion screenshot

How To Get: You can find this set by killing a Bosmer named Umbra inside Vindasel.

This set of armor shares the same stats as any other piece of Ebony armor in the game. But it is leveled up, meaning that the weakest you can get this set is at level 15.

An overall solid set for early to even late game.


3. Madness Armor

Madness Armor in TES Oblivion game

How To Get: The Madness Armor can be forged with Madness Ore in the Shivering Isles DLC.

Madness Armor is the heavy counterpart of the Amber Armor.

This one also needs to be forged, but you need to use Madness Ore in order to do it.

It’s massively strong. And if you manage to craft its perfect version, you’ll have a higher defensive value than what you get with Daedric!


2. Golden Saint Armor

Golden Saint Armor TES Oblivion screenshot

How To Get: This set of armor can be obtained after completing The Helpless Army in the Shivering Isles DLC.

The Golden Saint Armor looks a bit like Dwarven armor.

But it offers better stats that are tied to your level so it helps way more in late game.

Get it after level 20 if you wish to obtain its strongest version.


1. Knight of Order Armor

Knight of Order Armor TES Oblivion game

How To Get: It can only be obtained by console commands. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The Knight of Order Armor is one of the most unique sets of armor in the game by far, and definitely taking the #1 spot here.

This set, shamefully, cannot be obtained by any regular means. Only by the use of console commands.

Yet I’d say if you’re comfortable with that, it’s totally worth it. The set offers great protection but also importantly, it looks really cool!

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