12 Best Followers & Companions in TES Oblivion

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The Oblivion companion system is not really as well done compared to Skyrim.

There really aren’t many useful companions in the game, since many followers are only obtained on a temporary basis.

However, being accompanied whilst wandering through the planes of Oblivion or throughout Cyrodiil could be the defining difference between life and death.

Hopefully my little guide here can help you make a pick.

Some of these followers are only available until you complete certain quests, but you can always avoid doing them altogether if you wish to keep those guys around.

Also, bear in mind that these followers ranked moreso with varying opinions in mind. My aim is for you to get a good idea of the best followers in the game as a whole, so you can choose whichever one you like the most according to your own needs.

12. Maglir

Maglir follower in Oblivion

This greedy asshole might be one of the most obnoxious characters in the game. But man does he make a fantastic companion.

Maglir was a member of the Fighter’s Guild, but you’ll see him deflect to join the infamous Blackwood Company as you progress through his short quests.

He’ll prove to be a useful companion during a handful of quests. But progressing through the game and ending the Blackwood Company will end up with Maglir attacking you.

You’ll have to strike him down eventually. Poor guy… if he wasn’t such a jerk I’d feel bad.


11. Umbacano

Umbacano follower in Oblivion

Umbacano is a mage that gives you a couple of quests in the game. And there’s one you can do to get him as your follower.

Even though the man is an elite dude who doesn’t seem to be the warrior type, he’s actually a pretty skilled mage and quite a useful companion.

He’s one of the characters that stops being a companion after the quest ends, and he’ll also stop being an essential character once you’ve completed all of his missions.

As such, you might want to have him by your side and stall his quest.

That way you’ll have a permanent essential companion by your side. Well, until he catches on I guess.


10. Ulrich Leland

Ulrich Leland in Oblivion

Ulrich Leland is a corrupt idiot. But that doesn’t take away from his fantastic offensive capabilities.

He’s the soldier that gets sent by the Count of Cheydinhal to support the defense of Bruma during the main story.

He’s also the captain of Cheydinhal’s guard.

The problem with Ulrich is that he tends to be quite strict when it comes to fining people and treating his personnel… so no one really likes him.

Plus, the fines he imposes are too high because he keeps most of the money to himself.

Quite a piece of work, isn’t he?

This guy proves to be a useful ally during the siege of Bruma though, so you might want to complete the quest “Corruption and Conscience” after the fight ends.

You can jail him or have him killed after he helps you defend Cyrodiil.


9. Velwyn Benirus

Velwyn Benirus in Oblivion

Velwyn is actually not a true follower.

He only sticks with you for a couple of minutes during the quest where he sells you his family’s manor.

I’m adding him to the list for one simple reason: he’s cool. It’s not all about fighting prowess in this list.

Velwyn is a pretty chill dude who has dedicated his life to protect his family’s manor, even though the house is as cursed as can be.

If you wish to help him out, head to Anvil and visit his home. Purchase it from him and allow him to move to the local inn.

You’ll get a cool house for yourself in the process!


8. Lady Rogbut Gra-Shurgak

Lady Rogbut Gra-Shurgak Oblivion

Lady Rogbut is an essential character who will always be one level higher than your character.

Which makes her quite useful to keep around and have her fight for you.

She can only be obtained as a follower during the mission where you rescue her.

That mission is part of the Fighter’s Guild main story, so you’ll have to put its completion to a halt if you want to have Lady Rogbut fight by your side.


7. Mazoga the Orc

Mazoga the Orc in Oblivion

Mazoga is a non-essential companion that gives you a quest where you’ll have to kill Black Burgo, one of the most dangerous bandits in Cyrodiil.

She’s a powerful marauder dressed in full Daedric armor, so she can take a hit or two without dropping dead.

Maybe not the best, but far from the worst. Depends if you like fighting alongside orcs.


6. Reynald Jemane

Reynald Jemane in Oblivion

Reynald Jemane always has the same level as your player, so he’ll be as useful to you as you are to yourself… if that makes any sense.

He’s a Breton Warrior that needs your help to recover his family home, which is under the control of some invading ogres.

Help him and he’ll follow you around.

If you don’t complete his quest, though, he’ll be following you around for as long as you want.

He’ll help you in battle, but if he dies, he won’t respawn. Be careful!


5. Mage Apprentice

Mage Apprentice Oblivion follower

Mage Apprentices are all over the Arcane University.

However, after you’ve managed to become the Arch-Mage of this legendary institution, you will have the option to recruit a couple of them to follow you into battle.

They die pretty quickly, but they have a couple of aces under their sleeves that could save you from total despair.

Plus if they die you can always recruit others in the Arcane University.

They don’t respawn, but they’re quite expendable. Classic cannon fodder (dark, I know).


4. Knight of the Nine

Knight of the Nine Oblivion follower

The Knight of the Nine is an NPC that can be recruited upon joining the Knights of the Nine and becoming its new leader.

There isn’t a single Knight of the Nine, either – they are all generic and spawn every time one of the other knights dies.

As such, you can simply recruit a Knight, have him killed in battle, go back to the base, and recruit another one.

Check out the DLC to learn more about what you can get here.


3. Dark Brotherhood Murderer

Dark Brotherhood Murderer follower in Oblivion

There are three Dark Brotherhood Murderers. Each of them having an exclusive set of attacks according to their classes.

The Breton Murderer is the most useful one of the lot, as he’s a level 5 mage that will assist you with various types of spells.

I’d definitely go for his help if you can get it.

But note you can only recruit the Murderers after you’ve managed to become the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood.


2. Battlehorn Men-At-Arms

Battlehorn Men-At-Arms followers

The Men at Arms are warriors that defend the Battlehorn Castle from intruders.

If you stumble upon the castle and decide to help them out, you can keep the castle to yourself after all threats have been slain.

The remaining Men at Arms will then become disposable NPCs that patrol the castle. But they’re still quite useful companions to have them defend your new home from intruders.


1. Battlehorn Castellan

Battlehorn Castellan follower in TES Oblivion

The Battlehorn Castellan is the NPC that spawns in the Battlehorn castle if the original Castellan, Athon, gets killed.

I haven’t tried to see what happens if you kill the generic Castellan afterward. But I would assume another one spawns.

Like Russian nesting dolls.

He wears full steel armor and a powerful shield, making him a powerful companion to have at your side when the time for battle comes. Great choice for all-around stability.

But really, the best option is going to depend on your play style. I recommend trying out a handful of these guys and seeing which ones suit your needs the best.

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