Best Vampire Mods For TES Oblivion (All Free)

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Vampires are always supposed to be deadly. But it isn’t always the case.

Those found roaming all across Cyrondiil can be scary… but they’re not particularly deadly. They bite you, they infect you with Porphyric Hemophilia, but a simple low-level spell is enough to cure this disease.

Talk about basic vampires, eh?.

But with mods, there are ways to make the vampires of Cyrondiil a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s take a peek at some of the coolest vampire mods you could add into TES Oblivion.


10. Scorns Vampirism

Corns Vampirism Mod for Oblivion

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Don’t you hate how you look like you’re 70 when you become a vampire in Oblivion?

I know I did, before I installed Scorn’s Vampirism.

Alongside the tweaks to the vampire mechanics of the game, this mod introduces a very welcome option called Vampiric Appearance. It lets you switch between your usual appearance and typical vampiric appearance at will.

Which is something pretty common for modern vampires, but those in Cyrondiil were clearly left behind in this regard.


9. Vampire Revolution

Vampire Revolution Mod Screenshot

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Hear that voice in the back of your head? It’s the call of the revolution.

Vampire Revolution is a massive overhaul mod that completely reworks Oblivion’s vampires into something way more dangerous.

After getting infected with Porphyric Hemophilia, you’ll turn into a real vampire, complete with special powers, bloodthirst mechanics, and an army of vampire hunters on your tail.

Power always comes at a heavy cost, don’t forget.


8. Vampire Race Disabler

Vampire Race Disabler Mod - TES Oblivion

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Say you like being a vampire, but dislike the changes to your body?

Well don’t worry, we have something for you.

With this Vampire Race Disabler mod, you’ll be able to stop the game from applying all the changes that come with the vampire condition to your character’s face. Or let only a select few visual changes apply.

Personally, I always leave on the red eyes. Because nothing screams vampire more than red eyes.


7. Unholy Darkness

Unholy Darkness Mod for TES4 Oblivion

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Unholy Darkness is what every mod should strive to be.

Simple and straight to the point.

Unlike a few other vampire-themed mods, Unholy Darkness focuses only on the vampiric transformation.

It grants you different powers and abilities, such as the ability to swim underwater for hours and become resistant to any disease.

But also some weakness, like the inability to enter churches without getting damaged.

And garlic, of course. Ever heard of a vampire that can resist its terrible scent & even more terrible properties? I haven’t.


6. LTD-Vampire Overhaul

LTD-Vampire Overhaul Mod

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How come vampire hunters always know where vampires are?

They don’t: it’s the game that’s cheating. But no anymore!

LTD-Vampire Overhaul changes the Vampire mechanics, making the Porphyric Hemophilia a real inconvenience until you fully turn into a vampire.

But it also changes the vampire hunters, who will not be able to find you unless you leave witnesses and clues around.

There’s no place for clumsy vampires in this world.


5. Lithians Nature Of The Beast

Lithians Nature Of The Beast Mod

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Vampires are known to be master shapeshifters.

They’re able to turn into different creatures with ease. Now the time has come for you to master these abilities as well.

Lithians Nature Of The Beast introduces the ability to turn into a bat, a wolf, or mist. Just like the son of a certain vampire in a certain game that’s the best entry in a certain series.

These transformations open up so many interesting options that you’ll feel like you’re playing some brand new game. Certainly a big step up from Oblivion!


4. Nekhanimals Awesome Vampire

Nekhanimals Awesome Vampire Mod for Oblivion

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Being a vampire is awesome, no question about it.

It opens up so many possibilities that you have to wonder why so many resist.

Nekhanimals Awesome Vampire not only completely overhauls the game’s vampire mechanics, but also opens up some other unexpected possibilities. Such as the ability to interact with other vampires and complete quests for them.

Or to get other creatures of the night to join you in your unholy quest as you become the master of a real vampire.

Now these are perks I can get behind!


3. Vampire Race Reloaded

Vampire Race Reloaded Mod - Oblivion Preview

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Not all vampires are born the same.

Some are weak. Some are the bane of humanity.

Vampire Race Reloaded adds some welcome complexity to Oblivion’s vampire mechanics. Specifically by introducing three different races with different abilities.

You can laugh at the weak Daywalkers, you can run from the deadly Ferals, and you can stand in awe of the Pureblood for their dignity and purity of their lineage.


2. Terran Vampires

Terran Vampires Mod for Oblivion

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Becoming a vampire is all well and good… until you have to complete quests during the daytime.

Potions are costly, you know.

Terran Vampires takes care of this issue by introducing thralls that can help you complete certain quests that can only be completed when the sun graces the world with its warm presence.

Add in a few new special powers, and a new quest system that makes your vampiric transformation a real adventure, and you get a mod that all vampire fans should try out at least once.


1. MIVs Vampire Overhaul

MIVs Vampire Overhaul Mod for Oblivion

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Praise the blood, for it has become your only source of power.

In MIVs Vampire Overhaul, blood becomes essential after you become a vampire. And not just to keep yourself alive, but also to improve your abilities.

Just make sure to not go overboard: if you start killing indiscriminately, you’ll lose whatever little of humanity you have let. Then you’d turn into a mindless blood-thirsty beast that even your brethren will avoid at all costs.

We don’t want that, right?

Well, maybe just for one playthrough.

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