Octopath Traveler COTC Guidestones: Uses + How To Farm

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The best sources to farm Guidestones are from your Daily and Weekly Tasks in the early game, and then the Exchange Shop later on, where you can buy Guidestones in exchange for Memory Shards.

Another great source of Guidestones besides those two options is the Treasure Cait tab on the “Find” page. You simply have to watch an ad and you may receive Bronze, Silver, and even Gold Guidestones there.

You also receive a good amount of Guidestones by pulling duplicate characters, as well as running Hunt stages with your party.


What Are Guidestones For?

Cait Treasure Rewards (Silver Guidestone) / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Cait Treasure Rewards (Silver Guidestone)

Guidestones can be used to increase the level cap of your characters through Limit-breaking. It can also be used to Awaken nat-3★ and nat-4★characters.

There are four different types of Guidestones:

Guidestone Types Purpose
Bronze Guidestone Used for limit-breaking & awakening nat-3★ characters
Silver Guidestones Used for limit-breaking & awakening nat-4★ characters
Gold Guidestones Used for limit-breaking nat-5★ characters
Character-exclusive Guidestones Used for limit-breaking or awakening specific characters only
Limit Break (Meena) / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Limit Break (Meena)

You can raise a character’s max level up to 20 using the Limit Break system. This will allow them to gain more stat upgrades, therefore significantly improving their performance in combat.


Where To Farm Guidestones

Mail Rewards (Rubies & Silver Guidestones) / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Mail Rewards (Rubies & Silver Guidestones)

Here are five of the best sources of Guidestones in the game, which you might want to consider visiting and farming often.


Source #1: Daily & Weekly Tasks (Best Source in the Early Game)

Weekly Task Rewards / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Weekly Task Rewards

If you’re a beginner, I recommend that you complete all of your Daily and Weekly tasks starting from your very first day.

If you do this consistently, you’ll be able to earn this many materials every week:

  • 70 Bronze Guidestones & 700 Guidestone Shards
  • 10 Silver Guidestones & 110 Silver Guidestone Shards
  • 10 Gold Guidestones & 30 Gold Guidestone Shards
Guidestone Shard Exchange Shop / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Guidestone Shard Exchange Shop

The Guidestone Shards you get from completing Daily and Weekly tasks are lesser forms of Guidestones.

They can be used to buy a variety of items in the Guidestone Shard Exchange Shop, where I recommend you purchase Guidestones above all else — especially if you’re a beginner.


Source #2: Memory Shard Exchange (Best Source in the Mid to Late Game)

Memory Shard Exchange Shop / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Memory Shard Exchange Shop

Memory Shards can be farmed mainly by completing Daily Tasks and selling the materials you get from your Nameless Town.

You can also buy a lot of useful items here such as the Swamp Series equipment set, but I still recommend you prioritize purchasing Guidestones whenever you have enough Memory Shards.

The reason why this source is more effective in the late game is that you might want to invest your materials and Memory Shards in upgrading your Nameless Town first.

Doing this might mean you won’t have enough Memory Shards to purchase Guidestones in the early game, but it will surely increase your Memory Shard output in the long run.


Source #3: Hunts

Elite Monster (Combat) / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Elite Monster (Combat)

You can farm a lot of decent drops from hunts like tons of EXP, Leaves, equipment, and Seals.

Unsurprisingly, you can also get some Character-exclusive Guidestones here.

What’s great is that you can choose which Guidestones you’ll get by simply bringing along characters whose Character-exclusive Guidestones you need.

You can go on Hunts once per day and accumulate the tickets up to seven times only, so make sure to make them count!


Source #4: Find (Cait Treasure)

Cait Treasure (Find Page) / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Cait Treasure (Find Page)

Watching three ads per day through the Cait Treasure mechanic on the “Find” page gives you a pretty good chance of earning Bronze, Silver, and even Gold Guidestones as rewards.

Like in most methods of farming any in-game item, consistency is key.

Never leave your Ad Caits unattended, since your available entry chances per day do not accumulate if you miss them!


Source #5: Pulling Dupes

Guide x10 (Pull Results) / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Guide x10 (Pull Results)

Pulling duplicate characters through the Guide system will give you a pretty decent amount of Guidestones over time.

Rarity Of Character Pulled Duplicate Rewards
Natural 3★ Character 60 Bronze/Character-exclusive Guidestones
Natural 4★ Character 80 Silver/Character-exclusive Guidestones
Natural 5★ Character 100 Gold/Character-exclusive Guidestones & 1 Awakening Stone
Guide Fragment Exchange Shop / Octopath Traveler: COTC
Guide Fragment Exchange Shop

Additionally, you can buy Guidestones or Guidestone Shards in the Guide Fragment Exchange Shop.

You get 1 Guide Fragment for every single pull you do through the Guide system.

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