Best AFK Cooking Training Spots in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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There are multiple spots where you can leisurely train Cooking, with the best afk methods being the Myths’ Guild and Al Kharid, for members and free players respectively.

While members have a wide variety of fires and ranges to choose from, free players unfortunately “suffer” from a lack of good options.

Nevertheless, these are some of the best locations to train your Cooking:

  • Myths’ Guild (best high-level cooking spot, range right next to the bank)
  • Al Kharid (closest range to a bank in F2P)
  • Rogues’ Den (closest fire to a bank, great spot pre-Myths’ guild)
  • The Grand Exchange (mainly for F2P, can be hit or miss due to relying on other players)
  • Hosidius Kitchen (increased successful cooking chance, incredibly helpful in the mid to late game)
  • Any Bank (for making wine, amazing experience but less afk)
  • The Cook’s Guild (range close to a bank,usefulness sits somewhere in between Hosidius and Myths)

Tip: When cooking fish, don’t forget to wear your Cooking Gauntlets to significantly decrease the chance of burning them!


Best AFK Cooking Spots For F2P


#1: Al Kharid

The Al Kharid range close to the bank / OSRS
The Al Kharid range close to the bank

As mentioned earlier, F2P is lacking in the department of top tier cooking spots.

The closest range to a bank that’s accessible to free players is the one inside the Food Store in Al Kharid. It can be found a little north of the bank (which itself is west of the palace), from where it can be accessed with a single click.

There are no requirements associated with this range, so it can be used by any and everyone.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s adequate enough and serves its required purpose.

I’m sure Karim won’t mind if you use his kitchen for a bit!


#2: The Grand Exchange

Cooking on someone else’s fire / Old School RuneScape
Cooking on someone else’s fire

Now this is a tricky one.

If you open your map and look at the Grand Exchange (or GE for short), you’ll quick realize that there aren’t any cooking spots in its general vicinity.

But what if I told you that there were, and not just one but multiple?

The Grand Exchange is a popular hang-out spot among players, especially in F2P.

Other than socializing, a lot of people choose to train their skills here, with one of them being Firemaking. This is where we come in and take advantage of these twisted firestarters, using the fires they create to satisfy all our cooking needs.

If you can’t find anyone lighting fires, you can always take a log and burn it yourself, but that would contradict our whole “AFK philosophy”.

Tip: If you’re doing this method, try hopping to one of the more populated worlds, like 301 or 308.


Best AFK Cooking Spots For P2P

Depending on how much travel time you’d like between each inventory, or how far into the game you’ve progressed with your account, members got quite a few options to choose from.


#1: Rogues’ Den

The Rogues’ Den / OSRS
The Rogues’ Den

The first spot we’re looking at is the Rogues’ Den, located underneath the Toad and chicken inn in Burthorpe.

Inside this hideout for scoundrels, there’s a fire that’s eternally burning right next to a bank. You can essentially stand at one place and cook, without ever having to worry about moving around much.

Entering the den requires no particular items or set of skills, so it’s perfect for anyone that hasn’t unlocked any of the better locations.

But how do you get here?

The fastest and easiest way of getting to the Rogues’ Den is by teleporting to Burthorpe with a Games Necklace, and running a few steps southeast towards the inn.


#2: Hosidius Kitchen

The Hosidius Kitchen / Old School RuneScape
The Hosidius Kitchen.

This location is the best place to go if you’re looking to burn as few pieces of food as possible.

The Hosidius Kitchen isn’t like any other kitchen you’ve seen before. Its special properties provide you with an extra 5% chance (10% after the Elite Kourend diary) of successfully cooking anything.

Plus there’s a bank chest inside the same building, just a couple of seconds away from the oven.

The only other place in OSRS that has a similar effect is the Cook’s range in Lumbridge Castle, but that’s much further from a bank than the Hosidius Kitchen (and it involves some annoying ladder climbing)

The kitchen is located in the Hosidius region of Kourend, right between the marketplace and the Mess hall, and requires 100% Hosidius favour to use.


#3: Myths’ Guild

The range next to the bank chest / OSRS
The range next to the bank chest.

The Myths’ Guild is a high-level prestigious area that’s located on the south-west part of the Feldip Hills.

The Guild can be accessed only by adventurers brave enough to complete the grandmaster quest “Dragon Slayer 2”, and provides many amenities for their glorious feats.

On the first floor of the guild there’s a cooking range, that sits literally next to (diagonally) a bank chest, making it one of the most efficient places to train Cooking at.

It’s a straight upgrade to the Rogues’ Den fire, and basically every other place if you’re cooking things that won’t burn at your current level (or are wearing a Cooking Cape).

Getting to the Myth’s Guild can be done by teleporting directly to it with a Myths Cape, or teleporting to the Spirit Tree that’s right outside and then walking a bit to the north.


#4: The Cook’s Guild

The cook’s guild / Old School RuneScape
The cook’s guild.

The Cook’s guild is a perfect place for the tiny subset of players that have completed the Varrock hard diary, but can’t be bothered to unlock any of the aforementioned spots.

If you’ve done the hard diary, you get access to the tiny room with a bank and a range in it.

It’s a few more tiles apart than the other places we’ve covered, so I’d highly recommend going somewhere else eventually, like the Hosidius Kitchen.

You can get to the Cook’s Guild quickly by teleporting to the Grand Exchange and running south-west, or to Varrock and running north-west.

Note: Getting inside the guild requires a Chef’s hat and at least 32 Cooking.


#5: Your Favorite Bank

Making wine at Sees’ Village / OSRS
Making wine at Sees’ Village

The last place we’re looking at today is, that’s right, any one of your personal favorite spots with a bank or bank chest.

There’s a cooking method that doesn’t need a fire or a range to perform: the art of creating wine!

To make wine, all you’ve gotta do is use some grapes on a jug of water, and after a few seconds it will turn into a jug of wine – netting you some juicy cooking exp (this works even when the jugs are banked).

The one thing to note about this whole process is that it’s right at the edge of what I’d personally consider “Afk”, since one inventory of wines can be done in about half the time it’d take to cook an inventory of food normally.

Tip: The wine jugs take about 15 seconds to ferment, and they do all at once (no matter when you made them). This timer resets every time you create a new jug, so if you’re fast enough you can postpone it to the point of getting huge experience drops (this is just for fun)!

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