Best AFK Thieving Activities in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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When it comes to training Thieving XP, the best AFK method is pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne. Unfortunately most Thieving activities either require a lot of user input and attention, or are just total garbage when it comes to experience gains.

But with that said, these are the top three afk Thieving activities that I’d personally recommend:

  • Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne (okay hourly profit, great experience, especially at higher levels)
  • Pickpocketing Master Farmers (chance for very valuable seeds, useful for Ironmen)
  • Sorceress’s Garden (requires a bit of setup)

Due to the nature of the skill, you should take the “AFK” here with a grain of salt. All of these methods require a bit of attention here and there, so don’t go in expecting the level of laziness that Fishing or Woodcutting provide.

So let’s look at all our options, and see whose pockets are ripe for picking!


All The Best AFK Thieving Activities


#1: Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne

Pickpocketing a Knight of Ardougne / Old School RuneScape
Pickpocketing a Knight of Ardougne.

The first method we’re looking at is probably the most popular Thieving training method in the entirety of OSRS.

Players can start pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne at 55 Thieving, though it’s highly recommended to wait a few levels (until the mid sixties), to have a much better chance at succeeding.

The great thing about Ardy knights is that they can be “trapped” and immobilized on a single square, making it so you can keep your mouse at one spot, and click until you have gathered 28 Coin Pouches.

Additionally, the bank is extremely close. So you can restock on food and restore your health whenever needed.

When you reach the mid to high nineties, your chance of success is incredibly high (basically never fail), so thieving here becomes even more afk.


#2: Pickpocketing Master Farmers

Left-click pickpocket for Martin / OSRS
Left-click pickpocket for Martin.

Pick the pockets of master farmers is very similar to Ardy Knights, but we’re exchanging thieving experience for a much better hourly profit (even up to 1+ mil per hour)

In terms of mechanics, they are entirely the same with the knights. You stand still at one place, constantly emptying the pockets of the farmer until your own inventory is filled with seeds.

The one difference, as you’ve probably already noticed, is that instead of coin pouches you get a bunch of random seeds – ranging from worthless to pretty expensive.

This is especially useful to Ironmen that are running low on seeds and are looking to replenish their potion supplies.

On top of that, a recent update made it possible to make “Pickpocket” the first option when targeting Martin, the master gardener. What you can do is talk to him and immediately start picking his pockets, rendering him unable to move.

Martin can be found in the Draynor Village market, and requires 38 Thieving to steal from (same as every other master farmer).

Note: Your Farming level heavily affects the kind of seeds that you get. Players with a sub 85 Farming level should expect to receive a smaller amount of the good seeds, like ranarr and snapdragon.


#3: Sorceress’s Garden

The summer garden / Old School RuneScape
The summer garden.

This is a lesser known method, but also perhaps the most afk Thieving activity of them all.

For those that are unaware, Sorceress’s Garden is a minigame where you infiltrate the gardens of a powerful sorceress in an attempt to steal her rare and precious fruit. You can then turn that fruit into juice, which you can hand in to Osman the Kharidian spymaster for a juicy amount of Thieving experience.

There are four different tiers of gardens, all with different layouts and proportionate rewards to their thieving requirements.

There’s a method of setting up the highest tier of garden, summer, and making it completable with only a single click.

It requires a bit of practice to get down, – but after the initial preparation it becomes one of the most relaxing things to do for thieving experience!

To access the Summer garden, players require 65 Thieving.

Tip: If you’re having trouble with the setup, you can find and install a Runelite plugin that makes the whole thing ten times easier.


Sneaky Tips For Illustrious Thieves

Whether you’re an aspiring thief or a master pickpocket, these are a few things that you should know and be aware of:

  • Completing the Medium Ardougne diary provides a 10% increased chance of successfully pickpocketing inside Ardougne. The hard diary makes the buff worldwide.
  • When worn, the Rogues Outfit (obtainable from the Rogues’ Den minigame) doubles any loot you receive while pickpocketing (including items).
  • Dodgy Necklaces are enchanted opal necklaces that provide a 25% chance of preventing the player from being stunned and damaged after a failed pickpocket.
  • Lastly, players wearing the Thieving cape have an additional 10% chance of having their pickpocket being successful (stacks with other bonuses).
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