How To Get An Amulet of Fury on Ironman (OSRS)

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The only way to get an Amulet of Fury as an Ironman is, unfortunately, by crafting it yourself.

An Amulet of Fury can be created at a furnace with 90 Crafting (84/85 with potential boosts) and the following items in your inventory:

  • A cut onyx gem
  • One gold bar
  • An amulet mould

You’ll also be needing a ball of wool to string the amulet.

And then to enchant the amulet you’ll need some runes, namely:

  • 1 Cosmic rune
  • 20 Fire runes
  • 30 Earth runes
  • Along with 87 Magic

Out of all these requirements, getting the Crafting level and the onyx are by far the most difficult and time-consuming – so let’s take a look at some of the best ways to go at it.


Best Ways To Get Onyx


Onyx Option 1: Buying One With Tokkul

Buying an uncut onyx with tokkul / OSRS
Buying an uncut onyx with tokkul

The Onyx is the second rarest gem in OSRS, being outclassed only by the Zenyte, with only a select few sources to get it from.

One of the most reliable ways of acquiring one is by purchasing it from a vendor in the Tzhaar city of Mor-Ul-Rek.

The catch here is that the merchants here don’t accept gold coins – but instead want their own currency called “Tokkul”, which is only usable within this volcanic metropolis.

A single uncut onyx is valued at 300K Tokkul (260K while wearing Karamja Gloves, highly recommended to get them), and there are multitude of methods of accumulating it.

Getting Tokkul by Selling Items to Tzhaar Shops
One of the two Tzhaar rune shops / Old School RuneScape
One of the two Tzhaar rune shops

By far the quickest method of acquiring Tokkul is through selling items to the various shops inside the city.

The customary commodity to offload in exchange for Tokkul is Runes (Chaos Runes to be more specific).

That’s because they’re relatively easy to stockpile as an Ironman (most often from Barrows or Slayer), and can also be purchased from other shops outside the city, essentially making the onyx buyable by creating a ratio of “coins to Tokkul”.

Other items that can be sold for Tokkul are:

  • Many different ores
  • Precious gems
  • Obsidian equipment (weapons and armour)
Getting Tokkul by Completing the Fight Cave
The entrance of the Fight Cave / OSRS
The entrance of the Fight Cave

The Tzhaar Fight Cave is one of the most popular and iconic pieces of content in Old School RuneScape.

In this minigame, the player must survive a gauntlet of consecutive waves of monsters that get progressively harder, culminating in an epic fight against the final boss, TzTok-Jad.

Completing the fight caves will reward the player with a Fire Cape and about 8,000 Tokkul (double if you’ve completed the Karamja Elite Diary).

If you exchange your extra Fire Capes and have completed the diary, each run nets the player about 24K Tokkul. Meaning it’s possible to acquire an Onyx after 11 runs, and about 10 hours (give or take a few) depending on your speed.

Getting Tokkul by Fishing Infernal Eels
Catching infernal eels / Old School RuneScape
Catching infernal eels

Now for my personal favourite method!

A lot of players (including me) will often pick the path of “maximum afk-ness” when that option exists. For you, catching Infernal Eels is the perfect activity for Tokkul, since even for Fishing standards of “afk” this is on the higher end.

Catching these eels requires a few things:

  • 80 Fishing
  • 25 Herblore to create an Oily Fishing Rod
  • Ice Gloves
  • A hammer (to break them)
  • Fishing Bait
  • At least one completion of the Fight Caves

If you’ve got everything checked, make your way to the south-east part of Mor-Ul-Rek (the spot immediately south of the bank is the best), and start baitin’.

You can expect about four thousand Tokkul per hour here, along with 150-160k worth of Lava Shard/Onyx Bolt Tips (and 20-25k of Fishing exp of course).

Don’t forget your usual Fishing gear such as the Angler’s outfit and Spirit flakes!


Onyx Option 2: Killing Zulrah

Players heading to fight Zulrah / OSRS
Players heading to fight Zulrah

Though not as reliable as flat out buying the Onyx, killing Zulrah is another good way of obtaining it on Ironman mode.

Zulrah is a “rite of passage” grind that all Ironmen have to go through.

Other than its incredible uniques (Toxic Blowpipe, Serpentine Visage, Magic Fang), Zulrah’s regular drop-table is excellent and chock-full of useful resources such as herbs and seeds, making the grind never feel like a waste.

With a 1/1024 drop-rate and 2 rolls per kill, you can expect an average of one Onyx per 500 kills.


How To Train Crafting Fast on Ironman


Method 1: Glassblowing

Glassblowing at a bank / Old School RuneScape
Glassblowing at a bank

The most common strategy that Ironmen use to level Crafting is Glassblowing.

The usual method of obtaining the ingredients for the molten glass needed for this endeavor is by growing your own Giant Seaweed underwater Fossil Island, and turning sandstone into buckets of sand at the Desert Quarry.

Though not mandatory, it’s recommended to have unlocked (and use) the lunar spell “Superglass Make”, as it generates 30% more molten glass than a regular furnace.

I highly suggest using an online Crafting calculator (or just doing the math yourself) to find out the exact numbers you will need for every item.


Method 2: Gems and Jewelry

Cutting gems for experience / OSRS
Cutting gems for experience

Another good way to earn some Crafting experience is by using resources that you may already have in your bank. Many Ironmen usually end up with thousands of gold bars in their bank, after spending multiple hours training Smithing at Blast Furnace.

These gold bars can be turned into jewelry, such as Gold Tiaras, for about 52 exp per bar (meaning over 500k experience if you’ve got 10k bars!).

Gems can also be items whose numbers slowly accumulate while inside your bank (shooting stars, raids, and brimstone chests are all common sources).

These bad boys can be cut to give some quick experience, and then (together with the gold bars we already mentioned) made into precious jewelry for even more Crafting exp.

Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Comparing the Fury With Other Amulets

The Amulet of Fury is the overall most well-rounded amulet in the game.

It’s got the highest combined stat total, and is generally great to use if you don’t want to bother with switching out to the correct amulet for every different combat style.

With that said, if you’re only focusing on a single combat style, these amulet’s are often a better choice:

  • The Occult Necklace is great for magic attacks, as it provides a 10% magic damage bonus, something that the Fury doesn’t.
  • Similarly, the Necklace of Anguish has a better ranged-attack bonus and 5 ranged-strength.
  • The Amulet of Torture loses all defence bonuses, but has a slightly higher attack and strength bonus than the Fury.
  • When fighting Undead creatures and monsters, the Salve Amulet’s bonuses outshine the Fury’s.

Lastly, a blood shard can be used on the Amulet of Fury to create the “Amulet of Blood Fury”.

This gives the amulet a 20% chance of healing the player 30% of the damage dealt (only works with melee attacks), but doesn’t change any other stats whatsoever.

Note: An Amulet of Blood Fury needs to be recharged after 30,000 charges.

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