10 Best Agility Shortcuts in Old School RuneScape

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Agility is a pretty important skill to level up, since it helps you run for longer with less energy being drained.

The skill also has a variety of unlocks which are quality of life upgrades.

One such upgrade is agility shortcuts! They’re scattered throughout OSRS, and make your life a lot easier.

But which are the best shortcuts you’ll want to try and unlock as early as you can? Let’s take a look.


10. Rope to Saradomin Encampment

Agility shortcut entrance to Gods Dungeon in OSRS

So you’ve heard about Commander Zilyana, and now you want to get yourself an Armadyl Crossbow or a Saradomin Hilt?

Then you’ll need to travel to the Saradomin encampment within the God War Dungeon to reach her.

This is locked behind an agility level of 70, as you’ll need to climb your way down two narrow rock passes to enter the encampment.

If this is your first time, remember to bring two ropes with you. After you set the ropes up they’ll stay there permanently, making your life a lot easier.

And remember to wear a Saradomin item, or the entire encampment will try and kill you!

Where to Find: This shortcut is located within the God War Dungeons by the entrance to the Saradomin Encampment.


9. Al Kharid Palace Window

Screenshot inside Al Kharid Palace in OSRS

Many players will know that one of the more commonly used teleports is the Al Kharid teleport, which is located on a charged Amulet of Glory since players want to get to the Shanty Pass as fast as possible.

Using this teleport sends you to the inside of the Al Kharid Royal Palace, where normally you would then need to walk through the palace to get outside, to then run around to the Shanty pass.

Well if you have at least level 70 agility then you can simply hop straight out the window located directly behind the teleport location!

This will save you a ton of time here. You’ll also need to have completed the Hard Desert Diary to get through this spot.

Where to Find: This conveniently placed window is located in the Al Kharid Royal Palace.


8. Lava Maze Stepping Stone

Lava Maze Stepping Stone Agility Shortcut in OSRS

This is a fairly useful shortcut to those of you who are trying to make money off of Lava Dragons.

This conveniently located stepping stone is just south of Lava Dragon Isle. As many of you might know, Lava Dragons are located in an area with a single entrance.

This makes escape very difficult. And it’s very easy for a PK’er to trap you here.

The stepping stone is to the south of the isle, and with level 74 agility you can jump straight to the other side, avoiding any pk’ers.

This also requires that the Wilderness Hard Diary be completed, which can actually be useful.

Why? Well, because if the Pk’er doesn’t have the diary completed, they won’t be able to follow you across. So then you’re almost guaranteed a timely escape!

Where to Find: Just South of Lava Dragon Isle, this works as a convenient entrance and exit to the isle.


7. Revenant Cave (hard)

Inside Revenant Cave in OSRS

As another Wilderness shortcut, the pillar jump here is the second highest shortcut in game in terms of required agility level.

You’ll need a minimum of 89 to conquer this jump.

But this is an insanely useful shortcut as it takes you from the main revenant area to a spot which is not reachable – unless you run all the way around!

Overall, it’s the ultimate in escaping from Pk’ers. There’s no way they’d be able to follow you across, provided they don’t have a high enough level, of course.

Where to Find: Inside the Revenant Caves, this will take you to the southern area quickly.


6. Taverley Dungeon Pipe

Taverly Dungeon Obstacle Pipe in OSRS

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the famous pipe right by the entrance to Taverley dungeon.

I personally grinded my way to level 70 agility just to use this awesome shortcut.

This shortcut is unbelievable useful as it goes directly to the Blue Dragons in the dungeon, which normally takes almost 2 minutes to walk to.

You can also keep an extra inventory spot open, since you’d need a Dusty Key to access this area if you don’t have the shortcut unlocked.

But unlocking this shortcut requires a minimum level of 70 agility, which is well worth it!

You’ll get quick access to the Black Demons and the reminder of the “locked off” section of the dungeon without any hassle.

Where to Find: Right by the entrance of Taverley Dungeon as you go down the ladder.


5. Kalphite Lair Crevice Shortcut

Kalphite Lair Crevice Shortcut in OSRS

Here’s a useful shortcut for those wishing to challenge to Kalphite Queen.

You’ll need at least level 86 agility here, which makes this definitely one of the harder to unlock on this list.

Ultimately, this shortcut decreases the run time needed to get the Kalphite Queen, as you’re able to bypass most of the Kalphite Lair.

This is very useful when doing multiple trips to this boss. I would recommend using this in conjunction with the fairy ring BIQ for super-fast trips.

To unlock this you’ll also need the Desert Elite Diary completed.

Where to Find: Within the Kalphite lair, you’ll notice this near the wall connecting the entrance to the guardian’s area.


4. Karuulm Dungeon Pipe

Battling Alchemical Hydra in OSRS

This is another shortcut to a boss, namely the Alchemical Hydra.

And the Alchemical Hydra is extremely popular – so this shortcut allows you to bypass all the “baby” hydras which are in the dungeon.

You’d normally need to run through these and risk taking damage, which is unfortunate, since you need every last hitpoint for the boss.

But if you can get an agility level of 88 (or higher), you can travel down this pipe. That will take you straight to the front door of the Alchemical Hydra.

If you use a Rada’s Blessing in conjunction with this, the time needed the resupply and bank will be cut in half!

Where to Find: Right at the start of the Karuulm Dungeon, you can’t miss it.


3. Taverley Dungeon Strange Floor

Blue Dragons in Taverly Dungeon

Similar to the Taverley pipe, however this shortcut sends you even deeper into the Taverley Dungeon – specifically to the area where the Black Demons, Black Dragons, Hellhounds, and Cerberus are located.

It’s the fastest method to use to reach Cerberus, besides the Key Master teleport.

But it requires a minimum of level 80 agility to use this shortcut.

Where to Find: Found by the entrance and the poison spider area. This is just past the pipe agility shortcut.


2. Arceuus Essence Mine

Inside Arceuus Essense Mine in OSRS

There are actually two very useful shortcuts here:

The first one allows you to get out of the essence mine quickly by scrambling up the side. This saves you a good amount of time, since you don’t need to run around the whole way.

The other shortcut is a quick drop down from the Blood altar, directly back into the mine. This shortcut saves you at least 2 minutes of walking, as your run energy would be deleted by the time you reach the blood altar.

Ultimately, both shortcuts are extremely important, should you wish you train Runecrafting seriously.

You’ll need a minimum level of 52 agility for the first shortcut, and level 73 for the second one.

Where to Find: You will find these in and around the Accrues Essence Mine.


1. Zul – Andra Stepping Stones

Andra Stepping Stones Preview

Our last entry on this list goes to the stepping stones connecting a fairy ring to Zul-Andra area.

This is primarily used for access to Zulrah, as it is the quickest way to get there outside of using a Zul-Andra Teleport.

Having a fairy ring in your house and an ornate pool makes farming Zulrah very easy, since the run time for the stepping stones is less than a minute.

This shortcut is also used for quick access to the Tyras Camp – which can be a popular area to go for clue scrolls.

To use this shortcut you’ll need a minimum level of 76 agility.

But it’s worth the effort if you plan on farming Zulrah for a while.

Where to Find: You’ll find the stepping stones inbetween Zul-Andra and the port by the Tyras camp.

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