OSRS: The Best Prayer Altar Locations (F2P + P2P)

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Prayer offers players a way to massively increase their abilities, and gives protection for all manner of attacks, and even a way to restore health only with prayer points.

But you can only restore prayer in a few ways, with altars fully restoring a player’s prayer points in a single game tick!

As a result, altars are incredibly useful in OSRS. Especially in F2P where altars are the only means of prayer restoration.

So let’s take a look at the best altar locations in the game, so you know where to go when you need it.


10. Lumbridge Church

Lumbridge Church Overhead Screenshot in OSRS

Starting off our list is the very first altar you should encounter in your travels, within the Lumbridge Church.

This location is useful for early level players who are training up their initial prayer levels at the goblins outside of Lumbridge.

You can easily restore your prayer points here, and then continue your slaughter!

And this spot is accessible to F2P players as well, making this a popular location.

The church itself also offers an introduction into the prayer skill as a whole, along with offering a quest “Restless Ghost” which provides prayer experience as a reward.

Where to Find: Just opposite Bob’s Axes right outside of the castle.


9. Edgeville Monastery

Edgeville Monastery exterior screenshot

The Edgeville monastery is home to the monks of OSRS, and is a prayer hotspot.

You can even purchase your prayer skill cape here once you reach level 99.

The altar is located on the 2nd floor of the monastery, and is one of the special altars in OSRS. Praying at this altar will restore all of your prayer points, as well as a +2 bonus.

This altar is also available on F2P – making it the best altar for F2P, especially for PvP, as it’s right by the Wilderness.

And the monastery also plays a role in a couple of quests, so you’ll definitely visit this area from time to time.

To access this altar you’ll need a minimum of level 31 prayer.

Where to Find: Located on the 2nd floor of Edgeville Monastery.


8. Tribal Statue

Tinsay building Tribal Statue in OSRS

Here’s another special altar, this time located in Tai Bwo Wannai.

Where normal altars are located in churches, this altar is a tribal statue. It performs all of the same functions, but is dedicated to the “non-traditional” Karamja OSRS gods.

This altar is very useful since it’s one of the only locations on the entire island of Karamja. So it can come in handy while questing in the area, or while slaying monsters in Brimhaven Dungeon.

It’s also commonly used during the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini game, which is made easier when using prayer.

Just note that you’ll need to complete the Quest “Tai Bwo Wannai Trio” to utilize the altar. It’s an intermediate quest, so the requirements are not too high.

Where to Find: In the center of Tai Bwo Wannai which is located just above Shilo Village.


7. Altar of the Damned

Shades Catacombs Screenshot holding altar in OSRS

Here’s a pretty unique altar located deep in Morytania, and utilized during the Shades of Mort’ton minigame.

Unlikely most altars where you pray at the altar to restore prayer points, the Altar of the Damned can only recharge your prayer points when bleached bones are burned on the altar.

Bleached bones can be obtained from the Undead Zealots which roam the area.

This is useful since the minigame requires that you fight various shades in the catacomb. Using the protection from melee prayer is highly advisable here.

And much like a lot of places in RuneScape, having a prayer restoration method is key to survive here – especially for lower leveled players.

Where to Find: In the center of the Shades of Mort’ton minigame.


6. Darkmeyer

Darkmeyer close-up screenshot from OSRS

In the upper-tier of Darkmeyer lies a prayer restoring statue, an altar to the Vampyric gods of OSRS.

Using this statue comes at a small price of 1 to 3 hitpoints, which are automatically drained from you whenever the altar is utilized.

This is easily one of the most used altars in OSRS, since many players camp the Vampyre Sentinels for slayer tasks for the coveted Blood Shard.

And these sentinels only roam the upper tier of Darkmeyer.

Using protection prayers here is the best method, since you’re not using food or prayer potions due to the convenient altar located anyways.

To access this location you must have started the quest “Sins of the Father”, as you only gain access to Darkmeyer at a certain point of that quest.

Where to Find: Found next to the bank on the upper tier of the Vampyre city of Darkmeyer.


5. Elidinis Statuette

Elidinis Statuette Altar in OSRS

Elidinis Statuette can work as an altar, and it’s easily the best statue in OSRS in terms of overall effects.

The statue is an altar to the god Elidinis who’s worshiped in Nardah

And the status not only restores prayer like a normal statue would, but it also restores run energy, special attack, cures poison, and over heals the player by +7 hitpoints.

As a result, this statue works similarly to an Ornate Pool in a player owed house – making it highly prized among certain players.

This statuette becomes most easily accessible to players who have completed the elite desert diary, as the desert amulet (4) provides unlimited teleports to Nardah and the statue.

To access the statue for yourself, you must have completed the quest “Spirits of the Eild” which is an intermediate level quest.

Where to Find: In the Nardah temple once the quest “Spirits of the Elid” is completed.


4. Ape Atoll Statute

Ape Atoll Statute in Temple of Marimbo / OSRS

One more fantastic statue/altar spot here, located in the Ape Atoll holy Temple of Marimbo.

This temple is located in the north east end of the city, and is populated by several Monkey Guards who are very high level and can heal themselves quickly.

In general, this is a very popular training spot, because players make use of the altar here (along with a full set of Dharok) to quickly train up their strength level.

Prayer melee means you can camp here indefinitely and get as much experience as you like.

You can even unlock a teleport here too, which sends you directly to the temple!

This method requires the completion of Monkey Madness I, but make sure not to complete Monkey Madness II yet – or the guards will no longer attack you.

Where to Find: Found on Ape Atoll in the Temple of Marimbo.


3. God Wars Dungeon

Saradomin God Wars Dungeon Altar in OSRS

The God Wars Dungeon has four altars, all located with their respective generals’ private chambers.

These altars are special and do function differently to other altars in OSRS.

Firstly, the altars here can only be used every 10 minutes. This is likely a mechanism to stop players from camping specific bosses for too long.

Secondly, these provide an extra prayer point for every god item affiliated with that specific altar’s god. This goes over and above your maximum prayer points.

And lastly, these altars offer a teleport option which you can use in an emergency to escape the boss room.

This is the only way to exit, and you cannot use the door from the inside.

Ultimately, this location is used by everyone who goes into the God Wars Dungeon – as the extra prayer is absolutely necessary for longer trips.

Where to Find: In each of the God Wars Dungeon bosses rooms.


2. Gilded Altar

Gilded Altar prayer screenshot in OSRS

Gilded altars are a fantastic option to chase down, as they can be built in a Player owned House.

This means you could have your very own private altar!

Just note, that would require a minimum level of 75 construction to build.

But the gilded altar can also function as a means of training prayer, as using bones on a Gilded Altar provides 3.5x extra experience per bone used!

This is for sure the best way to train prayer to 99 – especially for hardcore ironmen who cannot use the chaos altar without significant risk.

Where to Find: Located in a player owned house. It can be built, but requires at least level 75 construction.


1. Chaos Altar

Praying at Chaos Altar in OSRS

This altar is definitely the most popular in OSRS, located in level 38 wilderness.

So this is the closest altar to the King Black Dragon, Crazy Archaeologist, and Chaos Fanatic.

Most players fighting the Chaos Fanatic and Crazy Archaeologist use the Chaos Altar, since it’s easy to access and provides unlimited prayer points for the trip.

And I should add that the Chaos Altar is a F2P accessible location, so it’s commonly used in deep wilderness pk’ing trips by both members and non- members alike.

This spot even has a second function besides restoring prayer, and it’s often used for this second function even more commonly:

When using bones on the altar, you’ll gain 3.5x the experience you normally would – and you have an added 50% chance of not using a bone as an added bonus!

This provides some of the best prayer training content in OSRS, albeit at a much higher risk.

Where to Find: In level 38 Wilderness, on the western side of the Wilderness.

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