10 Best Amulets in Old School RuneScape (F2P + P2P)

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Amulets are some of the most useful items in the game, providing with some great effects and bonuses.

You’ll definitely want to acquire some amulets on your travels. They even have uses beyond combat, such as providing you with teleports or skill advantages.

Ultimately almost all of the amulets in OSRS are craftable, with a select few only being obtainable from certain drops.

But let’s have a look at some of the best amulets you could encounter on your adventures!


10. Amulet of Strength

Amulet of Strength OSRS Render

Starting off our list is the very popular Amulet of Strength, which only offers a +10 bonus in Strength, and no other bonuses.

The strength bonus is one of the highest in the game. However, the lack of other bonuses does hold the strength amulet back.

It really shines when using it against enemies with lower defence levels in F2P, as you want to try and deal as much damage as possible.

How to Get: In member worlds you can get this as a drop from The Giant Mole. F2P players will need to craft this, requiring level 50 crafting and level 49 magic to enchant.


9. Gnome Amulet

Gnome Amulet OSRS Render

This is a fairly unknown and underestimated amulet.

The Gnome Amulet provides some of the best melee defence bonuses at +13. For early players, this is a great option. It’s easy to obtain and much better than alternatives such as the Amulet of Defence.

It’s also worth noting that this amulet offers no magic or range defence, and no attack bonuses. It’s designed to be a very early game amulet.

But can still help out new players in a sticky situation!

How to Get: This is a reward for completing the quest “Tree Gnome Village”.


8. Amulet of Power

Amulet of Power OSRS Render

Our second F2P amulet on this list is Amulet of Power.

This is widely available in F2P, and has a very nice balance of stats granting +6 in all defence and attack bonuses, as well as a+1 in prayer.

I’d say this is the best in slot for F2P players, and some early P2P Ironmen may also find this easy-to-get amulet useful too. Since the next big substantial upgrade, the Amulet of Glory, is locked behind a high Crafting or Hunter level (depending on the route you decide to go).

Members will also want to keep one in the bank too, since they’re used in both medium and hard clues as an emote step.

How to Get: The amulet is obtainable from Crystal Implings but far easier ways of getting this include crafting it, at 70 crafting, or simply buying it off of the Grand Exchange. Alternatively get a Diamond Amulet from the HAM storerooms and enchant it, requiring level 57 magic.


7. Amulet of Chemistry

Amulet of Chemistry OSRS Render

This is a very unique amulet, as it’s not combat based at all, but rather it offers a special effect when you’re making potions in the Herblore skill (as long as you’re wearing it, of course).

Generally when you make potions, you’re making 3 dose potions from fresh ingredients.

This amulet offers a 5% chance that the dose you create will be 4 doses.

It also has five charges, and will crumble to dust once all charges have been used. So keep that in mind.

Ironmen will find this to be very useful in conserving supplies, while normal players will appreciate the extra profit, as 4 dose potions sell for much higher than 3 dose potions.

How to Get: This is only obtainable by enchanting a jade amulet with a level 2 enchantment requiring 27 magic.


6. Amulet of the Damned

Amulet of the Damned OSRS Render

Amulet of the Damned is another great choice in OSRS, with the same stats as an Amulet of Glory.

This amulet offers various buffs and effects to barrows armor, with the buffs activating only when the player has a full complete set of barrows armor on.

This is very popular in PvP, and it’s seldom used in PvM.

An example of how useful this is can be seen if you wear the Amulet of the Damned with the Dharok’s set, which allows for a 25% of recoils 15% of damage taken.

This can be useful in knocking out an opponent quickly!

Note that this amulet does slowly degrade, and will turn to dust after a period of use.

How to Get: This is obtainable from the Shades of Mor’ton minigame.


5. Salve Amulet(ei)

Salve Amulet (ei) in OSRS

This version of the Salve Amulet has been enchanted and imbued at the Nightmare Zone, making it far superior to its original version.

If you want to upgrade the Salve Amulet via Nightmare Zone it’ll cost you 800k points.

Overall, the Salve is very useful against the undead. It offers a 20% boost to attack, strength, magic, and range, which are extremely handy for enemies like Mystic’s in Chambers of Xeric.

Just note: this effect does not stack with other items like the Slayer helmet or Void. So remember to use whichever buff is best, and gear accordingly.

How to Get: The Salve amulet is obtained from completing the Haunted Mine quest and mining the crystals within the mine. To enchant it you’ll need to complete the mini-quest Tarn’s Lair and use the Salve Amulet on the book found at the end of the boss fight.


4. Amulet of Eternal Glory

Amulet of Eternal Glory OSRS Render

This unique amulet is worth around 40m, making it one of the most expensive amulets on this list.

The Eternal Glory has the same impressive stats as the Amulet of Glory, with +10 in all attack bonuses, and +3 in all defence bonuses and a +3 prayer bonus.

What makes this amulet special is unlike regular glories, this amulet never needs to be recharged, and has unlimited teleports.

You can teleport to Edgeville, Karamja, Al Kharid, and Draynor Village infinitely as a result!

So it’s no surprise this amulet is popular with those doing abyss Runecrafting, as it offers a means of unlimited teleportation back to Edgeville to resupply.

How to Get: There is a 1:25k chance that when recharging a glory in the wilderness it will be imbued with power and become Eternal. Be careful doing this as this area is a PK hotspot!


3. Amulet of Blood Fury

Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS Render

Blood Furies are relatively new content, and are an upgraded version of the Amulet of Fury.

So they have the same stats, but with an added passive effect.

The blood fury has +10 in all attack bonuses, same as the Amulet of Glory, but has much higher defensive bonuses of +15 with a +5 prayer bonus.

The passive effect only works for melee damage, and it has a 20% chance of healing the user by 30% of whatever damage they do.

Each amulet has 10k charges, and 1 charge is used per successful hit, whether the effect triggers or not.

When the charges expire, the amulet reverts back to a normal Amulet of Fury.

This is still a very useful effect for PvM – especially at The Nightmare and Theatre of Blood, which have an emphasis on melee combat.

How to Get: Use a Blood Shard, obtainable as a rare drop from Darkmeyer Vampyres, on an Amulet of Fury. This will turn it into a Blood Fury.


2. 3d Age Amulet

3d Age Amulet OSRS Render

Generally 3rd age items aren’t the best in their respective areas, with better options almost always available.

However, in the case of the 3rd age amulet, it’s the best in slot for magic attack with a really high bonus of +15 as well as a magic defence of +10.

This amulet requires level 65 magic to wear, and is a nice alternative to the Occult Necklace, which has a level 70 magic level requirement.

While the amulet has some great bonuses, it’s also one of the rarer items in the game.

As a result, it has a market value of around 20m!

How to Get: Obtaining the 3rd Age Amulet can only be done by getting insanely lucky on a hard, elite, or master clue scroll casket with roughly a 1/300k chance. Alternatively you can pay 20m to buy this off of the Grand Exchange.


1. Amulet of Torture

Amulet of Torture OSRS Render

With an intense name like the Amulet of Torture, you can bet that the number one amulet in OSRS is pretty awesome.

Torture is the best in slot melee amulet in the game, and also the best in slot neck item, provided you’re focusing on offense – as this amulet has no defensive bonuses.

The amulet has +15 attack bonuses in all melee stats, and a +10 strength bonus. But it has zero range and mage attack bonuses.

It’s best in places where you need power over defence.

I’d say that slayer and certain bosses (like Cerberus) are where this amulet shines most.

And I should note, you’ll need a minimum for 75 hitpoints to wear this amulet, as with all Zeynte Jewellery.

How to Get: Enchant a Zeynte Amulet, requiring level 93 magic, to obtain this awesome amulet. Alternatively you can buy it for around 10m on the Grand Exchange.

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