The Best Anvil Locations in Old School RuneScape

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There are two ways to gain smithing experience in OSRS:

By smelting ores into bars, and smithing bars into items.

Anvils are how those experienced in the art of Smithing turn their bars into armour, arrow heads, and dart tips.

There are a bunch places across OSRS where you can find anvils. Some are in very useful locations, while others are difficult to get and possibly a bit annoying. I’d say it’s always important to use a conveniently-placed anvil when training, that way you can get more bars quickly and keep your experience rates high!

But some of the better anvils might not be where you think. So let’s take a peek at some of the best anvil locations, and how to get to them!


5. Rusted Anvil in Lumbridge

Rusted Anvil Close-up Screenshot / OSRS

Starting off out list is an entry for new players and F2P players.

The Rusted Anvil is located inside Lumbridge, which is a special anvil that can only be used to make bronze items.

It’s conveniently located by the furnace in Lumbridge too, meaning you can smelt and smith bars very quickly here!

This anvil is designed to teach players the basics of the smelting and smithing side of the skill, and as a result, it’s commonly used by those who’ve just started OSRS.

It’s located two floors above the furnace, and is approximately 80 tiles away from the nearest bank.

I highly recommend giving this location a try if you’re new to the game and have yet to explore how the skill works.

Just remember to take a hammer!

Where to Find: Just outside of the Lumbridge Castle in the room above the furnace.


4. Otto’s Grotto

Otto’s Grotto Anvil Location / OSRS

This is another “special anvil” on this list, and it’s located just above the Barbarian outpost near Otto’s Grotto.

This anvil is called a barbarian anvil.

It can only be used to smith spears and hastas, and is one of the only locations in all of OSRS where this is possible (with the only other place being Barbarian Village located outside of Varrock).

With that said, you must be a member to actually use this anvil.

And you have to also undergo barbarian training at the Grotto, and be taught how to make use of the anvil first. So there’s a bit of a grind to get here.

Plus there’s also a hard diary task to smith a rune hasta at this anvil. This requires a minimum of level 90 smithing to do, so it’s worth remembering this spot.

Where to Find: By Otto’s house near Otto’s Grotto.


3. Keldagrim Blast Furnace

Keldagrim Blast Furnace Overhead Screenshot / OSRS

Blast Furnace is one of the best places to get smithing experience in the entire game.

You can smelt your bars and even smith them here, as there are 3 nearby anvils.

The anvils are also only 20 tiles away from a bank chest, making them some of the most conveniently placed options.

Just note that you’ll need at least level 60 smithing to use them.

Many ultimate ironmen and regular ironmen make use of the shop at the Blast Furnace, which sells ores, and is constantly restocking.

Players can buy ores, smelt them, and then smith them all in the same location.

Ultimate ironmen will find this method easily provides some of the best experience for smithing.

Where to Find: In the city of Keldagrim, you will need to complete the quest “The Giant Dwarf”. There’s an anvil inside the Quality Armour Shop here as well.


2. Western Varrock

Western Varrock Anvil Location / OSRS

Now this is one of the most commonly used anvils out there.

It’s only 10 tiles from the Varrock west bank, and is also accessible to both members and non-members.

The anvil is not locked behind any content, though. So you can get over to it even in the early game.

You’ll always see this anvil is occupied on every world with players running between it and the bank.

I recommend this spot to anyone who’s looking for something easily accessible.

Where to Find: Just outside of Varrock west bank in the building directly opposite it.


1. South Prifddinas

South Prifddinas Anvil Location Screenshot / OSRS

My number one pick in the game is the anvil located in the south eastern corner of Prifddinas.

Reason being that it’s actually the closest to a bank (only 9 tiles away), beating the Varrock anvil by a single tile!

The south Prifddinas spot is also the closest anvil to a furnace, because the furnace here is directly opposite the anvil.

So this is one of the only places in OSRS where a furnace + anvil is so easy to access!

But with that said, unlocking this anvil is no easy task.

You have to complete the Grandmaster quest Song of the Elves.

This quest is one of the hardest in the game, but it rewards you with access to convenient content (such as this anvil).

Since the quest has a smithing requirement of level 70, this is a soft requirement for making use of this furnace as well.

Where to Find: You can access this anvil after completing Song of the Elves in the southern corner of Prifddinas

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