Best Boots in Old School RuneScape: The Ultimate Ranking

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It’s important to protect your feet. And wearing the best of the best can help to get you through dangerous terrain.

Luckily OSRS has a variety of boots which should keep you protected, while also granting your some powerful bonuses!

Boots come in all varieties and are primarily focused on Melee, Range, and Magic.

However, there are other useful boots which serve other purposes too.

So here are my picks for the absolute best boots in OSRS.


10. God Hide Boots

God Hide Boots in OSRS

Starting off our list are the God Hide Boots which provide a nice little range bonus of +7 with +4 defense bonus.

As they’re dragon hide, they come with a negative magic attack bonus of -10. So keep this in mind.

The boots are often taken as a GWD item to avoid enemies targeting you, specifically for Saradomin and Armadyl. You’ll also need a minimum range level of 70 and a defense level of 40 to wield these

How to Get: You can only obtain these from hard clues at a drop rate of 1/1625, or otherwise purchase them off of the Grand Exchange.


9. Fremennik sea boots 4

Fremennik sea boots 4 in OSRS

These boots are not so much for the stats as they are for versatility.

Their bonuses are roughly equal to that of the Adamant boots, making them a sub-par option for defense.

The main reason people want these are for the unlimited teleports to Rellekka which is quite a difficult location to normally get to, since not many teleports exist for that region.

This is also the fastest way to get the Vorkath, and reduces time between trips substantially.

Also note that the boots have some high requirements, such as killing all three of the Dagannoth Kings and having 77 Runecrafting too, since they’re locked behind the Fremennik Elite Diary.

How to Get: Complete the Fremennik Elite Diary and speak with Thorodin to receive the boots.


8. Infinity Boots

Infinity Boots OSRS Render

Bright and colorful, the Infinity Boots have the second highest magic attack and defense bonus in the game at a +5.

Since these boots are reasonably priced, they’re often used by both PvM’ers and Pk’ers.

But you’ll need a minimum of level 50 Magic and 25 Defense to put on these fancy boots.

Since they have no negative bonuses, they can also be useful at places like Zulrah when you don’t want to take a switch, since you won’t be penalized.

How to Get: Obtaining the Infinity Boots is a nightmare, as you need to head to the dreaded Mage Training Arena. The grind takes approximately 8 hours. Alternatively I would buy these off the Grand Exchange.


7. Ranger Boots

Ranger Boots in OSRS

Extremely sought after and highly desirable, the Ranger Boots are commonly chased after by medium clue hunters due to their extremely high price of 34m!

Requiring only level 40 range to wear, these are the second best boots for range attack in OSRS, with a decent +8 range attack along with some minor melee and magic defenses.

These are commonly used by 1 defense pures who are training range. Because unlike other boots, there’s no defense level requirement here!

How to Get: These are a rare drop from Medium clue caskets and easily the most sought after drop from medium clues.


6. Guardian Boots

Guardian Boots from OSRS

Guardian boots require 75 defense to wear and offer the best melee and range defense bonus in the game.

More specifically, I’m talking about a remarkable +32 in melee defense and +24 in range defense.

While most players opt for a more offensive approach, these items can be extremely useful for Hardcore Ironmen who want that little bit of extra safety and defense.

They could also be used by players who want to act as tank at Bandos or for Inferno.

It should be noted that the boots weight a massive 7kgs, making them some of the heaviest boots in OSRS.

How to Get: Guardian boots are upgraded versions of Bandos boots. To upgrade the Bandos boots you’ll need a tourmaline core which has to be used on the boots.


5. Boots of Brimstone

Boots of Brimstone - OSRS Preview

These unique boots offer the highest stab bonus of any footwear in OSRS at a +3 boost.

But they also have decent magic and range attack bonuses of +3 and +5 respectively.

These bonuses make the Boots of Brimstone ideal for bosses requiring both mage and range styles, like Zulrah.

Furthermore, the defense bonuses are quite useful here with +10 melee defense and a +5 magic defense, tying them with the Infinity Boots for defensive bonuses.

The Boots of Brimstone allow players to enter Mount Karuulm without taking constant damage.

They also require a minimum of level 44 slayer, 70 defense, 70 magic, and 70 range to wear. So they’re fairly high-tier.

How to Get: You’ll need to use a Drakes Claw on the Boots of Stone, which can be bought from any slayer master to create the Boots of Brimstone.


4. Dragon Boots

Preview of Dragon Boots in OSRS

These are probably the most commonly worn on this list.

The Dragon Boots offer great bonuses such as a strength bonus of +4.

It also makes them one of the few boots in OSRS to offer a strength bonus.

Defensively, they have the third highest melee defense bonuses in the game of +16 in stab, +17 in slash, and +18 in crush.

Overall, these are a very solid pair of boots, considering they only have a price tag of around 200k.

Players looking to accessorize can also obtain an ornamental kit for the boots, which gives these a classy gold trim. Just note the ornamental kit is only available from hard clue caskets.

How to Get: First you need to have a minimum of 83 slayer, which allows you to slay Spiritual Mages. These mages have a rare chance to drop the Dragon Boots!


3. Eternal Boots

Eternal Boots OSRS

The top three entries on this list are all upgraded versions of pervious boots, and represent the very best combat boots in OSRS.

The Eternal Boots are an upgraded version of the Infinity Boots.

And they possess the best in slot magic attack and defense of any boot in OSRS with a powerful + 8 attack and +8 defense bonus!

They also offer +5 defenses in melee and range.

Just note that you’ll need a minimum level of 75 magic and defense to put on these magical pair of boots.

And similarly to the Infinity Boots, these have no negative attack bonuses. Meaning they can be used with melee and range switches without reducing damage.

How to Get: You’ll need to attach an Eternal Crystal, dropped by Cerberus, to a pair of Infinity Boots to create the Eternal Boots. This is irreversible and requires a minimum of level 60 Runecrafting.


2. Pegasian boots

Pegasian boots OSRS render

Our second and first place entries are honestly just as good as eachother, and this could be a tie, everything considered.

Pegasian Boots are the upgraded version of the Ranger Boots.

These offer the highest range attack bonus out of every pair out there. Specifically, they offer an insanely high +12 range attack bonus and +5 in all defensive stats.

The only negative bonus offered is a +12 in magic, making them a bad option to use with magic.

These are commonly used by all rangers, except pures in PvM environments. They’re seldom used in PvP since they’re worth 34m. So it’s fair to say they’re very valuable.

To wear these you’ll need a minimum level 75 for range and defense.

How to Get: You’ll need to attach a Pegasian Crystal, dropped by Cerberus, to a pair of Ranger Boots to create the Pegasian Boots. This is irreversible and requires a minimum of level 60 Runecrafting.


1. Primordial boots

Primordial boots OSRS render

And our top spot goes to the Primordial Boots, the upgraded version of the Dragon Boots, and the best in slot for strength bonus in OSRS with a mighty + 5 strength bonus.

These boots also offer superior melee defensive stats at +22, and melee attack bonuses of +2.

The defense alone places these boots in the top two for melee defensive boots.

But they have a negative magic and range bonus of -4 and -1 respectively, so remember to remove them if tri-bridding.

These boots are commonly used in all activities in OSRS and are the best in slot boots for Theatre of Blood, melee slayer training, Chambers of Xeric, and Cerberus.

They can provide you with a new max hit too, as the strength bonus of +5 is formidable.

They’re also quite expensive, at a cost of roughly 25m!

How to Get: You’ll need to attach a Primordial Crystal, dropped by Cerberus, to a pair of Dragon Boots to create the Primordial Boots. This is irreversible and requires a minimum of level 60 Runecrafting.

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