10 Best Capes in Old School RuneScape (F2P + P2P)

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Finding the perfect cape can be tough.

Stats are important, but you’ve also gotta look your best, after all!

Old School RuneScape has a wide variety of capes. And you’ll always want to be wearing one, as the perks are way too beneficial to ignore.

Whether you’re looking for something to suit your range set up, or want something flashy to show off, this list has you covered.


10. Castlewars Cloak

OSRS Castlewars Cloak Preview

Most of the capes in F2P have the same stats.

However, some are harder to get than others.

The Castlewars Cloak comes in two variants: a blue Saradomin or a red Zamorak variant. The capes have a basic defense bonus and cost only 10 Castle Wars tickets.

And the capes look very nice visually, plus they’re rarer than the other capes available in F2P.

It would take approximately 4-5 games of Castle Wars to unlock these capes – which would take a player roughly 2 hours.

A matching hood is also available for a further 10 tickets.

How to Get: Buy from the Castle Wars ticket exchange for 10 tickets in the Castle Wars Lobby.


9. Mythical Cape

Mythical Cape from OSRS

Only myths and legends have earned the right to wear this cape.

You must have beaten the Grandmaster Quest, Dragon Slayer II, to have the ability to buy and wear this cape.

The Mythical cape has the best crush attack bonus in OSRS out of any cape, with a +6 bonus.

It also has a built-in teleport which can send the user to the Myth’s guild an unlimited amount of times. Very handy.

This is often used in conjunction with the Dragon Warhammer to ensure it hits, especially at Corporeal Beast.

It’s also used in the Wilderness (due to its expendable nature) to fight Venenatis, Calisto, and Vet’ion, as most players will use an Abyssal Bludgeon or Full Veracs which relies heavily on crush.

How to Get: You can buy this from Jack on the top floor of the Myth’s guild for 1.2k


8. Cape of Accomplishment (Skill Capes)

OSRS Quest Point Cape Preview

There are 23 skill capes in OSRS – there’s one for each of the skills in the game.

To obtain one of these you’ll need to get the maximum possible skill level, 99, which is no easy feat.

Some skills (such as Runecrafting and Agility) can take months of grinding to get to 99.

All skills capes have the same bonuses, +9 in every defensive stat and a +4 prayer bonus. The only differences are in their special abilities and emote.

For example, the attack skill cape will allow a player to stay in the Warriors’ Guild Cyclops room without the need for tokens, while the Agility Cape acts as a graceful cape and has a 1-minute stamina dose you can use once a day.

The capes also all look different. So really, pick your fancy.

How to Get: You’ll need to get level 99 in a skill and seek out the seller of a cape. They’re sold for 99k each and include a hood.


7. 3rd age cloak

3rd age Cloak from OSRS

Worth a crazy amount at 200m, this cloak is by far the rarest and most expensive to obtain on this entire list!

This also has some pretty decent stats, comparable to a skill cape, but with an extra +1 prayer bonus for a total of +5.

The only requirement to wear this cape is to have level 65 prayer, and deep pockets – as the price tag is immense.

How to Get: This is only dropped by Elite and Master clue caskets at a drop rate of roughly 1/400k, making it insanely rare. I would recommend buying this on the Grand Exchange, as the odds of getting this as a drop are infinitely small.


6. Imbued God Cape

Imbued Saradomin God Cape in OSRS

There are a total of three god capes in the game: Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak, all of which can be further imbued to receive the best in slot magic cape in OSRS.

The imbued capes have a very high magic attack and defense bonus of +15, including a +2% magic strength bonus – which is quite rare for armor.

As a result, using this cape in conjunction with ancestral armor will give you an extra max hit.

Also note that imbued capes are untradeable and require level 75 magic to wield.

How to Get: Complete Mage Arena 2 to upgrade your existing god cape into its imbued form. The entire mini-quest takes place in the Wilderness where you’ll need to defeat three very high level monsters.


5. Ava’s Assembler

OSRS Cape Ava’s Assembler

As an upgraded version of the accumulator, the Ava’s Assembler is the best in slot range cape with a very nice +8 range attack bonus, and a +2 range strength bonus.

Like all Ava devices, your ammunition is automatically retrieved once used with an 80% recovery rate.

And I should mention that you’ll need at least level 70 range, and the completion of Dragon Slayer II to be able to obtain and wear this awesome item.

It’s also important to note that the device will not recover any ammunition if you’re wearing a metal torso, as it interferes with its magnetic effects.

How to Get: You’ll need to get a Vorkath head, obtainable from killing Vorkath, with a guaranteed drop on 50 kc. Take the head along with your accumulator to Ava in Draynor Manor, along with 75 Mithiril Arrows. She’ll provide you with a shiny new Assembler.


4. Ardougne Cloak

OSRS Ardougne Cloak Preview

The best in slot cape for both stab and prayer bonus, this cape is just one of the best items in the entire game hands-down.

Useful at Corporeal Beast, or as an expendable cape during Wilderness bossing.

Really it’s useful in a variety of areas.

Furthermore, it has a built-in teleport to the Ardy farming patch, which makes farm runs fast and simple.

Ardy Cloaks are also completely free, not costing you a single cent – provided you’ve completed the rigorous requirements to unlock it!

How to Get: Completing the Elite Ardougne Diary will unlock this cloak. Note that the requirements are very high level, so only end game players will likely have the skills to unlock this.


3. Fire Cape

OSRS Fire Cape Preview

This might be one of the most famous and sought after capes on this entire list.

It’s usually the goal of any serious player to obtain the Fire Cape.

The Fire Cape has a very high strength bonus of +4, attack bonuses of +1 across the board, and defense bonuses of +11.

It’s the second-best melee cape in the game, and many players use this all the way to max, since the “number one” cape in the game is very tough to get.

How to Get: While this cape is technically free to obtain, you’ll need to complete the Fight Caves and face off against one of the game’s biggest challenges, Jad. Jad can one-shot you with ease and requires that the player pray correct against all of its attacks. You’ll also need to heal with his Healers, which will constantly heal Jad unless you can tag them off.


2. Infernal Cape

OSRS Infernal Cape Preview

Infernal cape is the number one melee cape in the game, and is locked behind the toughest PvM challenge in OSRS: the Inferno.

If you thought the Fire Cape was good, then you’ll be shocked to see the massive bonuses on this bad boy!

It has +4 in all attack bonuses except a +1 in magic and range.

It also has massive defense bonuses of +12 across the board.

Even further, the Infernal Cape also has a huge +8 strength bonus, making this cape excessively powerful.

How to Get: Be amazing at PvM. Getting this cape requires another level of PvM skills which many players simply do not possess. You’ll need time, patience, the best gear, and god-like skills to overcome the Inferno and claim this epic prize. Expect to fail, a lot, but through your perseverance you might just be rewarded. Don’t give up!


1. Max Cape

Max Cape OSRS Render

Our number one spot goes to the ultimate achievement, and basically the best item in the entire game hands-down: the Max Cape.

As of this writing, there are 17,564 players who have this cape.

Considering the game has hundreds of thousands of players, this a very small portion of the player base.

So why is it so hard to get?

You’ll need to have level 99 in all 23 skills in the game!

Considering a 99 in a skill like Agility can take months alone, imagine doing this with 23 skills.

A minimum of almost 300m total experience us needed to have 99 in all 23 skills in OSRS.

So why is this cape so good?

Well, it combines all of the special abilities of every other skill cape – all into a single cape!

This means you have a variety of teleports and abilities at your disposable, all in a single inventory spot. Talk about overpowered!

How to Get: Once you’ve maxed your account, head on over to Max’s island just past the Warriors’ Guild. He’ll sell you the Max Cape for 2,277,000.00 coins .This pays homage to the max skill total in the game of 2277.

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