The Best Cities in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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RuneScape has a ton of cities in it.

And all of them have their own special charm, from large bustling trading posts to Vampyre-run blood farms. Yep, every city has its own particular aesthetic and charm.

But what makes a city truly great in OSRS?

What sets some apart from others?

Beyond charm, cities need to have something that attracts players and makes them want to travel there.

So let’s take a look at my picks for the absolute best cities in all the land!


15. Lumbridge

The City of Lumbridge in OSRS screenshot

This is where your adventure beings!

Everyone starts off in Lumbridge once they complete the tutorial. So everyone should be familiar with this place.

Thankfully, the area is littered with tutors who can provide you with advice, and they might even have a few items that’ll aid you on your way.

The city is surrounded by beginner level quests and monsters – which can be useful to quickly get your stats up.

There are also a few shops here that’ll sell you basic items such as axes, tinderboxes, maps, and much more.

While you may not return here for a while after you set out on your adventures, you’ll definitely want to pop in from time to time.

And you can’t forget your roots.


14. Yanille

The City of Yanille in OSRS screenshot

Yanille is located near Castle Wars, south of Tree Gnome Village.

It’s home to the Magic Guild and the Nightmare Zone – so you’ll definitely be spending some time here.

There’s also a variety of training spots nearby, as well as the famous Yanille Dungeon which contains the sinister chest!

Plus if you head to world 330 you’ll find that the city’s house portal is very active, with people hosting their houses for those training prayer and for house parties.

The city itself has a few shops and pubs, which may be worth investigating on their own.

And it has a sand pit, should you need buckets of sand.

Be sure to also check out the quests in the city and around the area – some have really fantastic rewards!


13. Al Kharid

The City of Al Kharid in OSRS screenshot

Al Kharid is often the first place new players go to after arriving in Lumbridge.

The city is in the desert, and you’ll find many camels and scorpions wandering around.

Be careful here, as the scorpions can easily send a new player to their grave!

The city also has a roof top agility course designed for low-level players, as well as a mine area, which is useful for some early game ores.

Like with Lumbridge, this is also a F2P location.

The Shantay Pass is also located here – which is the entrance to the rest of the desert!

And I have to add that the infamous Duel Arena is here, where high-level players gamble their money against each other, often in the billions.

If you want to watch (or partake) you can head to world 302.


12. Rellekka

The City of Rellekka in OSRS screenshot

This city has a very Nordic theme, and the locals are meant to represent real-life Vikings.

Rellekka has a ton of longboats and ships on the docks, which will take you to the surrounding islands such as Waterbirth Island, Jatizo, Lunar Isle, and Neitiznot.

As a result, the city is almost like a giant port.

As an outsider, you’ll need to complete the quest “Fremennik Trials” to properly access the city and its amenities.

Plus this area also has a very busy marketplace, rooftop agility for players with level 80 and higher, and it’s very close to the Trollweiss Hunter Area – a location aimed at players just starting the Hunter skill!


11. Edgeville

The City of Edgeville in OSRS screenshot

Edgeville is famous as the town located right by the edge of the Wilderness… hence the name!

As a result, it’s the most popular town for Pk’ing, as is has a bank right by the Wilderness ditch.

This city is also F2P so anyone is welcome to explore.

Edgeville is also useful for its furnace, which is extremely close to a bank. Many players use this to make cannonballs or craft jewellery.

It’s also a popular location because the Abyss is nearby. So you’ll need to run through the city if you’re training Runecrafting this way.

And as a final point, you can access the Edgeville dungeon from here – which is generally used to charge orbs and get slayer tasks.


10. Taverley

The City of Taverley in OSRS screenshot

Ah, Taverley.

This is the city many new players visit as soon as they become members. It’s located by the famous gate which can be seen by every F2P character, yet only members may pass through.

Taverley is also the home to druids, and as a result, it’s the spot where new players may become acquainted with the Herblore skill!

It’s also home to the Heroes’ Guild which many experienced adventurers will try and become a member of.

But I think Taverley is most famous for being home to the Taverley Dungeon, which has many monsters such as the Blue Dragon, Black Dragons Hellhounds, and Cerberus.


9. Canifis

The City of Canifis in OSRS screenshot

Canifis is occupied by werewolves. And it’s the first city in Morytania that adventurers will have access to after completing the quest “Priest in Peril”

Within Canifis you’ll find a whole bunch of stuff:

A low-level slayer master, a rooftop agility course, the famous Canifis Slayer Tower, and it’ss an entry way into Mort Myre Swamp.

The rooftop agility course here is especially renowned, since it provides players with a large amount of graceful marks and early experience.

Most players will want to fully explore the surrounding area too. And Canifis makes for a decent base of operations, especially for the quests that litter the region.


8. Mor Ul Rek

The City of Mor Ul Rek in OSRS screenshot

Deep within the Karamja Volcano lies the Tzhaar city of Mor Ul Rek.

It’s home to the Tzhaar golems, and contains the most brutal challenges in OSRS, such as the Fight Caves and Inferno.

But the outer potion of the city is open to everyone. That contains a variety of useful shops, the Fight Caves, the Fight pits, and some ores to mine.

The inner portion of the city can only be accessed by presenting the guards a Fire Cape, after which they’ll grant you access.

And it’s worth it, since the inner portion of the city is where the mighty Inferno is located, as well as a variety of other activities:

This includes fishing for infernal eels, thieving activities, ores to mine (including rune rocks), and an armour store, which sells the rare obsidian armour.

This is not a city for the faint of heart.

Only true masters of PvM will get full access to it.


7. Tree Gnome Stronghold

The Tree Gnome Stronghold in OSRS screenshot

This massive area takes up a large portion of the map. And well… it’s a stronghold for gnomes!

The focus of the entire stronghold is the Grand Tree, sitting with multiple floors and at the center of the Stronghold.

Inside you’ll find the very first agility course you can train with, along with some monsters to train on, high level trees for woodcutting, farming patches, Gnome Ball, the Gnome restaurant mini-game, plus a high level slayer master as well as the popular Stronghold Slayer cave.

And there’s even a variety of shops as well!

Lots to do around here, as you can see.

This area is loaded with content, and every OSRS adventurer should explore it thoroughly.


6. Darkmeyer

The City of Darkmeyer in OSRS screenshot

Darkmeyer is the newest city to be added to OSRS, and the capital city of the entire Morytania region.

It’s a city that’s comprised of all Vampyres.

So if you wish to roam the city you’ll need to be in disguise, or you’ll be instantly attacked.

Darkmeyer is divided into three tiers, each with a different caste of vampyre.

The lower tier holds the Daeyalt mines, which are useful for players looking to train both mining and Runecrafting.

The middle tier is home to the very challenging Hallowed Sepulchre, which is in all essence a complex agility course.

The upper and final tier is home to the Blisterwood tree and vampyre sentinels, which many players hunt for the rare Blood shard.

To access this whole area you first have to complete the quest “Sins of the Father”, the fifth installment in the Myerque quest line.


5. Seers’ Village

The City of Seers’ Village in OSRS screenshot

Seers’ Village is occupied by Seers, go figure!

It’s located just slightly west of Camelot, and is home to a variety of useful activities.

These include Seers’ Rooftop Agility, which is one of the most popular areas in the game for agility.

But you’ll also find many woodcutting options from maple, yew, and magic trees, plus the mysterious elemental workshop, and the flax fields.

The Seers’ Village bank is very popular too, as it’s one of the closest teleport spots to a bank, provided the hard diary has been completed.

Players are constantly teleporting here for the convenience.


4. Falador

The City of Falador in OSRS screenshot

This place is also known as the city of white knights. And Falador is home to the white knight order who reside in the main castle of the city.

This is also an F2P city, which has many quests around it for F2P players!

But this city is also home to the Mining Guild, which requires a level of 60 mining to enter.

And it’s also the location of the Motherload mine, which is one of the best ways to get mining experience in OSRS.

It also has a rooftop agility course, the same as most major cities.

Plus you can find a beautiful park in Falador, and underneath it you can find the Giant Mole boss!

The city itself is very beautiful, too. There’s shops spread throughout, including a barber shop where you can change your character’s hair. No kidding!

Plus it’s easy to get to and accessible to all – so come have a peek.


3. Ardougne

The City of Ardougne in OSRS screenshot

This city is massive, and probably the biggest city in the whole game, as it’s the Capital of the Kandarin region.

It’s split into east and west areas, but to find out why this is the case, you’ll need to start the elven quest line! No spoilers here…

But getting back to amenities, this city is so big it even has its own zoo!

And it’s home to the highest level rooftop agility course, requiring level 90 to use.

It also has a huge marketplace where players can train up their thieving levels, or kill guards for some combat experience.

The city also has its own port, the Servants’ Guild, two banks, and a teleport location to the rune essence mines.

If you dig deep enough you can also find a lot of quests within (and surrounding) the city proper.


2. Varrock

The City of Varrock in OSRS screenshot

While Ardougne is the biggest city in OSRS, Varrock is the biggest city in F2P, as well as the capital of Misthalin.

Varrock has often been associated with commerce, since the Grand Exchange is located here. And before the days of the Grand Exchange players would come in the thousands to Varrock west bank to sell their wares!

The city, like most, has a roof top agility course – this one aimed at low level players.

There are also a variety of quests, bars, inns, shops, and even a museum!

The west bank is quite popular to use since it’s pretty big, and there’s an anvil opposite the bank – making Smithing training quite easy.

You’ll inevitably end up in this city at some point in your game. It always seems to keep pulling players back in!


1. Prifddinas

The City of Prifddinas in OSRS screenshot

Our number one spot on this ranking goes to the elven city of Prifddinas, the capital city of Tirannwn.

This area is a beautiful blend of crystals and nature, and only accessible to those who have proven themselves to be true friends to the Elven people!

To do this you’ll need to have completed the Grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves”, which is no easy feat.

But once you gain access to the city you’ll have access to a ton of activities!

Much like other cities on this list, you’ll be able to use the unique rooftop course here (naturally). This course even drops crystal shards instead of marks of grace.

Other than that, you’ll also be able to attempt The Gauntlet, fight Zalcano, explore the Grand Library, fight slayer monsters in the Iorwerth Dungeon… really there’s a lot.

And if you’re looking for goods you can check out (and steal from) the marketplace, plus some high-level stores, and much more!

Prifddinas is truly elegant, and designed for high-level players.

You’ll be able to call yourself a true adventurer once you’ve gained access to this majestic city.

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