10 Best Clue Scroll Rewards in Old School RuneScape

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Everyone loves a treasure hunt!

And clue scrolls offer players a chance to solve riddles and puzzle all across RuneScape, with the chance of ultra rare rewards.

There are 6 tiers of clue scrolls: beginner, easy, medium, hard, elite, and master.

All of them offer progressively better rewards, with the base reward of a beginner clue being maybe 100 coins, while master clue rewards are generally well over 400k.

However, there are some ultra-unique rewards that many players work towards. So which of these clue scroll rewards should you be vying for?


10. Master Scroll Book

Master Scroll Book from OSRS

Starting off our list is a fairly cheap item, but an extremely useful one!

The Master Scroll Book can be obtained from any level of clue except beginner, and possesses the ability to store teleport scrolls.

This will save you a ton of bank space, as it currently holds 15 different slots for teleport scrolls, and can take a total of 1000 scrolls per slot.

The book isn’t the most difficult to obtain, either. An avid casket hunter will definitely run into one of two of these in their travels.

Just be wary of taking this into the wilderness. If you die with it, you’ll lose all of the scrolls within which could result in a ton of lost gold.

How to Get: Obtainable from any level of clue scroll except beginner clues.


9. Holy Sandals

Holy Sandals OSRS Render

Holy Sandals are a rare drop from medium clue scroll caskets, and offer the second best prayer bonus in all of OSRS at +3.

They become really useful when you upgrade them to the Devout Boots, which then offer the best prayer bonus in your foot slot at +5.

But the Holy Sandals require at least level 31 prayer, while the Devout Boots require at least level 60 prayer.

So just be sure to note which pair best suits your account build.

These boots are often used for the Dagannoth Kings, or another PvM location where prayer is essential for longer trips.

The boots also work as a Saradomin item, and can be useful for God War Dungeon.

How to Get: Obtainable only from medium clue scrolls at a rate of 1/1133.


8. God Book Pages

Saradomin god book page from OSRS

God book pages are really important for almost every account build.

There are 6 god books, all of which offer different effects.

For example, the Saradomin book focuses on boosting the player’s defensive stats, while the Zamorak book only boosts offensive bonuses.

There are a total of 4 pages per book, meaning there are 24 pages in total to finish every book in OSRS.

Pages are also a possible drop from every clue type except beginner. So it’s a grind to complete the set.

Currently the best pages are the Unholy book set, and Book of darkness set, both of which cost around 200k for all 4 pages, respectively.

How to Get: You can obtain these as a drop from any clue except beginner.


7. Gilded Armour and Items

Gilded Armour Render / OSRS Preview

Gilded items are made of solid gold. And, well… they’re just as rare as gold!

You can only get gilded armour/items from hard clues and above, and they’re excessively rare to obtain. Meaning they’re worth a lot of gp.

Most gilded items have the same bonuses as rune items, and are also available for use on F2P worlds too.

This means they’ve become quite common among players who risk fight in the Wilderness, and common with rich players who want to show off.

The most expensive gilded item is the Gilded Scimitar at a cost of roughly 17m!

Note you a minimum of 40 defence to wear gilded armour, and 40 attack to wield the weapons such as the 2h sword and the scimitar.

How to Get: You can only obtain Gilded items from hard clues and higher. The drop rate is well over 1/10k per item, so it’s very rare to see gilded!


6. Blessed D’Hide Armour

Blessed D’Hide Armour from OSRS

Blessed Dragonhide comes in 6 different varieties, all of which represent an OSRS god.

As a result, individual pieces of each set can be great to use for protection in places like the God War Dungeon.

Each set is comprised of a coif, body, chaps, vambraces, boots, and a shield.

The sets are all worth over 1m coins, with the Armadyl set being worth the most at 2.6m.

This is due to the boots, worth 800k, being commonly used for Kree’arra.

God Dragonhide is comparable to black Dragonhide, but the additional items such as boots and the prayer bonus makes these sets far superior.

How to Get: You can only obtain this armour from hard clue scrolls.


5. Ornamental Kits

Armadyl Godsword Ornamental Kit Preview from OSRS

Having the best bonuses is always great.

But style is just as important if you really want to look your best.

Ornamental kits are widely available from all levels of clue scrolls, and can upgrade the cosmetics of gear such as Rune Scimitars, some amulets, Dragon Armour, and Godswords.

Some of the ornamental kits are very cheap too, such as the dragon skirt ornamental kit, which only costs 8k. Others like the Dragon Plate body ornamental kit cost over 14m.

Ultimately, seeing one of these beauties as a clue reward can be, well, very rewarding. And can boost your bank value by millions!

How to Get: Obtainable from all levels of clue scrolls. More expensive ornamental kits can only be obtained from Master level clues, though.


4. Ranger Boots

Ranger Boots Render from OSRS

Ranger boots are the most sought after medium clue reward, as their drop rate really isn’t very high – and the complexity of medium clues is relatively low!

They’re (at most) dropped around a 1/378 drop rate. And considering medium clues can be completed quickly, this really isn’t too bad at all.

Plus these lovely green boots cost over 35m, and have some of the best range bonuses in OSRS with a range attack bonus of +8.

They’re also needed (along with a Pegasian crystal) to create the Pegasian Boots, which are absolutely the best range boots in all of OSRS.

How to Get: Obtainable only from medium clue scroll caskets.


3. Bloodhound (Pet)

Bloodhound Pet Drop in OSRS

This is probably one of the coolest and most sought-after drops in all of clue hunting.

The Bloodhound is actually a pet, which comes at a 1/1000 drop rate from master clue scrolls.

This pet has no real utility, but he is very cute, and one of the rarest pets you can get.

Plus, nothing is cooler than having your detective-themed Bloodhound escort you around on your treasure hunts.

This drop is generally farmed by very high level players, as master clues are complicated to complete and require some very high skills.

How to Get: Only obtainable as a 1/1000 drop from master clue caskets.


2. 3rd Age Armour

3rd Age Armour Render in OSRS

3rd age armour is prestigious, to say the least.

And it holds the title as the rarest equipment in OSRS (as of this writing).

There are a variety of armour pieces available in the 3rd Age set, which can be dropped from hard, elite, and master clues only.

The drop rate for any of these items is pretty rare, dropping at a rate of 1/313k. This makes the armour not only scarce, but also very expensive.

Most of the armour pieces in this set cost tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of coins, with a few costing in the billions!

Only the richest players own this ultra-rare armour, and it’s the ultimate flex gear!

How to Get: You can obtain these items only from hard, elite, and master clue scrolls, at a rate of 1/313k (or 0.003%).


1. 3rd Age Pickaxe

3rd Age Pickaxe in OSRS

Now this has to be the most expensive drop in the whole game, and the best drop from clue scrolls.

Like all 3rd Age stuff, it’s extremely rare and has the same drop rate as the armour mentioned earlier.

This pickaxe works exactly the same way as a Dragon Pickaxe, with the only different being that it requires a minimum of level 65 attack to wield, and 61 mining to use.

It also has the same special attack as the Dragon Pickaxe.

But the real crazy part about this item is its value, which is a mind blowing 2.1b coins.

This makes it the single most expensive item in the entire game.

It’s very rare to see anyone with this pickaxe. And getting it as a drop is quite literally game changing.

How to Get: You can obtain this ultra-rare pickaxe only from master clue caskets at an incredibly rare 1/313k drop rate.

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